Master post of music that Patrick Stump has sung, or been associated with in general.

The following links are links to a YouTube video of the song – if you wish to download the song, here is a link to rip it straight from the YouTube video.  For albums, if you wish to have it, just message me and I can upload it for you and send you the link!

( * is songs Patrick also sang vocals on, and ** is for songs that he also co-wrote, and ~ is songs that he also produced! )

Fall Out Boy


Evening Out With Your Girlfriend (2003) 
Take This to Your Grave (2003) 
My Heart Will Always be the B-Side to my Tongue (2004) 
From Under the Cork Tree (2005) 
Infinity on High (2007) 
Folie á Deux (2008) 
Believers Never Die Greatest Hits (2009)
Save Rock and Roll (2013) 
PAX AM Days EP (2013)

bonus songs:

Snitches and Talkers Get Stitches and Walkers (2005)
The Music or the Misery (2005)
G.I.N.A.S.F.S (2007)

It’s Hard to Say “I Do”, When I Don’t (2007)
Beat It (2008)

Pavlove (2008)
Alpha Dog (2009)
Austin, We Have a Problem (2006-2007 [?])
Yule Shoot Your Eye Out (2003)
What’s This? (2006)
We Don’t Take Hits, We Write Them (2003-2004)
Hand of God (2006)
Lake Effect Kid (2007)
From Now on We Are Enemies (2009)
Turnpike Gates (2008)
Save Your Generation
Start Today (2005)
Star 67/Intro
Roxanne (2005)
Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting (2014)
One and Only (2007)

Solo Work


Truant Wave (2011)
Soul Punk (2011)


Everyday (2011)

Featured Vocal Appearances

Gym Class Heroes:

Cupid’s Chokehold (2007)
Clothes Off! (2007)
Blinded By the Sun (2008) ~

Cobra Starship:

iViva La Cobra! (2008) ~ ***
You’re Not in On the Joke (2009)


Don’t Regret It Now (2008) ~
Est. (80’s baby) [backing vocals] (2008) ~

Other Songs:

Everything is Alright - Motion City Soundtrack (2005)
Second Chances - October Fall (2006)
Don’t Wake Me Up - The Hush Sound (2006)
One Day I’ll Stay Home - Misery Signals (2006)
King of Wishful Thinking - New Found Glory (2007)
If You Could Remember - Damnation A.D. (2007)
One of THOSE Nights - The Cab (2008) *** [also provided instrumentation]
Bounce - The Cab (2008) ** [instrumentation also]
I’m a Wonder - The Cab (2008) **
Birthday Girl - The Roots (2008)
That’s What it Takes, Dear - Kristeen Young (2008)
Open Happiness  - Coca-Cola Company (2009)
Feet Don’t Fail - Claude Kelly (2010)
The Last Hero - XV (2011)
Bummed Out Blues - Murs (2011)
All Your Heart - Transit (2011)
Jock Powerviolence - Weekend Nachos (2011)
Dancing With the Devil - Krewella (2013)
I Stand Alone - Robert Glasper (2013)


Supersize Me - Tyga (2008)
Woww - Tyga (2008)
Pleasure Ryland - Cobra Starship (2008) **
Little Weapon - Lupe Fiasco (2007) **
Guilty as Charged - Gym Class Heroes
Drnk Txt Rmeo - Gym Class Heroes (2008)
Like Father, Like Son (Papa’s Song) - Gym Class Heroes (2008)
Catch Me If You Can - Gym Class Heroes (2008)
Live a Little - Gym Class Heroes (2008)
No Place to Run - Gym Class Heroes (2008)


That 70’s Song - The Cab (2008)
The Other Side - Bruno Mars (2010)
Here I Am Alive - Yellowcard (2012)
Outlines - All Time Low (2012)
Picture Perfect - Escape the Fate (2013)

I will try very, very hard to update this as he continues to do more work – If any of the links are broken or become unavailable, please message me!

Secrets of the Dark (closed rp)

The soft breeze from the sea wafted through the forest, rustling the leaves softly as a lone figure rested high up on one of the tree’s branches; ruby eyes gazed longingly up to the sky as she traced the locket nestled between her breasts, “I miss you, Father…nearly four hundred years since you have died and four hundred years since I was risen from the hold of death. I visit the lands of your family whenever I am able, who knew I was so in love with Ireland?”

She sighs softly but pauses, taking an intake of breath, a slow curling smile settled on her lips as she searches the direction of where the scent came from. It was time for dinner. Her tongue rubbed the elongating fangs as she leaps down from the twenty foot high branch.


