klarolineauweek 2017 | day 2 : adversaries

With that British accent and blond curls, dimples are simply too much; Caroline decides.

It’s as if nature is playing a trick on her.

A genetics’ overkill.

It’s just Caroline’s luck that they’re paired to compete against each other in mock trial and as it turns out, Klaus seems the only one capable of giving her a run for her money.

On day 2, he has over half the jury eating out of his hand.

On day 4, he makes the judge - well, professor de Martel - laugh for good 3 minutes with his stupid inappropriate joke.

On day 5, he confuses her best character witness so much that he testifies against her “client”.

He thinks he can find a retort to every one of her objections. He believes he’s able to anticipate her game plan. He tries to distract her with that smile that makes him almost stupidly attractive.

The worst thing is, she can’t really fault him for all of that - he simply wants to win as much as she does.

Oh well.

She once did a 50-page paper on effects of paraben use in facial and body cosmetics - in one and a half day. She mastered the production process of low-fiber fabrics. She -

She can win this on merit alone.

And if not…

No one plays dirty like Caroline Forbes. Klaus won’t even know what hit him after she’s done with him.

Smiling Through The Pain

The wonderful @gooddame have me an amazing prompt, Soul Collectors Adversaries, so thank you so much!! Without her I wouldn’t have written anything for today lol Also thanks to @austennerdita2533 for her help <3 Love you both :D Anyway I hope you enjoy :)


Smiling Through The Pain

It was a hard existence, ominous and hopeless, but Caroline made it work however she could - with a kind smile on her face and warm words. Dying was hard, and it pained her every single time to watch her wards suffer through it, but she was there to help them along; after all, she was a Soul Collector - one of the best in fact. Still, watching someone live their ordinary life just for it to be cut short so suddenly - for them, not her, she always knew it was coming but it never helped - was devastating. They’d be so confused, not understanding why they couldn’t go back, to their family, their loved ones, and it was always heartbreaking to explain their time on Earth had expired. She was good at making them move on, making sure they knew death wasn’t exactly an ending, just a continuation on a different level. It was a hard existence, but Caroline was happy she could be there for those lost souls.

Not everyone was like her.

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klaus and caroline ~ chuck and blair. (part 1)

Wake Up and Smell the Formaldehyde

A/N: Day one of Klaroline Infinity Week! It’s a little all over the place emotion-wise, but I hope you’ll all enjoy it!

Summary: On her first day in Biology 2, Caroline Forbes gets partnered with Klaus Mikaelson, the scariest kid to ever enter Mystic Falls High. Only it seems he isn’t so scary when their first assignment is the dissection of a fetal pig.

Word Count: 3,110

Rating: T (for brief language)

The scent of formaldehyde in the room filled Caroline’s nostrils the moment she walked into the lab. Tin slabs were laid on the desks. Scalpels and blunt tools used for scraping away soft tissue and membranes stood neatly in small cups beside balls of twine. Bags of vacuum-sealed fetal pigs hid in a bin at the back of the room.

An excited tremor raced through her.

She loved dissections. Not for any weird reason. At least, she didn’t think it was weird. Whenever her mother would be working night shifts at the Sheriff’s station and Caroline was home alone, she would stay up way past her bedtime reading all of the books she could about animals. Cute, fluff balls to spiky-teethed deep sea creatures – they were all so fascinating. Everything about them interested Caroline. She knew tidbits about nearly every animal known to mankind. Though it did, of course, make her marginally sad for the animals she dissected, it was always more thrilling to see how they worked firsthand.

Signing up for a second year of biology despite wanting to one day become editor in chief of a newspaper was a good idea. Dissection on the first day. Senior year was going to be amazing.

Caroline walked further into the room and took a seat at the front. She wanted her teacher to see just how willing she was to get her pristine, manicured hands dirty. She was the first inside, having just come off a free period. The teacher, Mr. Salvatore, wasn’t even in yet. Eyeing the clock as she set out her things – gloves (multiple pairs), lab coat, her own set of dissection tools, and glasses – Caroline counted down until the bell rung, releasing her fellow classmates from the bondage of third period.

She clasped her hands and waited.

Steadily, students trickled inside the room. She spotted Tyler Lockwood coming through the doorway. Her heart sped up. He had just broken up with Vicki Donovan right before the end of summer. He was hers for the taking. Right behind him came Mr. Salvatore ruffling his brown curls. Behind him – Klaus Mikaelson.

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