Katherine Mcnamara icons / Modeliste Magazine. ♡
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Katherine Mcnamara icons pt.3 / Photoshoot por Brian Lowe. ♡
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persephonah  asked:

g, a, y for the song thing

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G - Grace Kelly - Mika -  “i could be wholesome, i could be loathsome, guess i’m a little bit shy - why don’t you like me, why don’t you like me without making me try?”

A - Agnes - Glass Animals - “Agnes just stop and think a minute……calm down now stop and breathe a second”
“your head is so numb, that nervous breath you try to hide, between the motions, that trembling tender little sigh - and so it goes, a choking rose back, to be reborn - i want to hold you like you’re mine”
“you see the sad in everything, a genius of love and loneliness”
“where went that cheeky friend of mine? Where went that billion dollar smile? guess life is long when soaked in silence”
“you’re gone but you’re on my mind, i’m lost but i don’t know why”
i basically transcribed the entire song it’s just that this one in particular means so much to me and it kinda makes me cry all the time loL

Y - You Know You Like It - AlunaGeorge - “I should be happy not tipping the scales, i just won’t play, letting my life get away”
“I don’t take things as they come, if they bring me down - life can be cruel if you’re a dreamer”

Send me a letter and I’ll tell you my favorite song whose title starts with that letter, plus my favorite line in the song

Petrova appreciation week

Day two - Katerina Petrova aka. Katherine Pierce and Nadia Petrova

“ You and I had a little cottage, it was an ordinary summer day…you told me about the fort that you’d built out in the woods by the river so I asked if I could visit, you said when the sun came up in the morning and I said goodnight Nadia, sleep well… your mother l o v e s y o u ”

anonymous asked:

Like Davey would be super dirty/dom in bed but after he would be so sweet (SOMEONE WRITE AFTERCARE W/DAVEY PLEASE)& outside the bedroom he would deny EVERYTHING😂like Race would tease him like"hey, Dave. Sounded like u & y/n had a good time last night, eh? ;)" &Davey would turn all red &be like"whAT NO SEX IS GROSS WHAT IS SEX I HAVE TO GO COMING MOM!"&he'd run away.The only 1s who knows the truth ar Katherine, who u told,& Crutchie who walked in on u 2 in the bathroom.He wishes he didnt know-🍔

damn right! ~🐳