forbidden forest

tbh the only evidence i need that harry’s a gryffindor is the fact that he kept going back to the forbidden forest after voldemort tried to kill him, aragog tried to eat him, lupin turned into a wolf and attacked him, the dementors tried to kiss him, barty crouch was murdered and turned into a bone, umbridge was kidnapped by centaurs,, boy had to die in that forest before he stopped going back

an incomplete list of the batshit insane things hermione’s done

-prioritized her education over her life

-instantly became ride or die with harry after the troll incedent

-set snape on fire

-brewed an illegal potion for two months in the girls’ bathroom

-turned into a furry

-immediate thought upon encountering a giant murdersnake was ‘better make sure the others find this page on my helpless petrified body bc god knows they won’t figure it out themselves’

-wanted to take finals after like a month in a magical coma

-traveled through time to get even more homework

-figured out lupin was a werewolf and didn’t tell anyone because he was a relatively competent teacher compared to magic ryan seacrest and literal voldemort

-essentially snatched trelawney’s weave gotdamn

-slugged draco malfoy, terrified him and his hulking buddies into running, went back in time to watch it again

-confronted a werewolf and his alleged mass murderer friend because, again, ride or die

-broke time travel laws in order to jailbreak azkaban escapee and his pet hippogriff

-dated an international sports star

-put up with all the vile shit rita skeeter wrote about her

-joined secret order dedicated to fighting voldemort

-put up with harry’s shit

-imprisoned a woman in a jar for months, blackmailed her into doing what she wanted

-formed and organized secret defense class, peer pressured harry into leading it

-permanently disfigured the girl who ratted them out. snitches get stitches.

-manipulated the shit out of umbridge

-basically left her to rot in the forbidden forest

-went to fight death eaters with like six of her mates despite her misgivings (RIDE. OR. DIE.)

-immediately agreed to destroy the dark lord’s soul with her buddies despite not having any idea how (RIDE! OR! DIE!)

-mind wiped her parents and made them go to australia to keep them safe

-essentially singlehandedly kept harry and ron alive and functional for the majority of the deathly hallows

-wore the locket while still managing not to be a shithead

-got the shit tortured out of her by bellatrix lestrange. didn’t go insane.

-fought in the battle of hogwarts. didn’t die.

-was unfailingly loyal and did everything she could to keep harry safe for seven years, even when he was quite frankly being a jackass

It always bothered me that Ron replaced Neville in the Forbidden Forest detention scene. I feel like it took away from the fact that he was a very important and close friend to the trio. He was always looking out for them, a theme that is portrayed a lot in the books, but barely anywhere in the movies. Then again, I guess a lot of the best parts about Neville were omitted from the films.


Words: 8k  ◆  Chapters: One-shot  ◆  Status: Complete
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Author: Ischa
Star Rating: ★★½

Summary: Draco Malfoy is assumed lost in the Forbidden Forest, Harry is a sucker for mothers, so he promises Narcissa Malfoy to look for her son. Things happen.

“Maybe,” the voice said and the beast licked Harry’s chest – a hot stripe of arousal – and then he was gone.

Thoughts: Holy moly the writing in this fic was so good I nearly cried at how beautifully written it was! It was so eerily beautiful and the artwork that accompanied this story was gorgeous. 

Harry, on the behalf of Narcissa, goes looking for a missing Draco Malfoy in the Forbidden Forest. But the thing is, the deeper Harry wanders into the forest, the sense of foreboding grows stronger. And to top it all off, there’s an unnatural presence following him. Eventually, Harry stumbles across Draco, but Malfoy is different, less human-like. It was brilliant to watch Harry gradually lose his connection to humanity - but don’t worry, that’s not a particularly bad thing for him. 

The story is so very clever and unique!

Note: Shoutout to @larrys-tube-of-lube for suggesting I read this, thank you so much! <3

Hey, I’m back with some fresh new Wolfstar! This is dedicated to @gryffindor-terrier, my first ever ask, who requested more of these two cute canines. Your wish is my command!

(I’m not big on this background, to be honest. I might come back to it at some point, but for now it will do - just imagine it’s the edge of the forbidden forest or something?)

Imagine Teddy Lupin getting detention (because, let’s face it, he’s related to two Marauders and his mother was a rambunctious little thing and his godfather is a sass master) and he has to go with Hagrid into the forbidden forest to find a savage bowtruckle or mischievous imp or something. 

