forbidden to see his mother


Another Tododeku ficlet

(This one takes place in an au where todoroki and midoriya grew up as next door neighbors)

Shouto always enjoyed visiting his best friend and neighbor izuku when he was little. Since niether he nor Izu had developed quirks yet shoutos dad allowed them to play together, sometimes even being talked into showing them how to fight like a hero like him. Shouto enjoyed this time alot, spending time with his family and best friend, not a care in the world.

Then it all changed.
As soon as his power showed shouto was put into more rigorous training, much less time to play, and less time to spend with Izu. When they learned Izu was quirkless it got worse. Shouto was forbidden to see him while his father was around, but luckily his mother enjoyed visiting mrs. Midoriya and would take him with her while his father was away. They would watch all might videos and collect his cards from candy bags. The older shouto got though, the more strict his father was. When his mother got sent away for burning him, it was the last straw. Izu watched helplessly as his best friend pulled into his shell. He hated that he couldn’t help. “If only i had a quirk” “if only i were strong enough”. Whenever these thoughts entered his head Izu thought about his dream to become a hero. Everytime he would grit his teeth and FIND a way to comfort Shouto, whether it was sneaking into his room at night or mailing him all might merch.

As time went on and the boys grew Izuku never stopped trying to cheer his friend up, even when he had burns and bruises from a run in with kacchan, even when he got caught and literally thrown out of the house by endeavor. He even squeezed in time during his 10 month training to cheer him up at nights. Shouto would force himself to smile for Izu, but sometime the boy made him truely happy. During their ua exams they didn’t talk or see eachother, so when Izu walks in and Shouto sees him, it takes all his power not to beam at his seemingly quirkless friend. Izu on the other hand rushes over to him and hugs him, more than happy that they both got into class A.

Hellz Angel

She found herself caught between love and survival.
She beat him at a game of pool and only bet for a drink but she instead conceived a child.
She fell for the man who gave her the child and beat her at pool.
But she played a game before him she ran a business
She sold to addicts
She made a lot of money
She was the queen of Hellz angels
But she ran for love and for her child to a forgotten town
She gave birth to a child
She thought life would be better
She thought life would finally give her a purpose but it was taken away
When the law wanted her back for her crimes
She dealt and she lost
She lost her child to crimes that were forbidden
Her husband left her
His mother forbid her to see her child
So she left to serve time for her crimes
But she never came back
So her child grew up alone
Without a mother to call her own
The hellz angel never flew she fell and never came back to the man she loved
She went to her own hell and decided never to leave this angel.

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Hux doesn’t fear death.

His father, and the Academy in general, had drilled it into his mind that dying in the name of the First Order would be an honourable death, the most honourable that an officer could wish for. But as Hux sits on the bench in his cell awaiting his execution by the hands of the Resistance, he doesn’t feel honoured. He feels like it’s a waste, of his life and his potential; he could’ve been Emperor, after all, if Kylo Ren hadn’t been stolen away from him.

For the entire time he’s been the Resistance’s prisoner, Hux hasn’t seen him. It would seem as though Ben Solo is avoiding Hux like one would a deadly disease, as though contact with the man that Kylo Ren gave his heart to would condemn Ben to an entirely different sort of life sentence, one that isn’t escapable by death, one that his family have tried so hard to deter him away from.

After all, Jedi aren’t supposed to fall in love.

Hux looks down at his hands, missing the warmth of his old gloves, missing the comfort that had come when Kylo’s hands were upon his own, missing the life that he and Kylo never had a chance to live.

The sound of heavy footfalls coming hesitantly down the corridor makes Hux look up just in time to see a man peering through the small pane of glass on the cell door.

Hux recognises his eyes immediately.

The door slides open, and Ben steps in. His hair is shorter, Hux notes, not as frizzy or untamed but combed. Hux doesn’t like it.

“A visit from the infamous Benjamin Solo. An honour,” Hux says with a sarcastic salute, hoping his humorous defences will deter his thinking that the man in front of him is Kylo. This isn’t his Ren. It’s not…

“I’m not supposed to be here,” Ben replies, scuffing his boot nervously on the floor. “She’s forbidden me from seeing you.”

Hux gathers that Ben is talking about his mother, supposing that she feels as though Hux has been nothing but a bad influence on her truly good-hearted son.

“I’m flattered,” Hux says. “Breaking mother’s rules again. Old habits die hard, I suppose.”


Don’t. Don’t you think that you have the right to call me that.” Hux stands up, fists clenched at his sides, scowling at Ben with as much poison as he can muster in a single expression. “Ren wasn’t allowed to. You’re certainly not.”

Ben doesn’t step back as Hux takes another intimidating step closer to him.

“I’m still him, you know. Everything he was remains within me,” Ben says, his voice soft. “I’m still here, Hux.”

Hux scoffs but hesitates to reply, looking at Ben with a tremendously painful yearning, his fingers twitching, aching, to reach out and touch his pale skin, craving to rekindle the warmth they’d shared only mere months ago. Ben summons the courage first, closing the gap between them, his hand moving to cup Hux’s cheek.

“Please don’t do this,” Hux says, noting how Ben’s gaze is drifting from his eyes to his lips. “Don’t act like you care.”

“I do care,” Ben replies. “I’ve always cared.”

His breath is warm on Hux’s lips, practically touching, almost kissing. Hux uncurls his fingers from his fists as though just having Ren–Ben–this close to him again his enough to make his anxieties melt away.

“I know,” Hux whispers before finally taking Ben’s lips against his own, and they feel exactly the same as Kylo’s had; the same softness and firmness that can reduce Hux down to nothing more than a trembling mess of raw emotion. Hux supposes that a kiss as deep and as wistful is a good way for him to say his final goodbye to Ben, to Kylo, to the man who Hux would have been honoured to give his life to.

But the kiss doesn’t feel final, it doesn’t feel like a goodbye.

It feels like a beginning.