Walk N Talk | Val + Tal

He was almost nervous, Valerie was a force, a good one and someone he had really grown to care about- Tal just wasn’t good when it came to sternful things and the way she had responded with ‘good luck’ made him feel like he’d upset her or pushed too much. Tal leaned against the open door frame, smiling when she came into view, she was for sure one of the prettiest he had ever seen. And his smile only grew when he saw the beloved box of cereal tucked under her arm. “Is it necessary to look this good for a walk?” He teased, not liking the expression on her face.  [ @valeriehawthorne ]


Phanniemay - Day 2: Fave Episode

I actually don’t think I have a favorite episode, so I picked Flirting with Disaster because I really like the potential it gives (and also because gray ghost) and it reminds me of so many could-have-beens and the beginnings of wonderful subplots we never got. Ah well.

Pokémon often inspire clothing. Valerie is famed for having designed boots based on Virizion’s feet, spawning an international trend that myriad clothing chains tapped into. Similar fashions also come from contest stars - hair clips based on sneasel feathers, bows shaped like hoppip leaves, scarves inspired by sylveon ribbons. One of the most iconic fashions of the previous generation involved colouring one’s hair bright white and streaking it with red - a trend started by a coordinator who was famously partnered to a zangoose.