forbidden tears


Note: first time trying a song fic. it feel like it sucks, oh my. but I love this song so much and I feel Bucky in every word. sorry if this sucks, I really did try. feedback is welcome! .c

When you were here before
Couldn’t look you in the eye
You’re just like an angel
Your skin makes me cry

The moment Y/N, walked through the elevator, Bucky stopped mid-sentence, his breath getting caught in his throat. She was the most beautiful person he’d ever seen, he couldn’t believe she was in the same room as he was. How could someone look so innocent and pure?

Y/N was introducing herself to her soon to be fellow teammates, shaking their hands one by one, presenting the most gorgeous smile Bucky has ever witnessed before. She gracefully walked over to Bucky with the same light in her eyes, regardless of the fact that she was about to meet the former Winter Soldier.

Y/N reached her hand towards Bucky and he could’ve died right there. “Hello, I’m Y/N.” She said, her voice soft and light, Bucky almost missed it. Bucky’s eyes couldn’t seem to focus on hers, he was too entranced with the way her hand felt in his as he shook it with the lightest of touches. Was she an angel or was Bucky dreaming?

Her skin was soft and he wondered if he was going crazy because all he wanted to do was cry at how smooth and soft she felt. Not only that, but something about her soft touch of skin on his made his heart jump and his stomach flip upside down. He was nervous for a lot of reasons, all of those keeping him from speaking or even looking into her eyes.

You float like a feather
In a beautiful world
And I wish I was special
You’re so fuckin’ special

Time passed and Bucky watched Y/N from the sidelines most of the time. He still couldn’t form a complete sentence around her, no matter how much he wanted to. She was graceful in everything she did; the way she spoke, the way she laughed, the way she fought, everything. She’s like a feather, almost. You always have to point it out, bask in the beauty of it, pick it up and take a moment to appreciate it for what it is.

Y/N was definitely special in Bucky’s eyes. No matter how many times he felt down, the moment he saw her, all of it disappeared. The raging storm inside of his mind instantly calmed and he had to admit, he would stare at her for as long as he could if that meant he didn’t have to think about how he wasn’t special like she was.

But I’m a creep, I’m a weirdo.
What the hell am I doing here?
I don’t belong here.

Bucky thought of himself as everything opposite of what Y/N was. He wasn’t pure, he wasn’t innocent, he wasn’t the type of person who could make someone smile. Bucky was a creep and he was a weirdo, he didn’t belong with these people. He’s done more damage than any of them and he suffered everyday. Bucky knew it was selfish to want Y/N all to himself, but he didn’t care anymore. He wanted happiness and Y/N was it.

I don’t care if it hurts
I want to have control
I want a perfect body
I want a perfect soul

Bucky didn’t care one bit if being with Y/N would scare him or eventually hurt him. He wanted someone like her around so he could feel like he had control of himself. Bucky suffered every night with nightmares, and as time went by, she would comfort him through the night. He didn’t care about the consequences, he knew he’d never hurt someone like her. But would someone like her hurt him?

Bucky was insecure about himself in most ways a person could be. Their thoughts, opinions, actions, their choices, and their appearance. He didn’t have the best body in his opinion. Bucky had scars, scratches, a metal arm. It was something he’d catch Y/N staring at from time to time. He wondered how she felt about it, even after she would tell him that she’s merely interested in it and how it works. She wasn’t afraid of him.

Bucky’s soul was another one of his insecurities. ‘Thou shalt not kill’ floated through his brain like a forbidden plague, tearing through his skull, ripping at every crevice. Bucky knew he would be eternally damned. Y/N was different, he thought. No matter how many times she said she isn’t as innocent as Bucky made her out to be, he would immediately disagree. Bucky was the exact definition of damned; he had a dark and lonely soul.

I want you to notice
When I’m not around
You’re so fuckin’ special
I wish I was special

It came time when Bucky had to go away on a long mission, having no idea when he would be back. He didn’t want to go, but he knew he had to. It was his duty to protect now and Bucky had to follow through. Y/N was sad when it came time to say goodbye to Bucky. But it would never amount to the sadness Bucky felt when he realized just how much he was going to miss Y/N. Would she notice he was even gone?

