girls like you, love, they’re
air-borne supernovas
stark against a sky of ink and smeared mascara
their veins sizzling with youth and power,
their hearts studded with iron to keep them steady
girls like you, love, they
have names like the soft flesh of ripe fruit about to fall from the tree
store hearts and memories in their leather-gloved hands
rest on every poet’s tongue without even knowing
girls like you, love
mustn’t let two-legged monsters with gleaming teeth and fitted suits tell them otherwise, for girls like you
they’re miracles waiting to happen.
—  girls like you don’t need saving / juliette
Wizarding Tattoo Parlors.

I know it has been talked about before but I want to talk about wizarding tattoos and piercing again. Here’s just a couple ideas.

  • A tongue ring that you wear to ward off minor hexes and jinxes.
  • A Tattoo of a tree where the leaves change depending on the season.
  • A pair of matching tattoos of a piece of parchment that can be wrote on to send messages.
  • You see this dagger I have tattooed on my calf? It comes off into my hand as a real weapon when I’m in danger.
  • A little dragon that flies around your left forearm. 
  • A pin-up witch that winks and waves at you. 
  • A tattoo that starts off as a rune but once you fall asleep and wake up in changes into something that is similar to your patronus, something that symbolizes who you are.
  • A tattoo on somebodies wrist that warms up and changes color when they need to take their medications.
  • Ear piercings that translate everything around you into your native language. 
  • Lip piercing that do the same, except when you speak you speak the language of whoever you’re speaking to.
  • A small bird tattoo behind your ear that chirps and whistles to you when you’re anxious.
  •  A tattoo of your child that ages with them.
  • A tattoo for those that are hard of hearing or deaf and are unable to read lips at that moment that displays the words of the person speaking to them on their hand.
  • A nose ring that is charmed that long as you are wearing it you will never lose your keys.
  • A flower scene where some flowers only will bloom at certain times.
  • little nocturnal animal tattoos like raccoons that only show up on your skin after dark.
  • a tattoo of digital numbers on your wrist that tell the time.

Magical tattoos and piercings!!!


“Right… I think we need to talk. I wouldn’t have let him keep you, Pickett. 

Pick, I would rather chop off my hand than get rid of you, after everything that you’ve done for me. Now, come on.”

(…) Pickett sticks out his tiny tongue and blows a raspberry at Newt.

A Manifesto of Apocalyptic Witchcraft

1. If the land is poisoned, the witchcraft must respond.

2. It is not our way if life, it is life itself which is under threat

3. Witchcraft is our intimate connection to the web of life.

4. We are the Witchcraft.

5. Our World has forever changed. The trodden paths no longer correspond. Witchcraft thrives in this liminal, lunar, trackless realm.

6. We are storm, fire and flood.

7. We will not be denied.

8. Witchcraft is the recourse of the dispossessed, the powerless, the hungry and the abused. It gives heart and tongue to stones and trees. It wears the rough skin of beasts. It turns on a civilization that knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.

9. If you have no price you cannot be bought. If you do not want you cannot be bribed. If you are not frightened you cannot be controlled.

10. Witchcraft is folk magic, the magic of the people and for the people.

11. We call an end to the pretence of respectability.

12. We will not disarm ourselves.

13. The war is upon us.

14. Choose then to become a Mask.

15. Those with nothing left to lose will dare all.

16. There is one Witchcraft under many names. There is one Grand Sabbat on one mountain. There are many ways to fly. There is no witness present at the Sabbat.

17. Witchcraft is a force, not an order. Witchcraft is rhizomatic, not hierarchic. Witchcraft defies organisation, not meaning. We simply bear the marks.

18. Witchcraft is power and possesses this in ekstasis, sex and ordeal.
Witchcraft is unbridled sexuality.

19. In witchcraft it is the woman who initiates. We challenge man to be the equal of this woman.

20. Witchcraft is the art of inversion.

21. Witchcraft is the beauty which is terror.

22. Witchcraft is a myth, which drawing on the past, clothes itself in the symbols of (its) time.
Witchcraft does not mistake myths for history, it harnesses them to transform the future.
Witchcraft knows the ground upon which it stands.

23. Witchcraft honours the spirits. Witchcraft enchants for the lost. Witchcraft will not forget.

24. Witchcraft embodies our ancestors and saints, they carry us with them.

25. To Her is offered the blood, to use the care of the ask and bones.

26. The example we follow is our own.

27. The practice of witchcraft is one of revolution and of the power of woman.

28. The Goddess who speaks through us is known among men as Babalon.

29. Witchcraft concerns itself with mystery. Through the gates of mystery we come to knowledge. Knowledge enters us through the body. The highest form of this knowledge is Love.

