tbh the excuses made for dex being really mean about sharing a room kind of bug me because in fic nursey does one (1) thing wrong and the whole fucking team is against him and after him to apologize, no matter what his reasonings were. so like sure it may have been a gay crisis on dex’s part but in all my gay crisis I’ve dealt with them privately and not in the middle of the floor

“There’s a perfectly good reason for all these kittens,” said Finn as Poe walked through their front door.

Poe’s eyes grew wide as he counted them. Five. There were five kittens. He looked at them, chasing each other and wrestling on their kitchen floor. He looked back at Finn. “I’m waiting. What’s the reason?”

“Well, my boss’s cat -” Finn started.

Poe threw up his arms in exasperation. “Your fucking boss again? Jesus Christ, Finn, that man is a tyrant. And you,” he pointed at Finn accusingly. “You just let him walk all over you.”

“Poe, you didn’t even let me finish!” Finn shot back. “He was going to offer them for free online, so I said I’d find homes for them. It was the right thing to do.” He hated arguing with Poe, so he was very glad when the door flew open again, and Rey burst in.

“Kittens!” She practically screeched as Poe put his head in his palms. She didn’t spare either Finn or Poe a glance. Instead, she was on the floor in an instant, crawling around and trying to play with the kittens.

“Oooh, I want them all,” Rey whined. She was clutching two kittens to her chest, one black with white paws and one orange with stripes. “Actually…” For the first time, she clearly directed her words toward Finn and Poe. “Have you picked which one you want to keep?”

Poe cleared his throat loudly while Finn stammered out a ‘no’.

“Okay, I’ll make it easy for you,” said Rey, grabbing the cardboard box by the cabinets. “I want these two.” She put the two kittens she was holding into the box. “This one would be perfect for my aunt Leia.” She picked up the runt, a scraggly brown thing with a white-tipped tail.

“And I figure my dad could use one too, so he’s not just staring out the window all day or whatever he does now that I’ve moved out.” She placed a blue-grey kitten into the box with the others.

“So the calico is yours,” Rey declared, hefting the cardboard box into her arms and heading for the door. “You’re welcome!”

Then it was just the three of them, Finn, Poe, and the tiny calico kitten. Finn’s eyes met Poe’s and they both started giggling. Before long, they were on the floor, howling with laughter as the kitten scrambled around them.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe she just -” Poe managed to choke out before dissolving into laughter again.

Finn caught his breath. “Yeah, Rey. She’s the best.”

They were lying on their backs now, the little kitten perched on Poe’s chest as it peered at them curiously.

“You should name it,” said Finn. “You’re better at naming things. If you let me name it, I’m just gonna call it Kitty.”

Poe looked around for inspiration. At this angle, the microwave clock read '88:8’. “How about BB-8?”

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I am planning to buy ユーリ!!! on ICE (アニメ版) 設定資料集, based on review on Amazon, seems many are disappointed by the content? What is the reason behind, thanks a lot!

Hello! I went to check the reviews and it’s the reason I imagined..

The other day, Tadashi Hiramatsu (character designer & chief animation director) & Noriko Itou (animator & prop designer) were at VAX (Visual Arts Expo) in Malaysia and showed settings from the series, some of which are not included in the Setting Material Collection. Now, which ones are they? The setting design of the rings, the setting page about Victor’s ass, the alternative costume for Yuuri (this one was displayed in Nakano last December), another page with Yuuri wearing a padded vest and I think a few others. Many Japanese fans were enraged because it has happened a few times so far that YOI unpublished material was shown at conventions abroad and never shown in Japan. It was only possible to see it in cases where, like VAX, pictures were allowed and fans shared it online. At the masterclass in Paris they even showed Kubo’s “name” (manga storyboard) and Yamamoto’s storyboards, which the authors said they will never show in Japan. To be honest I’m a little upset too… And after the stuff shown at VAX even some usually quiet fans were complaining.

Since one of the pages not included in the Setting Material Collection just happens to be the one about the pair rings (what a coincidence, right?) some people are suspecting it’s a kind of discrimination, and they also wrote this in their reviews. It’s actually quite likely and at the same time stupid because I mean, they exchanged the rings in the series and are wearing them so what’s the point of censoring them in the book?? But yeah I don’t find it impossible and if that’s true I hope the person who decided this is kicked out of the production team or anything that has to do with YOI… By the way, Noriko Itou was surprised on Twitter because she thought the rings were included in the book and she had no idea why they weren’t.

If you see, the bad reviews were all posted after VAX. The book itself is not bad, it’s really nice and it does have lots of settings that were never published anywhere else so far, so I do recommend it. People don’t have a problem with its contents but with what is “not included”. There have been other controversies regarding the rings, like when they weren’t drawn in the preview for the guidebook poster (despite it showing the GPF podium). In that case fans made a fuss on Twitter and in the final version they “miraculously” appeared again. Anyway, when I say that discrimination is still rampant in Japan… here’s an example. I am really curious to see how this will develop, because Japanese fans are really fed up with how some information has been handled, and the rings were probably the last straw. (Thanks God at least the Museum doesn’t have any stupid censorship.) But anyway, the book itself is ok!