Y/N would surely forget about him the moment he left, Bucky thought. His absence wouldn’t affect her at all; he wasn’t as special as Y/N was. He wouldn’t be missed, he wouldn’t be worried for, he wouldn’t be thought about. But what Bucky didn’t know, was that he was indeed special to Y/N.

But I’m a creep, I’m a weirdo.
What the hell am I doing here?
I don’t belong here.

Those thoughts remained in Bucky’s mind for a long time. He eventually confessed his feelings for Y/N the night he got back from his mission. She said the words Bucky never would’ve thought he’d ever hear from her mouth, the words sounding so innocent and pure. Bucky began to show his insecurities in the relationship; the baggage he carried not letting him open up and be the man he wanted to be for his girl.

He thought everything would’ve been fixed when he had the girl of his dreams wrapped up in his arms for him to protect throughout the night. Bucky still felt like he didn’t belong. He was a creep. He was a weirdo. How could someone like Y/N love him?

She’s running out again,
She’s running out
She’s run run run run

Bucky had driven Y/N away plenty of times. He would get so insecure with himself, he’d become the one who was tearing the relationship apart at the seam. The thread was running thin, just like Y/N. She tried her best to make Bucky happy, to make him realize he wasn’t who he was before. He isn’t who he thinks he is. Bucky’s special and Y/N couldn’t make him see it, so she ran away from home, from Bucky, one too many times.

Whatever makes you happy
Whatever you want
You’re so fuckin’ special
I wish I was special

Bucky spent his most of his nights awake, scared to sleep because he had become immune to having Y/N by his side. She left altogether, taking Bucky’s heart with her. Bucky wanted nothing more than to let Y/N be happy, live how she wanted, even if that meant it wasn’t with him anymore. Bucky still thought Y/N was the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen, she was still pure and innocent in his eyes. She was special. He wished he were the same.

But I’m a creep, I’m a weirdo,
What the hell am I doing here?
I don’t belong here.
I don’t belong here.

But Bucky wasn’t good for Y/N. He was too spoiled and rotten, he was messed up in any way that was humanly possible. Every time he looked at himself in the mirror after Y/N had left him, he continued to realize just how tarnished and what a huge creep he was. He had no place here, he had nothing left, he had no reason. Why was he here? To be a burden? To watch people cower in fear over the sight of his arm, knowing what kind of past it held?

Bucky stopped everything and decided it was time he went after the one person who made him feel better than all of this. He just hoped it wasn’t too late.

Note: feedback is welcome!! .c

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Five Minutes To Midnight - a Kyalin fanfic

Fandom: Legend of Korra

Rating: K+ / General audiences

Pairing: Kyalin, with references to Lin/Tenzin and past!Kyalin

“Tenzin sent me a letter asking for help with the repairs on Air Temple Island…I told him to shove it. I did take a look before coming here, though. That was some masterful work.”


A week after her break up with Tenzin, Lin receives a midnight visitor in the form of the one person who cares enough to come and see if she’s okay. 

Tenzin was the final straw.

Lin had given up on gaining affection from her mother even before she had disappeared, her father remained a glaring question mark on her family tree, and Su’s betrayal had cut deeper and left her even more solitary than before. Tenzin, her beloved numbskull of a boyfriend, had been more or less all she had left.

Until now.

A more sensible part of Lin’s brain knew it had been inevitable. That the only living Airbender couldn’t very well settle down with someone who never wanted kids and in that regard they had been doomed from the start, but him leaving her for that Air Acolyte (who was fifteen years younger than him, to boot!) stung.

The fury that had consumed her for a week since the break up had given way into bitter melancholy that had Lin wallowing in her house when not at work at the police station. Not necessarily the most mature action for a woman of thirty six, but she just couldn’t face Tenzin again yet, even if her reaction to his breaking up with her would hopefully keep him afraid to approach her for a while.

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What’s up with me and AUs?

I mean of course everybody likes a good Supernatural AU just like everybody likes good crossover of some fandom with Supernatural but I guess I just always take it to the next level, huh?

I mean, I know I should focus on the stories that I have to write and upload but…

…Maybe, just maybe, my brain refuses to co-operate and won’t stop coming up with ideas. Though…


Oh, a good classic Medieval AU for Supernatural is just what we all, me on top of all, need! But anyway, look at that cutie up there! 

Wanting to protect his princess with his life and falling in love with her.



THE FORBIDDEN LOVE BETWEEN A KNIGHT AND PRINCESS! (Is it really very much forbidden?)



