forbidden fashion


Been dabbling the past few weeks with a new character to introduce in Immortals 2 (All the King’s Horses) ~

I think he turned out looking pretty thrilling; now, let’s see if I can continue to develop his “on the page character” with equal ‘squeal worthiness.’

Forbidden library, a cane, fashionable leather (dat, coat!), dragons, City of Souls …. ;)

Title: Prince of the Dragonbloods

Character: Luca Drake

Artist: @phantomrin

It’s always best to wrap yourself up in a thick warm cloak before venturing into the Forbidden Forest. Strange, cold winds seem to blow through at all times of day, and in the darkest parts of the Forest, even in midsummer. Although maybe you only feel cold from the chill sent down your spine from the distant howling and much-too-near sinister shuffling.

 (photography: Zhang Jingna, design: Max Tan)