30. Every drop of blood is sacrificed to the grail. Love cannot be bought with any other coin.

31. We seek and drink this wine together.

32. Will is finite, passion infinitely renewed.

33. Witchcraft is present, its is ensanguined and vivified. Witchcraft is prescient, it gazes on the future. Witchcraft is oracular, it will not hold its tongue. Our time has come

…from Apocalyptic Witchcraft by Peter Grey, published by Scarlet Imprint

Ask me a question

Leopard gecko: Where is your calm space?

Red-footed tortoise: What pets do you want to get in the future?

Rat snake: Why did you start your blog?

Bearded dragon: What is your favourite flower?

Nile crocodile: What kind of things do you collect/ want to collect?

Royal python: Would you prefer to live in the city? Or in the country?

Common toad: What kind of clothes do you typically wear?

Green tree boa: Where do you spend most of your time?

Pygmy gecko: Do you like insects? What is your favourite kind of insect?

Blue-tongued skink: Do you have any tattoos? Do you plan on getting any?

Crested gecko: Tea, coffee, or water?

Burmese Python: What is your dream reptile/amphibian?

Legless lizard: Where do you want to travel in the future?

Gargoyle gecko: If you have pets, what did you name them and why?

Painted turtle: Three words to describe your aesthetic.

Red-tailed boa: Do you have pet peeves? What are they?

Glass frog: What is the view from your bedroom window?

Oikawa, Kageyama and Kuroo + Christmas Special ‘Mistletoe’

Warning: some swear words.

Oikawa Tooru

‘’Oikawa-’’ Kiss. ‘’-stop it-’’ Kiss. ‘’-already,-’’ Kiss. ‘’-you jerk!’’ And what did you get? Another kiss.

After miserably failing to push this needy lips, you tried kicking as slapping, but even these methods wouldn’t stop this monster.

‘’Why should I? It is not my fault we are standing under the mistletoe!~’’ He laughed, pecking both of your cheeks, before coming back to your abused mouth.

‘’Well, it’s not my fault you keep dragging this fucking tree everywhere we go! And put your tongue in my mouth again when we are in public and you will have to explain to Iwaizumi, why you can’t attend practice for the rest of your life!’’  You groaned, pulling his hair as hard as you possibly could, but his dingustinly sweet grin didn’t falter even a little bit. 

‘’One more kiss and I’m done, okay?’’ He asked innocently, tilting his head to the side.

You only nodded in response, agreeing - happy at the thoughts of ending this torture.

Tooru blushed slightly, put his hands around your waist and connected your lips. The kiss was special and domestic in many ways. It felt different than any other, but also very similar.

After five minutes, which seemed like forever, he finally moved away from your probably red face. You cheered in you mind, because now you will have a little more freedom.

But then he fucking pecked your lips again.

‘’Hey! You cheater!’’

‘’I said, no kisses! However, we didn’t discuss pecks, smooches, butterfly kisses, etc. it’s going to be a long Christmas for you, my love!’’
He chuckled childishly, but you still felt an unpleasant shiver run down your spine.

He may look like an angel and all, but deep inside he was a devious creature.

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Kageyama Tobio

It was probably nothing new, but you and Tobio were arguing again. You didn’t even remember what was the whole thing about, but you were screaming anyway.

You didn’t even care that your loud conflict was placed in the gym in front of your teammates and senpais.

‘’Tanaka-senpai.’’ Whispered Hinata. ‘’Don’t you think we should stop them or something?’’ He asked completely dumbfounded.

‘’I don’t know, I’m not ready to die.’’ The bold male, replied with a frown.

‘’I think I have an idea.’’ Added Sugawara, who literally appeared out of nowhere.

‘’You know what Tobio, sometimes you are so freaking annoying that I don’t know why..-’’


‘’You don’t know why what?!’’ He interrupted harshly, not ready for your answer. His eyes shined furiously.


‘’Heey~ Look up guys!’’ Someone who you assumed was Sugawara-senpai sang, pointing at the Sawamura, who was standing next to you unnoticed until now.

‘’What?!’’ You and Kageyama yelled and looked up in unison.

What you saw, caused the blush on your, now calm, faces. You immediately started regretting nasty words from earlier.

Your bodies froze for a minute, before your eyes finally caught a proper contact and millions of overwhelming emotions made you throw yourselves at each other, into the long awaited kiss.