THE LOVE! (Let’s all admit, Knight!Dean confessing his love to his princess while jeopardizing his life to be with her is the absolute romance!)


And then…


Yeah, my brain refuses to make it easy on that man. I love him to death but in no ‘forbidden-love’ story have I ever made it easy on him. 

With whom though? I had an idea about…

I- Yeah, I think I am crazy after all!

But, come on! It’s Tom Hiddleston! There are fans of him here? No? No. Okay.

I better shut up now.

Stolen Moments

Remember we said there’d be no tears
a final night to see us through the years
quite long ago those vows were spoken
now promises made were briefly broken 
it’s wrong we both know this love we feel 
yet this yearning even time cannot heal  
now wordlessly our two hearts are dying
with sighs and sobs as we’re both crying 
no more tears my love we shall be okay
and no one wants to live forever anyway 
I’ve never been so alive yet ill prepared
to bid adieu to stolen moments shared

Imagine getting into a fight with Draco, and that night, he hears you’re missing

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“Wh-what do you mean she isn’t here?” Draco asks, frowning in confusion. “Is the is the common room? Should I go-”

“No, Draco, she’s not there.” Hermione replies tersely. “She’s not in the dormitories, she’s not in the common room, she’s not in the Room of Requirement; she’s not here.”

“This is all my fault.” Draco says, walking out of the Great Hall, heart pounding in his chest. 

He had to find you.


You raced through the Forbidden Forest, tears streaming down your face, as you thought about Draco. After a while, you stopped, and sat down under a tree, picking leaves out of your tulle skirt.

The cold breeze blows around you, and you involuntarily shiver, regretting the decision to not take a jacket to cover your bare shoulders. Another tear falls down your face, and you quickly wipe it away. 

Your stupid boyfriend and you had gotten into an argument and it was just like any other couple’s bicker until Draco had taken it too far, and stepped over the line. Now, here you were, crying like it was your fault, or something.

“No.” you say firmly to yourself as you get to your feet. You set your jaw, and set off at a brisk pace through the wooded area, and ignore the cold feeling in your chest.

You had to get away.

Bittersweet Memories... // Openn Starter

It wasn’t that Regina didn’t understand the whole cosmic karma thing. She did. And she knew that while Robin’s tragic death had, probably, been preventable- she also reconciled within herself that her happy ending would never come until she’d made up for all her evil doings. Villages had been massacred. Eldery, children, rich, poor- she’d never really found it within herself to be able to sympathize. Not until Henry. It was a bitter moment for her. One that came with no consolation. He had never been destined to make it. His death had been one more piece of her puzzle, one more thing she had to lose to make up for all she’d done. 

She swirled the whiskey in her glass, watching the amber liquid ebb and flow within the glass confines. Her mind going back all the way to their first meeting in Storybrooke, to her telling him it was a kind of love potion; to finding out that he was her soul mate. 

She blinked as her eyes watered and her lip quivered. She would not cry in front of the town. She would not let them see her weak. She took a long sip from her glass before putting it down in front of her and wrapping both hands around it. She would never admit it to anyone- certainly not the people she considered family, but she was both infuriated and jealous that she’d lost Robin- and that Hook and Emma would be able to continue cavorting about like two love sick puppies. Longing stares and stolen kisses- things she’d never have again now that she was alone- AGAIN. 

She took a deep breath and glanced at the photo of Robin in Granny’s, her lip quivering once more. She downed the rest of the drink and signaled to Granny for another. The drink appeared in front of her so quickly that she barely realized the empty glass had been removed. She took another long sip then dropped her head and sighed as her eyes slipped shut. She couldn’t turn off his voice in her head. ‘Regina, you are my future.’ She bit her lip as a soft whimper escaped her regal lips before she sniffled and swallowed thickly. She needed to get away. She needed to be anywhere but here. 

Purple smoke billowed around her for a moment and as she opened her eyes again, she found herself at the docks, taking a long deep breath of the salty and finally allowing the forbidden tears to fall in private as she dropped to the bench at the water’s edge and wept into her hands. 

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Any vampire AUs?

[One shots]

I Can Remember by cloudwisp

Summary:  Having not seen his reflection in countless years Jean, drunk and slightly emotional, asks Marco to describe his face.

