• Someone:Lance is horrible he only cares about himself
  • Lance:directs Commander Iverson's attention away from Pidge so they don't get yelled at- getting yelled at himself instead, helps rescue Shiro, catches Allura when she falls out of the sleep chamber, literally uses himself as a human shield to protect Coran from an explosion- almost getting himself killed/knocking him into a coma, e m e r g e s f r o m a c o m a just to shoot Sendak when he threatens to crush Pidge, despite feeling extremely homesick he understands the gravity of his new role in life and doesn't ask if he can go home- only voicing how he misses home, reminds Keith they can't hurt the Balmera at least two times, compliments his friends when they do a good job, thinks about his family and misses them so much everyday
  • Me:*sips tea* anyways i love Lance,

[8.26.16] today i bought makeup and did makeup on myself for like the first time ever in my life and it was neat. (i just wanted my face to look even and natural, not like… the fancy eye and lip stuff or anythin) then i had to go to a screening in film village of Philadelphia and i literally drenched the collar of my shirt with tears

hi friends its rachel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i reached a follower goal n i wanted 2 make one of these bc i love all of u so so so much nd interacting with u all makes me rly happie so i wanna show u all that i appreciate u !!!!!!!!!!! so this is basically a mutual appreciation post i guess ok cool !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Scoop: WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY? on THE CW - Wednesday, September 14, 2016
Get all the scoop on WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY?, airing on THE CW on Wednesday, September 14, 2016!
By TV Scoop

“Candice Patton” - (9:00-9:30 p.m. ET) (Content Rating TBD) (HDTV) - Hosted by comedian Aisha Tyler, cast members Ryan Stiles, Wayne Brady and Colin Mochrie, along with guest comedian Jeff Davis, put their comedic skills to the test through a series of spontaneous improv games that are prompted only by random ideas supplied by the studio audience.

The four performers must use the little information they have and their wild imaginations to depict different characters and an array of scenes, as well as perform songs. After each round of improvisation, Aisha will dole out points to our four performers and declare a winner at the end of every episode. Directed by Geraldine Dowd (407). Original airdate 9/14/2016.

Mark your calendars!


geoff icons for anon(?)

requests are open, I just started working so I’ll get to them when I can!

(i had a cue card with the order of requests and where they came from, but i cant find it and i have problems w memory so im going through requests in the order I remember sorry!!!! i feel so bad but i cant help it!)