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Do you think Kylo/Ben could die in episode 8/9? If not what are your reasons? Btw love your blog!!

Yes, I think it’s possible. I **highly** doubt he would die in TLJ. His story arc will not be fully realized, and we have to remember that he has to serve the main heroes in this story as much as himself.

His plot needs to help resolve both Rey’s and Finn’s, as well. So, I think we will see him live through at least TLJ.

I think it’s possible he could die in 9, but I think it’s very unlikely.

Star Wars is dark for a kid’s tale (which I love about it!), but I don’t think they’re going to end the Skywalker line in total tragedy - that’s a level of dark I, personally, wouldn’t even want to see.

Whatever happens, it’s VERY important that he informs Rey’s arc and stays central in the Force plot of things, for obvious reasons. I’d say the main thing that convinces me he’ll live - besides being the last Skywalker - is the themes of balance/yin and yang, conflict, and moral ambiguity that seem to be present in this story, in particular. I think Rey is going to find herself a bit lost at some point and Kylo - having been there before - will be able to assist her through that. And -whether romantic or not - I think they will carry on through to the end in a partnership in the Force, and I imagine the both of them together will be the founders of some new Jedi Order. Through the dark and light in both of them, they can begin to set up for a better, more balanced future of the Jedi. I also hope they will stop all this “NO FAMILY, LET’S-TAKE-YOU-AWAY-FROM-EVERYONE-YOU-LOVE-IN-CHILDHOOD” nonsense of the Jedi.

***THIS is another reason I think Reylo will become romantic - it makes a point from here on out that the Jedi can and will have families from this point onward in Star Wars. It suits not only the plot in context of these two characters searching for love and belonging, but it also helps set up a new kind of Jedi order in a very clear, discernible way that audiences of all ages can grasp easily and without too much explanation.***

So yes, I think Kylo will live through to tell his tale - albeit very sad and still regretful over what he’s done. I think he will likely end this story nearly dying, though, and that he will have been willing to sacrifice his life to save others.

I also think he and Finn will have a moment of finding mutual respect for each other, which I am looking forward to. I want to see Finn have to face that challenge, because I think it will be greatly SYMBOLIC for Finn. Once he faces Kylo I think it will be symbolic of him finally accepting his Stormtrooper past, and letting go, to realize that the Resistance IS where he is strong, a leader, and where he belongs. Being able to accept Kylo in his redemption is likely symbolic of Finn being able to accept that he came from the FO - it is a part of what defines him, and a REAL part of who Finn is as a person. Even if he is afraid or ashamed of that origin - it is a part of him. I think Finn will have to face that in TLJ, and I hope to see it resolved - in part - by his confrontation with Kylo - whether in TLJ or Ep 9.

Finally, I think that since Leia will not survive, and Luke is kind of… well, seemingly quite dark and menacing in the marketing… I think that Kylo has to be the ray of hope for the Skywalkers. That through the darkest hours of the Skywalker line, he was still able to shine through and find that goodness that lies within - to overcome the curse of that Skywalker name and redeem it for the better.

Basically, it’s a space fairy tale

So, in short, I think Kylo has a long way to go in serving the characters and plot, and that he likely will survive to the end.

Okay, so for what ever reason my brain just made the connection that ‘dog’ is ‘god’ spelled backwards. now I’m sure most people have already realized this and I’m sure I’ve probably realized it before and have since forgotten, but like dudes! the answer is right in front of us, it’s been hiding in plain sight this whole time… god is not a man, god is not a woman… God is a dog

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Notification on Tumblr

The Notification is on … What is the reason you are asking? I’m trying hard to check everything because of my business contact. (I have been in the company for more than 8 hours every day … It is hard to check the notice because there are many busy times …) anyway have a good today ;)…

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I saw someone asking you for an advice and loved your answer, so here I am asking for one myself. Lately I've been gaining a lot of weight and I hate that. I can't even look at myself anymore without crying and getting all depressed. What can I do to lose it beside exercise (I already exercise a lot)? Thanks for your answer xx

what is the reason you are gaining a lot of weight? sad-eating? hormones (pms-eating)? i myself am trying to lose a little weight myself, and i find portion control is really hard to do! these couple of weeks i have tried eating less carbs (only once a day, during lunch), and more protein and fruits and vegetables. i’ve lost 6lbs so far. i also don’t drink my calories anymore (i gained a lot of weight because i had too much boba, starbucks drinks, etc) - these drinks are high calories yet they don’t fill you up, therefore dangerous!

good luck losing weight, but please always remember to prioritize your health! 

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Hi! In chapter 26, do you think Sangwoo got jealous of bum's uncle? I mean when I was reading the chapter, when Sangwoo got disgusted with Bum after saying that he had sex with his uncle I thought Sangwoo got jealous? Also Bec his uncle showed dominance over him? I mean I thought he wanted to be the first one to day to him? Since from what I remember he thought bum is still a virgin? Also what exactly is the reason why Sangwoo doesn't want to have unprotected sex with bum?

