forAnima has officially launched!

Remember I told you an online vegan marketplace was on the horizon? Well forAnima is finally here! So far, I like these chocolate skulls and the top at the bottom of the post. But give me more time and I’m sure I could rake up a few hundred dollars! I’m smart like that.

I asked for a little more info on forAnima and it sounds really cool: is an innovative platform that includes several interactive features such as “Be the Buyer” where users upload styles and items they would like to see created in an animal-friendly way, as well as “Create Collections” where users get to have fun with fashion and create collections of items they like. The site also features a recipe section with vegan meal suggestions, a collection of blogs, a community page where members can discuss everything from animal legislation to vegan fashion, and lots of resources. is aimed at people and businesses that care about the well-being of the environment and animals, including domesticated and farm animals. The mission of forAnima is three-fold: bring the welfare of animals into the “eco/organic/green” equation; provide a fun shopping experience that will appeal to vegan shoppers and animal-lovers alike; and to support, recognize, and empower businesses and individuals who personify the “be the change that you want to see in the world” motto.

I like it! I like Etsy too but, yeah, I’d rather everything was vegan. And I like that this makes it super-easy to support businesses with similar values as me. Sometimes it just feels exhausting to be conscientious, so anything that makes it easier gets an A+ from Professor Rascal. And I’m excited about the “be the buyer” thing! Because I’ve got ideas! Seriously, I’ve got ideas out the wazoo. It’s a blessing and a curse. Much like my god-given beauty.

So, give it a look and tell me what you think.