“They have a problem looking into the mirror And looking directly into their own soul That’s the reason I am who I am today .Cause I can look directly in my face and find my soul”- #tupacshakur #tupac #2pac #2pacshakur #pac #tupacquotes #quotes #so #true #dontchange #foranybody #onthisearth #beyourself #always #rip #soul

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do you love dan wilds? do you want a place to scream about how amazing her and the other foxes are? well boy is this the place for you

to enter

  • mbf ellie and jud
  • reblog this post (likes count as bookmarks)
  • fill out this form

looking for

  • anybody who loves dan wilds with all their hearts
  • kind and friendly bloggers
  • organised blogs
  • multifandom blogs are accepted, but tfc must be present

what youll get

  • a kik group chat to shout about how much we love our captain
  • a place on the network page (which hasn’t been made yet oops)
  • a tag #danwildsnw for all your tfc creations, selfies, anything really

extra information

  • ends 25th september and members will be chosen shortly after
  • the amount of members will depend on how many people apply
  • send either of us an ask if you have any questions!