Chapter 26 undoubtably created a range of emotions for Sangwoo, all of which played into his cold reaction to Bum’s abuse. However, the jealously in your observation, I feel, would better be described as betrayal in Sangwoo’s case.

One of the more telling panels in Chapter 25, was when Sangwoo said basically “People lie to people they think are stupid.” Being perceived as stupid by another person would entail that they think he’s inferior, which is one of Sangwoo’s most prominent triggers.

In Sangwoo’s eyes, Bum lied to him about the abuse, for the reason that he had ample time to clear up the confusion. Sangwoo went on this whole time believing that Bum was a virgin, and Bum knew he believed that, even though it was the wrong assumption. 
He blames Bum for withholding this information and making him look like a fool in the end. He trusted Bum to at least tell him that much. 

It’s for this reason that I better feel that the anger was directed more at Bum, and not at his uncle in that moment (which of course is backwards, but rightly so in Sangwoo’s mind). He considers the sex to be Bum’s fault for “letting” it happen. His is not too keen on making excuses for being weak. He made that clear back in Chapter 5.

As for the protection, I had always assumed the reason why Sangwoo refused to have unprotected sex was to not leave behind an obsessive amount of DNA evidence after he killed his victims. However, considering the fact that he was reluctant to have it with Bum, while still maintaining the desire to keep him alive, lead me to believe that his reasons for using protection so animately were for reasons that have not yet been confirmed (fear of being fully intimate, possible result of sexual abuse). Obviously pregnancy isn’t a issue in Bum’s case, and he went in with the assumption that he was a virgin, so what was there to really fear? Hopefully, later on in the Manhwa we will be given more hints as to why this is.

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GoT set au- the wedding is one of the last things filmed because of set/location reasons. What no one finds out til the DVD release is that Sid and G actually got hitched when their characters did.


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I haven't been around much, what is the consensus in the Richonne fandom on why they keep Andy and Danai separated? PTB? His wife? Actors not liking each other much? (never that!) what's going on? Why they neglect us so?

I don’t know if there is a consensus. I don’t think I’d want to join in a fandom conversation about that tbh, lol. But I doubt it has anything to do with the actors. They talked to each other from 7 seats away, so they obviously like one another. And I think they were supposed to be next to each other last year, but Andy asked Danai to switch so he could do that glitter nonsense. Then this year, for whatever reason, they even put Nicotero between Andy and Norman, so I have no idea what the rhyme or reason is behind any of this. But the past two Comic Cons have had weird shit hanging over them, so it’s just hard to say.

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"What happened doesn't change anything" Shoosh and Sarge

“I dont know how or why you have gotten into this mess, but for what ever the reason, I still care about you.. I still want to see you grow up happy with me..



I cant write to save my fuckin life. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ)

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Wait what is the reasoning behind crytyping being considered offensive

people who crytype non-ironically usually claim they’re having a breakdown or panic attack, so if you believe that then making fun of crytyping is essentially laughing at someone who’s struggling with mental illness. the problem with that line of reasoning is that crytyping isn’t just innocuous typos it’s like… a specific set of conventions that people use to dodge callouts and guilt-trip others.

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What if the reason Sora's hair and skin are getting lighter with each game is due to Ven's presence in his heart? Like, Ven's heart is slowly but surely shaping Sora's body on a subconscious level as Ven's awakening drawn near, meaning Ven's heart has to be put back when he's about to awaken or else Sora's and Ven's hearts will cease to be two individual hearts?

I would ignore his skin for answering this question since they keep being inconsistent with a lot of characters’ skin color.

I do think however that we’re back to the roots with Sora’s KH3 hair. I mean I assume they lightened his hair to make it more believable that Roxas really stems from him and your theory is really nice and would’ve made sense, but looking at his KH3 models? His hair has pretty much darkened again.

I mean I guess you could argue that it still has somewhat blond highlights (more likely caused by Roxas since Ven’s awakening should have been drawing nearer ever since he was in Sora’s heart and KH1 Sora has dark brown hair), but in general his hair didn’t get lighter in KH3, it rather got a notch darker again. And to be honest, while his KH2 hair is definitely lighter, it’s not as ridiculously light as the box art tried to make it seem.

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If Glitch, Codex, or Virus were to get into a fight for some reason, what would they do to defend themselves?

If you hit Codex, he’d hit you back with about the same force. The thing with him is that he’ll think it is a game. The more you push him the more he’ll think your playing with him and push back. He can use his scarf hands to wrap around people and toss them, and slam them on the ground. 

Virus would rather talk his way out of a fight than actually fight. But if it came down to it he is really agile and would use hand to hand combat paired with his electricity. His hands can also detach and be big ol’ claws.

Glitch’s brother would always take over in a fight. We don’t actually know what happens to those who fight with Glitch… You might have to go ask him yourself…