Kisumi and a macaron-covered cake

Happy birthday, Kisumi! 

to clarify, Cas getting “brotherzoned” by Dean in no way lessens Cas’ importance to Dean…. I just also want Dean to get some dick in his ass & that dick usually does not belong to a brother

like… i know plot twists are what all the cool kids are doing these days, but like. you can’t make a character dedicate their whole career to tearing down your organization (and then have them actually go through with it) & then say they were actually just. the BEST agent ever. that’s not

it just doesn’t



More and more of my characters have eyeliner whether it’s intentional or not

Shit I say that I find funny

I just want to make a good book series about my gay, Mexican detective and his German ice prince.

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I have free time and it's still relatively early
  • what I should be doing:writing next chapter
  • what I am actually doing:writing sarcastic and bitter tweets about the fact that Captain America was revealed to be Hydra

(As fun as it is to throw characters into crazy antics with one another, I feel like a lot of those interactions are rushed. Don’t get me wrong! Sometimes weird spontaneous stuff works really well! But for the most part, good relations between characters take solid work and effort, much like relationships between real people,

Relationships between characters should always work on several levels - both general and specific levels. In terms of League, ‘general’ levels would consist of lore and gameplay reasons, and specific levels would depend on the RPer’s interpretations of their muses, their headcanons, etc.

As a weirder example, I’m gonna use Thresh and Kayle for demonstration.

Lore-Wise: Both are long-lived, nonhumans with a very different sense of morality, mortality, and time than the average Runeterran citizen. Neither quite fit into the world - Kayle is literally otherworldly, and Thresh is the result of the twisting of the land’s inherent magic. Both deliver justice in their own way, and believe themselves in the right, regardless of their methods.

Gameplay: Both champions are generalists - they can be played nearly anywhere and do a pretty damn good job of it. They can end up as a pretty powerful combination when laning together. who’s the real adc? nobody knows

So even though these champs would appear, at first, to have nothing in common and no reasons to interact, there’s actually quite a lot to work with - which is great when getting to the specific, personal level.

My particular Thresh, and @ask-kayle ‘s… well… Kayle… have ended up bonding over ‘humans are weird.’ And also some Harrowing stuff like, two or three years ago. Maybe they also both secretly like shitposts. The personal stuff’s up to the RPer.

Of course, you can always just start talking to somebody and seeing what happens from there! But if you’re having trouble writing interactions between muses, a solid foundation helps.)


Just a guide I threw together for @edorazzi​ and any cosplayers who were wondering about the placement of Ladybug’s spots (and @miracurefladyblog​ if you guys don’t have one yet)

If you’re particular about the spots being the right size, I’d say all the ones on her torso (25) and thighs (26) are large, and all the ones on her arms (26) and below her knees (26) are small. So…51 large and 52 small (or 57 small if you include the mask).


And when my time is up
Have I done enough?
Will they tell my story?

Red vs Blue & Hamilton


This scene goes by in the blink of an eye, so I just wanted to point out:

He’s sitting in the room where she brought him back to life, staring at the bed they shared for less than a week. (And he was asleep for the first three days of that.)

(Some things aren’t worth the price you have to pay to get them.)