forbidden wisdom

Forbidden Fruit

I believe strongly in the Persephone/Hades Rey/Kylo connections, and I just realized another one: 

When Persephone is in the underworld, she eats 6 seeds from a pomegranate, thus sealing her fate as Queen of the Underworld and consort of Hades. There are tons of mythological links to concepts of forbidden fruit, fruit of wisdom, etc. (I might unravel all of that at a later date) 


Pretty much RIGHT before Rey meets Kylo in the forest she’s sitting with Finn, Han, and Maz and she’s the only one eating. 

She’s eating a big ol’ peace of fruit. 

(Proserpine by Rossetti) 

Vual the Lust Camel

The demon Vual (a.k.a Wal/Vau-ael/Vua-all) is a duke, commanding thirty-seven legions of infernal spirits. His powers including procuring love, lust and favours, and revealing the past present and future. He is one of many demons said to be able to teach things to those who summon him. Vual is also implied to be a fallen angel.

Taking all this into account, his chosen form seems utterly bizarre. Though Vual may manifest in the form of a human male, his favourite shape (remember, lust demon) is that of a dromedary camel. A dromedary that speaks Egyptian, with a deep voice. Cause nothing says wisdom, forbidden secrets, and romance quite like a dusty old camel.


Sources: Names of the Damned (for more information, read the Goetia, Discoverie of Witchcraft, Pseudomonarchia Daemonum, or the Grimoire of Armadel), image source is Wikipedia