When Lexa was encouraging Aden to tell Clarke what she taught him and Aden was so close to rolling his eyes but didn’t want to embarrass his mom in front of the love of her life and then Lexa was so proud that Aden delivered and was like “See, Clarke, I taught our boy well. He will love your people even if they’re idiots.” :) :) :)

hi i’m Anti McGee, but you can call me Fake Social Justice. i’m here to tell you all the reasons your ship is fucked up! unless you’re a victim of abuse, you’re not allowed to ship anything that isn’t completely vanilla. 

oh, so you are a victim of abuse? then you have to tell me about your experiences even if it triggers you and makes you dissociate so i can determine if you were Abused Enough and are truly traumatized, because abuse can now be ranked and those who aren’t disgusted by what i don’t like clearly weren’t really abused. 

oh, so you’re not a victim of abuse? well, then you’re clearly a Devil for liking something i don’t and must be witch hunted and attacked. i will screencap your posts and belittle you all in the name of satire. i will make sure people see the disgusting person you truly are and make you feel like shit, because that isn’t harassment at all. 

  • People:Felicity is Oliver's light!! She keeps him grounded and happy and keeps him from going back to killing!
  • Felicity:Okay, here's an idea...we kill them.
  • Oliver:But then I'll succumb to the darkness. I'm trying to be a better man! All for you!
  • Felicity:Alright, I hear you. But consider this: I love you and that guy deserves to die.