As he’s walking through the trees, this super interesting rock just stands out to him and he swoops down and picks it up. It’s pretty dirty but there looks like there’s something engraved on it. His curiosity gets the better of him so he decides to take it back to the castle and clean it up a bit. He almost puts it in his pocket, but instead he decides to just kinda flip it around in his fist a few times.

Suddenly he hears strange voices behind him that definitely don’t belong to Hagrid. He draws his wand and turns around only to find a man who looks just like him and a woman with pink hair, both smiling proudly at him.

Dorcas Meadowes, Marlene McKinnon, Frank Longbottom, unkown person and Alice Fortescue when they went camping

- taken by Mary MacDonald, June of 1978

What am I going to do with you? // James x Reader

Words // 582

Warnings // none

Request //  Could you write a James Potter x reader with prompts 41,26 and 27 in that order

A/N I’m sorry these are taking a while I was very busy with school work recently

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“Y/N!’’ You groaned in slight annoyance, you knew it was one of the marauders and something happened to one of them as recently they’d been getting into more and more trouble, more than they usually did and if one of got stuck or something and they couldn’t solve it they’d come and try to get you to help them out.

“What is it now?’’ You asked, this time it was Peter which it usually was. Peter wasn’t too great at spells but you discovered that he was very good at keeping himself out of trouble which is why he rarely got stuck or something alike, you were happy at least one of them rarely got stuck and still had some sense into them.

“I need your help.’’ You nodded and sighed, of course he needed your help or more true, one of the other boys needed your help and by the way he looked you almost feared that it would be James this time, your boyfriend. In general once you and James got together you managed to keep him out of the worst troubles he could get into but by now it was getting a bit harder since he was doing more and more stupid things.

“Right, who’s it this time?’’ Peter confirmed your fears.

“James, it’s not too bad thought but you need to come.’’ You nodded and followed him outside, into the Forbidden forest.


“Y/N, thank god you’re here!’’ Sirius said once you arrived and you simply nodded, you followed him and were getting quite anxious because you were deep in the forest by now. Once the four of you arrived though, as Remus had joined on the way to James, you just started laughing at the sight that was presented before you.

“Help me! I’m stuck!’’ James was stuck in a net which hung from a very thick branch of a tree. You felt like you already knew how he got stuck there, probably because he was walking around as a stag and got stuck in some kind of trap, still that didn’t really matter it was just hilarious seeing him in there, especially seeing the pout on his lips.

“Oh James Potter, what am I going to do with you?’’ You said as you crossed your arms on your chest and scoffed, you weren’t impressed he got himself in there, rather it surprised you he wasn’t able to get out, it wasn’t that hard. All they needed was a simple charm or just a pair of scissors.

“Get me out of this and shower me in kisses?’’ He said with a shrug, you chuckled in reply. You sighed, staring at him wondering how you ever fall in love with such a massive dork and someone who got into so much trouble by just being a massive idiot from time to time which he doesn’t need to be. You made the boys hold a charm which made the surface James was going to fall on very soft whilst you used a conjured pair of scissors to cut through the net, eventually making him fall down onto the ground.

“You’re a real life saver.’’ He said as he jumped up, dusting off his robes, and went on to shower you in kisses, it was kind of cute but just the fact that he managed to get stuck in a net already made it worth it, knowing that he did something so ridiculous and stupid, still it was very entertaining.


Teddy: *lies awake in bed, unable to sleep*

Teddy: *sighs, glancing around the faintly lit room* *slips out of bed*

Teddy: *makes his way outside, the full moon looming overhead*

Teddy: *glances over at the forbidden forest* *breath catches*

Teddy: Don’t even think about it… You definitely shouldn’t do it. *takes a deep, calming breath* …. Fuck it. 

*As the boy moves through the trees, he suddenly stumbles on something*

Teddy: *cringes and looks down* *spots an odd looking stone on the ground* 

Teddy: *holds up the stone, examining it* 

Voice: …… Yeah……

Tonks: *stares, trying to take in the sight of him* *shrugs weakly* 

Tonks: *glances slowly past Teddy and smiles* 

Voice: *sighs* Not… that… old…

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Harry Potter Locations - The Forbidden Forest

The forest, full of magical, mysterious and dangerous creatures, is out of bounds to any student unaccompanied by Hogwarts staff.