New Nintendo Selects up for preorder ⊟

These games are cheaper than ever, and they’re even cheaper than “cheaper than ever” right now if you have an Amazon Prime membership, as the re-releases are all subject to the Prime 20% discount. Just saying.

The new Nintendo Selects series is all up for preorder, all coming out August 26:

The new Wii U game and amiibo bundles are there too, also subject to that discount before (and for the first two weeks following) their September 9 launch.

I was picking out some jeans at JC Penny’s and this woman walks up like “where are your Arizona jeans? ” so I’m like “….wha t” bc I’m constantly confused abt everything and she’s like “where are the Arizona jeans” and I’m so confused and it’s not clicking that she thinks I work there so I’m just like “…..I don’t kno w?” And she’s like “you don’t work here?” And I’m like “n o,?”

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The most ironic thing about that Jaime guy is his pinned tweet tbh. I mean, how are you gonna have this "As humans, jealousy can feel almost like an autonomic response to seeing big things happen around you. PUSH THAT DOWN & be happy for others." pinned and then be petty, jealous, disrespectful and unprofessional? Like, dude practice what you preach so just push down your jealousy over not getting the role as Alec and be happy for Matt :)

i know adkjfhjkg the irony is… suffocating…. 

what he did was so unprofessional and lacked any levels of basic human respect and proved that it’s good he didn’t get Alec’s part bc he’s not ready to face a bigger crowd of fans. some matt stans got protective over the chanel/walmart tweet and instead of pretending he never actually supported that trash thing, he blew it up and played victim and it was just plain ugly 

Between musicals, solo albums, compilations and singles, the Dublin tenor’s vocals have been recorded on over 60 record titles and counting. In 1985, Wilkinson originated the role of Jean Valjean in The Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of Les Misérables in London’s West End. In 1987, the show then opened on Broadway, accompanied by Wilkinson’s original Valjean, where it garnered 12 Tony Award nominations and eight wins. In 1989, he relocated his family to Toronto to take on the title role in the new Canadian production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera at the Pantages Theatre (now Canon Theatre) playing the role for four and a half years in over 1,650 performances for 3.5 million theatregoers.

TheSceneinTO’s guest columnist spoke with Colm Wilkinson about his early days, his music and his fame.

Q. How did you first get into musical theatre?
A. Playing Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar in 1973 in Dublin and then in the West End London. I was the second Judas in the original production and played him for 4 years in total.

Q. You stared as 2 of the most iconic stage characters Jean Valjean and Phantom. What were those experiences like?
A. I consider myself to be very fortunate to have had the opportunity to be the first person to sing the music of both of those shows and to have had Bring Him Home from Les Miserables written for me. The fact that both musicals were a huge success was also a bonus. How lucky can you get?

Q. How hard is it to separate Colm Wilkinson the singer, from Colm Wilkinson the Broadway star?
A. I am married to a wonderful woman and have four great children. There are no stars in our home. I concentrate on telling the story and making the best music I can and also trying to enjoy the journey. It’s great to be able to do what you are passionate about, but it is work just the same.

Q. You’re an inspiration to others, but who inspires you?
A. Strangely enough not all my inspiration comes from music. My wife and my family are my main inspiration.

Q. What have been your favourite stage roles apart from Les Miserables and Phantom?
A. [Playing] Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar.

Q. You’ve travelled extensively with your concerts, what does coming back to Toronto mean for you?
A. It is a great place to live and to rear a family and outside Ireland it is our second home.

Q. You’ve collaborated and worked with many other artists. Who has been your favourite?
A.  My son Aaron. He’s just great to share a stage with.

Q. What was it like covering the Cat Stevens song Father and Son, with your son Aaron?
A.  It was Aaron’s idea for both of us to cover the song and I have to say it was unique. I don’t think there is another version of the song out there by an actual father and son.

Q. Do you have a favourite song on this CD or one you’ve written that really stands out for you?
A. I really love Father and Son but I wrote the song I Cannot Stay about relationships that slowly fall apart through lack of understanding and communication on both sides. People have to know that you care for them and you have to remind them by telling them.

Samulewitsch, Rene. “The man we all know and love, the always debonaire, Mr. Colm Wilkinson.” TheSceneinTO   (2011)

Tadpole Treble hits all the right notes โŠŸย 

Tadpole Treble is one of the sweetest games Iโ€™ve ever played, despite it being wall-to-wall terror for the poor tadpole.

It also seems to reflect its creatorโ€™s personality in a transparent way that I havenโ€™t really seen before โ€“ I say โ€œseemsโ€ because of course I donโ€™t know co-creator Matthew Taranto, who also made the webcomic Brawl in the Family โ€“ but I feel like I know him after spending hours in the gameโ€™s hand-drawn world, listening to its weird mix of musical styles and smiling at its good-natured humor.