Black Desire by ZephyrCamida

Summary: "Mindless, he had scrambled from his bed, clad in only sweatpants and a heart thundering like a violent drum, out into the night – out to that voice.Out to Marco.He hadn’t even looked twice at the dirt streaks left on his window.“

Offer Me That Deathless Death by freckledbutt

Summary: Vampire Jean and Prince Marco AU, Modern day setting.

Spectral Affection by OverMyFreckledBody

Summary: After an intense battle with the Trio, Jean must change the way he lives if he still wants to hear Marco’s voice in the midst of the night.Or, the one where Marco is a home phone.

[In progress]

Blue Suits by marras

Summary: Formerly: Cross my heart and hope to die, I’ll see you with your laughter linesMarco Bott was a vampire. That Jean was sure of after finding himself saved by the man with cold hands and inhuman strength. He just needed to prove it, if not for others, then for the sake of his own sanity.But how are you supposed to prove that someone is a vampire when all there seems to be to him are good deeds and endless smiles? Furthermore, what do you do when you accidentally end up befriending the said vampire?
And most importantly, what about when that perfect scheme starts to crack and you find the countless teardrops hidden behind his smile?An AU full of forbidden friendships, secrets, hidden tears and feelings that are harder to express than one would wish them to be. Oh, and mysterious blonde women who insist on killing you inside your dreams.

The Sun’s Going Down by OverMyFreckledBody

Summary: Despite being a creature of the night, Marco doesn’t want to hurt anyone, even willingly, so instead will often steal expired blood from hospitals in other nearby cities or take the bodies of recently killed animals.That is, until multitudes of randomly killed animals start showing up on his back porch mysteriously.


Flesh and Blood by draaagon

Summary:  Marco is pretty sure Jean is a vampire. It’s not even because he’s cool and mysterious, (he sure as hell isn’t) but because of how much of a loser he is.

The Vampire and the French boy by TheBeautifulMew

Summary:  Marco bodt is a 12,000 year old vampire who hasn’t eaten in 6 years. What happens when he finds a delicious French boy in need of help?

- Mod J

Does fanfiction count?