You were too much in love to behave like that and this cheesy Christmas tradition was able to remind you of that

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Kuroo Tetsurou

He wasn’t furious, he wasn’t even angry. He has just started feeling a little more desperate lately.

You and he have been an official couple for two months now and despite his great adoration for you, not sharing a first kiss was absolutely stressing him out.

He has tried to kiss your beautiful pinkish lips on several occasions, but none of his well-prepared ideas have worked so far.

‘’Maybe, you should try under the mistletoe.’’ Kenma stated calmly, not bothering to look up from his phone.

‘’Kenma, you are a genius.’’

‘’Am I?’’

But the volleyball captain didn’t hear his friend’s words anymore, already involving all of his teammates in a new plan.

After fifteen minutes of talking, kicking, arguing at throwing bals at faces - all of yelled some motivation things and decided to do their best to make Kuroo happy…or quiet.


You were currently doing absolutely nothing when Yaku came out of nowhere looking determined for a reason you weren’t ready to know.

He patted your arm gently to gain your attention and asked you to go to the gym. Not wanting to disappoint him, you just did what he asked for.

Opening the gym door, you were welcomed by a swallowing darkness.

‘’Um, hello? Yaku told me to come here..’’

‘’Come closer!’’ Someone, whose voice you could recognise everywhere, whispere from somewhere in front of you.

‘’Tetsu what..’’

‘’Just come closer!’’

‘’Okay, okay. Geez…’’

You made more than five steps and suddenly the lights turned on, almost blinding you.

‘’Wh–What is THIS?’’ You exclaimed, shocked upon seeing the whole gym ceiling decorated with fresh branches of mistletoe.

‘’Surprise!’’ Kuroo’s hands sneaked around your shoulder. His mouth dangerously close to your ear, tickling it with every breath. ‘’Now you have to kiss me.’’ He whispered slowly, trying to be seductive and well, succeeding.

Out of nowhere, realisation hit you harder than three first days of period.

‘’If you wanted to kiss me, you could have just asked.’’ Laughing you turned to face him.

‘’I know, but it was stressing me out–’’ You didn’t even let him finish and kissed him roughly. throwing him off guard.

He was talking to much anyway.


‘’Heey, Yaku-senpai..since we are here too, maybe we could..–’’

‘’Fuck off.’’ 

And poor Lev, left gym whining like a child.

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when we are old & our hearts have beat within us, let
us go back, & when we have buried our loves, & shed
our bodies piece by piece, & when we have danced
& broken our shoes, & danced, let us go back,
when we have gone mad, & when we have shut
the doors, dismantled our eyes & rifles, let us go back,
when we have drunk the wine & licked our lips
& put our tongues to the inside of the green glass bottle
& laid down our bodies old as trees, streets, let us go back,
when we have told our stories & forgotten our stories,
& set the tables & made the beds, let us go back,
& received other bodies into our bodies, let us go,
when we have entered, & opened,
& opened our mouths, let us go back,
[…] when the poem has been sung,
when the strings & tambourines,
when all the birds have gathered at the window, let us go,
let us go back there, let us go back

Aracelis Girmay, from “Litany,” Teeth (Curbstone Press, 2007)

Wood You Like S’more?(18+)

***Author Note***

Spirit!sans from my first Undertale AU, Spiritale, and reader fic!

Spirit expressed his love of mountains and being outside among the trees after you had brought up passed memories of hiking as a child. His eagerness was infectious and you couldn’t say no to his cute smile when he asked you to take him. After being together for a few months now, the two of you have become quiet close and he takes every opportunity to show you how much he loves you~

(Kinks include: biting, ecto tongue, mentions of monster heat, mentions of soul sex, dominance)

Making love with a monster up in the mountains is fucking in tents!

***End Note***

“Alright, hurry up! It’ll be dark before we get there!” Spirit called down from further up the hill.

“Hold up just a sec!” You called back, bracing your hand against the tree. Crazy rock climbing skeleton. You looked up at him and groaned, your vision filled with even more terrain that just made your calves ache at the sight. “How are you so good at climbing anyway? You told me you’ve never been hiking.”

He turned to the side, skull tilted up to the sun with eye socket closed and a soft smile on his face. “I dunno… I really like the mountains and breeze flowing through my bones.” His eye socket opened slightly, and his expression was peaceful. “It just feels… so nice. Being able to explore freely.”

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Game: Samurai Love Ballad Party
Pairing: Saizo x MC
Rating: M/Explicit/NSFW
Summary: More smut. Except in a tree. No really. Wow I’m not good at summaries, sorry. First line is from Saizo’s Sunny Days, only instead of ‘just kidding’ following it, well……

“This way!”