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Jesse Tillman Headcanons

(special thanks to @sodapops-girl for spending literally five hours with me talking about our boys JC and Percy. we went all out OOPS)

Jesse Charles Tillman:

his was born on December 20, 1949. his parents left each other the day before his fourth birthday, so he’s hated his birthday, and the holiday season in general, ever since.

his brother, who is older by two years, always talked back to the strange men at his mom’s house, which always resulted in a beating, so Jesse learned to be careful with his tongue.

he is a good fighter, but not a good talker (he’s too quiet and not good with words).

he goes by Jesse, Charlie, and JC (when he tells someone his name is JC, he claims it’s short for Jesus Christ).

both brothers have a bad relationship with their dad (their father is the only man Jesse will EVER talk back to), but they both ignore him for the most part.

he met Curly Shepard at the reformatory and they are the best of buds (he also dated Angela once).

his brother taught him how to steal (but Jesse eventually became the better thief) and they make it a competition between the two of them to see who can steal the most from their mom’s boyfriends. they were only caught once, when his brother threw the stolen watch at their mom’s boyfriend during an argument.

he finds it funny that Curly looks up to Tim so much because he knows boys like Tim and Dallas and his brother turn into mean men like his father and his mom’s boyfriends, therefore he doesn’t respect or look up to anyone.

he is better known and all together a better fighter than his brother, so Jesse is more liked and respected, which he silently takes pride in.

Jesse once broke his jaw during a fight with an older boy, and ever since the set of his mouth has slightly been off. he hates smiling because of it.

he envies Percival Smith’s ability to get what he wants with his words, unlike Jesse who has to fight for what he wants.

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What do u think Kian and Jc would be like as best friends

They’d definitely be the type of friends to tease you about little things, like not so much that it hurts you but just enough to where it gets annoying at times

They’d push you in their pool and record it, just for the hell of it.
I think sometimes they would have lil arguments like if jc was like “me and y/n are going to the movies” Kian would be all like “ok I’m coming too” and then jc would be like no it’s our day, just wanna have her to myself.

Making them braid your hair, jc gets one side and Kian gets the other.
“I can’t fucking do this y/n!”
“Kian you’re not even trying!”

Lots of gentle pushing and shoving which turns to play fights

You’d be in so many challenge videos with them.
Making them laugh to the point where Kian is doubled over and Jc’s cheeks are puffing up .

Giving them so much relationship advice.
If jc was having a bad day and didn’t feel like spending time with Kian he would go to your house and dramatically drape himself over your lap and mumble “play with my hair” because that comforts him. You’d talk for hours and eat shit food and watch Netflix. ( vice versa )

so many late night FaceTime calls with both of them. If you were even the slightest bit sad they’d do everything in their power to make you better

Picking their next tattoos.

Idk man you’d just have so so much fun!! that would be the best life.


Item shops and cat D&D on eShop this week ⊟

A few assorted cool things (or, at least, potentially cool things) in this week’s 3DS eShop downloads! Attention developers: if you call a game “Adventure Party: Cats and Caverns” I will pay attention.

And in fact, this is a cool concept for a game: basically Dungeons and Dragons with the GamePad user as the DM, controlling monsters and NPCs while other players deal with them. (I’ve seen very few cats.)

Meanwhile, on 3DS: Kingdom’s Item Shop, a game by Circle Entertainment about running an item shop and going out on adventures to stock the shop. I want to try this! Also, Power Disc Slam. I have tried this! It’s the Windjammers-esque disc sports game. I’ll hopefully have impressions soon. Finally, Touch Battle Ninja, a touch-controlled action game with a neato low-poly look.


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"That's it. We're cursed." With my angel baby Jc please ๐Ÿ˜Š (also, I really love your writing <3 )

thank u honey bunch ily
Jc had been moody all day. You couldn’t blame him though, the poor soul had tried to film the same video about 5 times today. First off his camera wouldn’t work, then his tripod collapsed to the floor.
He wanted to film the hot pepper challenge video with you, it was supposed to be a funny and cute video to make, but that’s not how the universe had it planned. The rules of the challenge were: you had to pick a pepper out of the hat, along with something to soothe the spiciness: for example milk, ice cream, water. BUT there were a lot of pieces of paper that said “nothing” on them. (a/n: U guys know what I’m talking about)

You started the game and to your surprise, it was going okay. You had almost finished until Hazel decided to jump up on the table and knock EVERYTHING over. Milk spilt and some landed on the camera, a whole tub of ice cream was on the floor. The peppers were scattered everywhere and both you and Jc were covered in milk.
That’s it. We’re cursed” he mumbled.
You lifted his camera off the tripod and you were laughing like a mad man. “Well, you have to upload this anyway, it’s hilarious” you snorted.
Jc was laughing with you but suddenly he bolted for the bathroom. You followed him with the camera remaining in your hand.

When you got there the poor thing was leaning over the sink vomiting, due to the peppers. You felt so sorry for him and you shut the camera off.
“Baby… Are you alright?” You were patting his back and ran a hand through his hair; the only response you got was another loud heave followed by a pool of vomit escaping his lips.
He stood up and brushed his teeth after a while. He didn’t know what to say and he was feeling shitty so he just collapsed into your arms and nuzzles his face into your neck. You felt his curly locks against your cheeks and giggled slightly.
“Maybe you’re right… We are cursed” you said, kissing the side of his head. He pulled his face away from your shoulder and kissed you on the lips.
“One more thing… When did you eat carrots?”


Splatoon Testfire demo returns this month ⊟

If you have a Wii U but not Splatoon, get set for an opportunity to try out the game’s Turf War multiplayer, with another Testfire event. Download the Testfire app thing from the eShop, and you’ll be able to play from “Aug. 25 to Aug. 28 between the hours of 3 and 5 p.m. PT each day.” That’s a pretty tight window! Good luck not having anything going on!

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If u met Kian and Jc how would u react? Like would u scream or cry?

Neither. I think on the inside i would be freaking out but I would just be so excited that I would hug them and tell them I love them and stuff and then just have a quick conversation with them. Honestly I wanna touch Jc’s hair so badly man… i wanna meet them😫what would you do?