page nine aka azarius by vcnilla

features: its a lil iphone page finally ! it features four tabs basically. hover the lockscreen to reveal a homescreen - the first tab reveals endless notifications, the second a twitter feed w/ as many tweets as u want, the third an instagram feed n the forth a snap feed ! click the home button to switch between them all.

image sizes: lockscreen ( 223x350 ), homescreen ( 223x350 ), twitter header ( 223x50 ), twitter icon ( 60x60 ), instagram icon ( 60x60 ), instagram images ( 68x68 ), snapchat images ( 223x335 )

you may: edit for PERSONAL use, merge w/ another one of OUR codes for PERSONAL use, use as long as you like.

you may not: remove, change or move the credit, replicate the code & claim as your own, rerelease under your own name, steal parts of the coding for your own coding, edit & release under your own name, use as a base code.

  • please feel free to let us know of any bugs or bumps, we’ll try n help - enjoy the code. take a look at the PREVIEW, view the CODE or see our LAST CODES.

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