“Over there—go!”

“How about we have a little fun together…as you promised we would?” Saizo’s lips graze your ear as he whispers, “If we stay here…no one will come after us.”

For a moment, you’re tempted, turning your head, and anticipating the movement, his smile catches your fearful twist, hungry and amused, but as carelessly calm as always in contrast to your own pounding heart. His kiss is searing, tongue slipping past the barrier of your lips with easy assurance, and you forget, for that critical second, that you’re up in a tree, and shift, and—


He claps a hand over your mouth to stifle the shriek, catching you cleanly around the waist as you nearly tumble off the narrow branch, bringing you both to your feet, and you’re too far from the trunk to grab it, so your hands grasp instead for a branch over your head as you watch your sandal fall down…down…

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they told me I was ugly. and i believed them. too tall. too skinny. not brave enough or bold. childless. unmarried. too wild. too free. too broken. a slave to nicotine and selfish lovers. a tree without branches. a penny in the street, ran over 1000 times. i believed them.
so i put lace in my throat. feathers in my breasts. velvet in my eyes. water in my hands. honey on my linens, to drown lovers in. watercolor on my tongue.
they told me, now you have created a fire. and when i said I didn’t care.
they now believed me.
—  Shatara Liora via ‘violet’s gun’

anonymous asked:

what if tieflings had forked tongues. what if wren had a forked tongue

What if, anon.

Unfortunately not canon though, in this verse tieflings don’t breed true. Whatever devil genetics they have in their ancestry weaken the further down the family tree you go. Tieflings are rare enough that there aren’t enough of them to keep bloodlines pure short of inbreeding.

Wren’s family has woven a complicated series of alliances with other tiefling groups to facilitate marriages, but any extreme traits have been bred out of their line at this point. No wings, no hooves, and even things like forked tongues have stopped cropping up.

Alois Trancy Mood Board

“On the days where I wonder why I was lost, I found my way. My only brother died in the burning of the village. I was able to be loved until someone died. I was bird with a wing that is broken. More like a butterfly with a bent wing. I made a contract with a spider that dangled above me in his web. He is there with me until we complete the contract that I have with him. My seal is on my tongue and I want my revenge until I get it. I lost everyone I love. I asked my butler to never leave me. He promised me. I wanted to defeat the Queen’s Watchdog and his butler with the red eyes. The boy defeated me in a sword fight. I bled out and I crawled to the nearest tree until my butler consumed my soul. He left me. He lied to me. All he wanted was one soul that was never to be obtained. I died at the tree and I was never to be seen again. I never told you who I was. My name is Alois Trancy and I was in the spider’s web.”

Cosplayer: sky_cos on Instagram

Original Work by Charity L. Martin (Me: @itsjustlife231)

Alois’ tights originally posted by @psychotic-spiderqueen

Your back in town and you already find yourself running to save Damon, you stumble across him tied to a tree. He hasn’t seen you in a year and he’s glad to have you back because he loves you.

“I was hoping that we’d reunite under different circumstances Damon babe"you smiled as you jogged over to the tree.

"I’m so glad your back y/n"he grinned happily.

"Do you notice anything different about me"he smirked as you untied him, your face coming very close to his.

"Uh no, what is it?"you replied concentrating on the ropes.

"Look at my skin, it’s flawless"he said.

You let out a small laugh.
"Oh yeah, I see that. What face masks are you using?"you stuck out your tongue as the ropes fell from around his neck.

He wrapped his arms around your body and kissed your forehead.

"Bonnie and Stefan will be happy to see you, but not as happy as I am"he mumbled before kissing you.

Just a little (very cheesy) thing. I owe you, bro :P

Fili’s hands are milky marble chiselled on the raw stone of the ramparts, burnt black by dragon fire around the edges.

He has his eyes closed, head tipped back and cloak swelling around him, tasting the wind on his tongue. The breeze wafts through his loose curls and Kili lets himself smile, full lips and pearly teeth peeking through the short beard adorning his cheeks.

Fili looks like an eagle ready to take flight. He would have golden wings and sharp blue eyes, Kili thinks, and soak up sunlight until he’s glinting with it, as if he were the sun itself.

He would be beautiful.

He is. And Kili can still be the wind underneath his wings, gliding with him on the scent of wildflowers and pine trees.