I wish I could of drawn this but arm is acting up, and time is a cruel master ; u ;  So I hope you don’t mine fanfiction. I had an idea of a punishment for Candy too. I hope you like it.
Candy woke to a beautiful new day. The birds were chirping and the sun was shining. But it was wrong. He couldn’t quite put a hoof on it, but it was wrong. He got himself ready, trying to pinpoint why he felt as off as he did but nothing seemed to click. It all seemed the same, even if it didn’t feel like it.
His bright baby blue and white striped vest fitted him snuggly just as it always had. His soft silk tie complimented his cheery green eyes wonderfully. His bowl of sweetened porridge went down without a hitch. And his deceptively kind smile was just as wide and toothy as always.
But it was all still just so wrong.
It wasn’t until he paused just out the door when it hit him. The birds… were chirping? The birds out his window? The very ones he had fed to a colt the other week because he complained of stomach pains? Those birds?
Impossible. But he rounded about to check and sure enough- there was the nest. just as full of gapping soft beaks and a flustered looking mama bird as before. He pursed his lips, confused. Then he laughed. What a silly thing to worry about! Obviously it was a new nest of birds.
“Here I am thinking of birds,” he giggled to himself. “When my precious little dolls are waiting in the cold for their Uncle!”
The wagon ride to the play house was uneventful. He tried to round the children in to sing along with him, to make the trip more fun. Few joined, and none had their heart really put into it. This was normal, he didn’t mind- as long as they all made up for their lack of enthusiasm later~
He heard a colt sigh.
It sounded wrong. He couldn’t put a hoof on it. But he had a strange feeling that he didn’t want to know.
“Come on you sleepy fillies! Smile, smile, smile…!”
He strapped the oldest of the group down to a cot, humming a tune to himself. They were going to have a special movie shot today! Everything was in place and they were just waiting on another stallion to arrive to play the leading role.
It was going to be so much fun.
"Snuggy, wuggy! Wiggle your hooves, Uncle Candy wants to be sure you can’t move!” He chirped happily.
The colt sighed.
Something was wrong.
“I said wiggle wiggle!” Candy pressed on, edge coming on his tone. But still, the colt did not move. He just stared upward- but not in that dead eyed sort of way he’d see the others do. It was the sort of stare you do when you’re thinking of something, thinking of words to say and maybe not to say.
The colt stayed like that for a moment but before Candy could speak or do anything again, the smaller pony seemed to shrug under his binds and smile. “I can’t do it anymore Uncle Candy.”
Candy wasn’t sure how to respond. It wasn’t the sort of ‘I can’t’ he would hear before. The colt wasn’t screaming, or begging, or attempting to appeal to his ‘good’ side. It wasn’t a sound of self defeat either. He was speaking as if this was situation he could absolutely walk away from by his own free will.
“Doesn’t matter if you can’t silly!” Candy snapped, recovering from his brief moment of speechlessness as he booped a hoof on the colts nose. “You just lay there and let Mr-“
"You’re boring.”
“You’re boring,” the colt repeated. And he did something that surprised Candy further. He sat up. He sat straight up as if he was never restrained at all. “You’re boring and I’m bored.”
“Now you hold it right there!” How did he get free so quickly? Candy quickly moved to shove the colt back down onto his back, where he belonged but his hooves…  it didn’t hit the bruised skin of his ‘nephew’ but the tattered stained cot he was laying in before.
The colt was standing next to him, staring him with a perplexed expression. Candy laughed. He had to. this was a game obviously! “I had no idea you had a talent for magic tricks! But we’re not playing your game now, we’re playing mine,” he said with a darkened expression. “You’re making your Uncle very-“
There was that word again.
Something was wrong.
The candy colored trafficker spun around to strike the foolish foul across his face but caught nothing but air. It wasn’t like he missed. He could see the colt standing there, bright as day! But his hoof went straight through him, as if he were a ghost.
Candy struck again, more slowly now to see if he really did see what he thought he saw. And he did. He couldn’t touch the colt! A heavy silence hung in the air as he tried to process this, and the only explanation he could find was that he might be going mad.
He giggled at the notion. Whatever took him this long? He quickly accepted this. He was crazy now! Just a new game. He wasn’t worried. Why would he be? “So that was it!” He exclaimed. “No, no this won’t do, I need a real filly to play this part- not some silly imaginary-“
The colt patted him on the side of his leg, silencing him. “Now you’re just not making sense.”
Candy hears the steady sound of tiny hooves trotting on the floor and the low quiet mutterings of childish complaints. What… what were they doing out of their cages? Who let them out?
“We’re bored.”
“Let’s just go.”
“It’s so lame here.”
Something was wrong.
He darted out in front of the children, blocking their path. “Leaving! Leaving?!” His voice was very nearly a screech and his grin was forced and ugly. This wasn’t normal. This wasn’t right. His little children were acting so strangely. And the more he looked at them, the greater the feeling of unease was in the hollow of his chest.
The bruising on their faces and legs were gone. The bags under their eyes were gone. No one’s ribs were showing. No one’s cheeks were stained with forbidden tears. They looked healthy. Perfectly healthy and fine and bored.
And they all looked at him bore their beady little eyes into him, no longer dull and full of unshed tears. And wordlessly they marched right through him towards the exit. the exit that had been locked. The exit that seemed to open without even a touch of unicorn magic to their presence.
He rushed after them, tried to snatch one up- but again his hooves simply phased through the child. He tried to scream at them, but no words came out. They left. All of them. He stared back at the empty play room, and realized that that too had changed. The dirty cot. The stains on the floor. The chains and belts on the walls. Even the camera. Gone. All gone.
He tried to inhale. The musk that was once there- no more.
He worded soundlessly to himself, questioning what was going on. Was he really going mad? No surely this was a dream, one he would wake from any moment.
Yes that was it. He was dreaming.
He sat himself in the empty room, and hummed without a hum to himself, smiling ear to ear. Any moment now, he would wake up. He’d wake up to a world that wasn’t wrong and could feel his touch. He’d wake to a world where his games were still fun and not boring.
Any moment now.
Any moment.

Ahahahaha holy shit this is glorious


Turn and walk away quickly baby
for well you know despite the lies
I’d turn and stay with you forever
if any tears should kiss your eyes

We both saw those danger signs
it could never be we had to know
you broke his heart and I hurt her
now with tears we have to let it go

Be quick my love don’t look back
as I can’t bear to watch your pain
for love we paid the dearest price
and alone today the tears remain