peridot didn’t recognise underwear when she saw it

underwear was invented comparatively recently in human history

jasper was last on earth more than five thousand years ago, well before the first recorded underwear

conclusion: peridot and jasper, at the very least, definitely don’t wear underwear

sometimes I’m quite glad that I’m a nobody on tumblr and I don’t get harassed or receive anon hate, but then again it saddens me to see these big beloved contributors to a fandom get attacked for posting things that thousands of minor bloggers like myself love to the point where they do not enjoy making fandom art anymore

(stomps m’feeties.

i want 2 do something horrible with Sans but everyone I rp with luvs the lil tot so. If anyone’s interested in ruining him hmu…. I mean, i could do it all myself but what’s the fun in that)

anonymous asked:

im kinda jealous u go to a university im too dumb and poor so i go to community college :c

friend!!!! education is education buddy, guaranteed you’re getting the same requirements done for less money. I know there’s lots of stigma with community college but it by no means equates to your intelligence or the impact that you have on people. You do you buddy! You’re still great, you’re doin your best!

Just girlfriends being gross.

“The man whose pride and knowledge ate him alive.”

Here’s some artsy Ford for you!!!!! This took all dA Y YOU WOULD NOT B E L I E V E 💛💛💛💛💛

Everyone thinks that Ladrien is the happiest combination of the Love Square. After all, Marinette likes Adrien and Chat likes Ladybug, so this works out perfectly, right?

I think, though, that it’s actually the saddest. Adrien feels like he’s only truly himself when he’s Chat Noir. Marinette feels like Ladybug isn’t her. (The truth is that they’re both a mix/in-between, but that’s beside the point.)

So how would Adrien feel that Ladybug only loves him when he’s quiet, shy, polite, model Adrien? How would Marinette feel when Adrien only loves her when she has the confidence and bravery she feels only Ladybug has?

Answer: Not great.