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Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

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Pairing: Young!John x Reader
Word count: 1,679
Warnings: Smut, a swear or two
Request: Anonymous. Can i request a young!john x reader? spending your first christmas together, making gingerbread men and decorating them, decorating the tree, some hot christmas smut, cuddling by the fire, lots of fluff and stuff? Please?

Christmas masterlist

John smiled at you as you had the tip of your tongue sticking out of the side of your mouth. The pair of you were spending your first Christmas together, and were currently making a gingerbread house to bring to your parent’s Christmas party the next evening. You were focusing on making the lines just so. He thought it was extremely adorable. Hearing him chuckle, you paused what you were doing and looked over at him. “What?” You asked, curious.

“You’re beautiful, you know that?” He smirked, making you blush. “You get so into everything…” He shrugged.

Smiling, you stood up straight and put the icing down. “Well, there are other things I’d like to ‘get into’, actually.” You put your hands on his chest and his hands went to your hips. “But first, we need to get things done.” He always distracted you, and then teased you about it. “So, how about you go work on the little gingerbread people, and then we can go decorate the tree?”

He pretended to hate the ideas, groaning dramatically. “Do we have to?” He pouted playfully.

You pecked his lips. “I’ll be your elf later.” You whispered against them.

“Deal! Let’s get these men made!” John said excitedly, moving to the table, making you laugh.

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Eve Recollecting the Garden | Grace Bauer

“Eve Recollecting the Garden”
Grace Bauer

Was it your nakedness
or the knack you had

for naming I learned
to love?  Crow, you whispered

and wings flapped black
as satin in the sky

Bee, and sweetness thickened
on my tongue, Lion

And something roared beneath
the ribs you claimed

you sacrificed.  Our first quarrel
arose about the beast

I thought deserved a nobler tag
Than Dog.  And Orchid–­

a sound more delicate.  Admit it!
Dolphin.  Starling.  Antelope

were syllables you stole
from me, and you

were the one who swore
we’d have to taste those blood

red globes of fruit
before we’d find the right word

for that god-forsaken tree.

Fish. (10k x Reader)

“This has got to be the most stupid idea you and trigger happy have ever had.” Murphy grumbles from where he’s made himself comfortable on a felled tree.
10k immediately goes to pick up the nearest solid object and launch it at Murphy’s head but you stop him, reminding him quietly that Warren would happily kick his ass if anything happened to their chance at a cure.
From your spot on the ground next to the raven haired sniper you stick your tongue out in response to Murphy’s comment, earning an eye roll from the blue individual.

Over the course of the last few weeks you and 10k had been gathering as many lengths of rope as you could, whether you found them in abandoned hardware stores or simply lying by the side of the road.
The plan was to try and tie together some kind of net so that when you and 10k went to go fishing for the group’s dinner on the occasion you found a stream you didn’t have to rig up something new every time and waste supplies.
Warren, Addy and Vasquez all agreed that it certainly wouldn’t hurt to try, while Doc and Murphy had taken to placing bets on how quickly you’d fail.

Currently you’re both sat on the slightly damp forest floor a little ways away from a freshwater stream, weaving and knotting pieces of rope that are all different colours, lengths and thicknesses.
It’s been about two hours since you started and you can honestly say you’re quite impressed by how well you work together.
Occasionally 10k’s lightly calloused hands would brush against yours, helping you tie off pieces that proved a little too tricky for you, just as yours would brush against his when something was a bit too fiddly and small for him to quite get the hang of.

Unbeknownst to either of you, the whole group minus Murphy sits observing you both with varying degrees of fondness.
Addy unable to hide her giddiness when you look up from the net and smile at something he says, Warren watching with a somewhat motherly look as Doc nudges her excitedly because “The kid’s got game.”
Even Vasquez cracks a smile, glad to see this weird little family happy for once.

When the net’s finally done you and 10k positively beam at each other, standing and holding it up to the group in much the same way a child might show their parents something they’d made at school. Their smiles match your own and you nudge 10k with your foot, before starting to walk over to the water.
He immediately jumps over to the other side, and with the slightest bit of hesitation you both plunge the net into the fast flowing water and wait.
The others, even Murphy, gather at the edge to watch, and after what seems like twenty seconds of waiting your arms jerk as a fish gets tangled in the net, quickly followed by another.
Nearly vibrating with excitement 10k quickly helps you scoop the fish up with your brilliant masterpiece of mismatched rope, laying it on the ground gently before pulling you into a genuinely happy bonecrushing hug as the group, yes, even Murphy, cheers and laughs.

It’s one of those rare and beautiful moments in which you forget it’s the apocalypse.