Kakashi quit being Hokage because no one wanted to teach him computers
  • Yamato:Ok so click the home button. No the home button. Home. There *points* Yes ok now go to your files. The yellow folder. No that's the snipping tool. The folder. It's right there! Click the fucking folder! Omg! Let me do it.
  • Kakashi:*pulls mouse away* No let me do it. I won't learn if you do it for me all the time.
  • Yamato:I miss your Sharingan.

can we just talk about how Pietro was LITERALLY going to go kill Clint? He wasn’t all “grrr I’m going to kill him i’m so mad!” No, he seriously says “I’ll be right back.” Just, “stay here, little sister. i’m going to go murder the man who attacked you” SERIOUSLY!!! I’m going to kill him. I’LL BE RIGHT BACK!!! OMG pietro!! I’LL BE RIGHT BACK! AND HE GETS UP TO LEAVE! HE WAS REALLY GOING TO DO IT!

Okay, I decided to post it. The quality is probably crappy, but *shrug* EDIT: Clicking it makes the quality better.

The lineart is honestly shit, but it would be much better now that I’ve actually gotten used to the tablet.

So have a not too good (but not terrible) Blue as the FIRST THING I’VE EVER DRAWN WITH A TABLET. c: Whatever I draw tomorrow will hopefully be lots better~

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Where the fuck does SasuHina come from,and why does it exist? Do people just put these pairing fodders with everyone for the hell of it or what...? Like I think this is worse than SS

I’d say it’s an easthetical ship and a “What if” ship.

People who ship SasuHina often says things like “they’re both heirs, they come from the two strongest families and all.”, and what would give a mix between the sharingan and the byakûgan ? (It’s interesting xD)

But in canon, it’s non existent, so it’s at best a crack ship. 

I don’t agree that it’s worse than SS. Because SS is wrong, we saw that through the manga, they don’t understand each other, and they hurt each other. They’re never good together.

For SH, we don’t know ? We never saw them interact, so we absolutely don’t know if they would get along or not.

Well, since I’m pretty sure Sasuke is demisexual and has it bad for Naruto, I don’t think he would be any interested by the shy girl who also has it bad for Naruto.

But it isn’t worse than SS, it’s just non really existent in the canon verse.

Since Kishimoto put Chôji and Karui together when they don’t even know each other… SH aren’t that crazy.

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hey just wondering since it has been over a year and everyone has calmed down would you ever be willing to post the pic from hawaii of grace and chester last year (untagged?) for like 10 min? its okay if u can't its just the way my brain processes i still remember this a year later and it still bothers me. thought i would give a shot and ask

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Koreans love Vernon they keep saying things like he is to good for an idol, he should be an hollywood actor and that no kpop-idols can beat his visuals. He has like the perfect genes While Lee michelle dosen't fit in the beauty standars there. Even tough she is so beautiful. Its sad

I saw some people calling that out on my dash (it’s not just K-fans but also international fans too). It’s gross and it’s fetishizing mixed-raced people, particularly white-mixed people. It is sad anon.

-Admin Kim 

And also (because apparently my brain is working nonstop)

Can we talk about how freakishly strong-willed Vanessa is?

Because that vision, that is exactly what she wants. A normal, happy, fulfilled life with the man she loves *sobs*, being a wife, a mother, a woman.

She always dreamed about that. But she knew that wasn’t real. She would’ve fallen for that, make no mistake, but she is so determined not to fall into darkness she turned away from the thing she wanted the most just to save her soul.

I’m sorry no I’m not but she won’t give up on Ethan (now that she is her own woman, the one who saves herself), no sire. She will fight for him because that’s who she is.

A freakishly strong-willed woman who will never stop fighting for what she believes and for those she loves.

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Be legit with me. What're you doing that makes a tomato so busy all the time eh?

“Be legit” for a second? Okay, fine, I’ll get real. But you asked for it, all right?

What I’m doing is life. Attempting to do a balancing act with it. Just like anyone else.

I love being involved with my creative side, but I’ve also grown up with a strong attachment to the math and sciences. And I’ve come to a point where, yeah, I really want to pursue both the medical field and voice acting. (With a bit of dabbling in singing, but that’s a story for another day.) Through a number of experiences, especially in the more recent years, I’ve been able to conclude that I won’t be happy giving up either dream entirely, not giving myself a chance to try.

Look, I’m no genius. I don’t have photographic memory. I have to really sit down and study the material for a period of time so it soaks in. I have to practice and observe, go through trial and error. But through hard work, enthusiasm, and so on, I know I can do at least well in giving my best shot at that. If it works out, great! If not, I did my best, and I’ll be satisfied knowing that.

As of my current situation, there’s no chance for me to pursue voice acting to the extent I want to and even further unless I do well on the medical field studying, so there’s double stress on that particular subject.

And I have this while also attempting to be more rounded in communication and time with loved ones and friends, attempting to lessen previously placed limitations, attempting to break non-conducive habits, and attempting to get better with my health and I guess myself in general. But I’m getting too TMI as is, and I’ve used up my limited comfort capacity for the day sharing this kind of thing in public.

That’s not including more online specific stuff things I want to get involved with too, like dabble more in art and do more fun audio clips and videos, get involved in collabs and things, etc.

Long story sort, I’m just a slow tomato still sorting things out.

I’m sorry for being so ninja all the time. I’m sorry I don’t have everything together yet. I’m sorry it’s not all a piece of cake for me yet when it’s supposed to be. I’m sorry I’m not always so public about things outside my creative side, so you only have pieces and snippets.

(Thank you, by the way, to everyone bearing with me. I hope I don’t sound cross or anything bad, I’m just a bit tired is all.)