They come with their axes,
in the night,
to the cottage we lived in,
to the cottage we loved in,
and start to chop the roots
of the tree that we called Love.
You are the hand that feeds,
I am the mouth that swallows,
we are bursting with sacred light.
They do not see it.
The name on their tongues
is not His, but is Sinner
and somehow they have become
the same.
God and Sin. God and Betrayal.
God, how I loved you.
God, how I would have
cracked the Earth’s spine,
with my own two hands,
for you.
In my conversations with Him,
I tell Him about your light.
How burying myself inside of you,
for the first time felt holy,
a different kind of pure.
I tell Him that the first time,
I fell headfirst into your skin,
I found Him there,
a version my mother hadn’t
taught me about.
How glorious, how full,
how shaking.
In my prayers, you and I
are the same person.
In my prayers, we live in a field
full of sunlight, and we are flowers
and we are stretching towards
the bright hurt of it.
I tell Him that they are coming,
that they are angry our love
is not what they expected.
I tell Him to save us. That I love Him.
That I love you.
Father, what now?
They are coming with their axes.
They’re calling us sinners.
They’re going to burn that beautiful dream
right down.
—  Azra.T., “Conversations with God”

“You can’t be the Lord of Winterfell, you’re bastard-born", he heard Robb say again. And the stone kings were growling at him with granite tongues. “You do not belong here. This is not your place”. When Jon closed his eyes he saw the heart tree, with its pale limbs, red leaves, and solemn face. The weirwood was the heart of Winterfell, Lord Eddard always said… but to save the castle Jon would have to tear that heart up by its ancient roots, and feed it to the red woman’s hungry fire god. I have no right, he thought. Winterfell belongs to the old gods”.


science and education.

I couldn’t sleep last night. Memories of my home in gaza kept flooding my head. The sounds of bombs had captivated my soul, repeating over and over. I remember the mangos from our trees would fall like rain from the ground shaking. I remember the poisonous candy that would fall from the airplanes in the sky to tempt kids to eat it and die within seconds of it touching their tongue. I remember the perverted smiles of the security guards at the telaviv boarder patrol when they had to ‘pat’ down me and my sister, because ofc I might have a bomb in my underwear. I remember a girl begging the officers for her to leave Gaza to get proper medication in Egypt because she had leukemia and she only had a few months left to live. I remember the smiles of the little boys who played 'doctor’ by saving their pretend dead friends while I walked to the masjid. I remember a Hamas soldier walking me home at Maghrib from the dukanna making sure no one bother me because the day before some men were throwing rocks at me. I remember seeing the fear in everyone, and yet their hearts held more love then anyone I had ever seen. I remember the beauty of their calloused hands as they told me how many bodies they had carried that day for janazaa. I remember children becoming so excited when they saw a cat because no one knew what pets were. I remember how fascinated the man at the dukanna was when I read him the ketchup label in English and he gave me four bottles for free. I remember driving down the streets that were named after the beauty of Jannah. I remember the ponds that turned into dirt. I remember the olive trees that were lit to flames. I remember the women who could build a house and take care of 15 family members. I remember 13 year old boys telling me how much they wanted to die shaheed. I remember throwing up every time I drank their tap water because my first world stomach couldn’t adapt to the poor water system that had no filter. I remember at jumma prayer the imam reminding us to pray for 'less fortunate’ countries. I remember going to the graveyard was like going to a museum. The whole city was there. I remember Gaza. Not a dream, or a nightmare. I remember it’s reality.

Tokyo Ghoul Re Ch. 60 Spoilers (Pt 2)

Update: The scene of Sasaki kicking over the desk is after he finds Takatsuki Sen’s place empty.

-Special Class Investigator Meeting- Cont.

They discuss Aogiri. Their number one objective is to exterminate the sole survivor of the Chinese “Red Tongue Group” Tatara. He is the second most important ghoul after the One-Eyed King.

They have stats on the important Aogiri Tree members. Torso (A), Hooguro (A+), Hakatori (A+), Ayato (SS), Takizawa (SS+) and Miza (S).

Emerald Tree Boa - Corallus caninus

The common name of these beautiful boas is due to the exquisite green coloration on their dorsal surfaces. Scientifically named Corallus caninus (Boidae), many populations have striking white markings occurring along the dorsal midline, although some individuals lack them, and other individuals have black coloration on the dorsum.

Emerald tree boas perceive prey primarily through sight and infrared heat receptors located in the labial scales (clearly shown in the picture). These heat-sensitive pits are critical for locating prey at night. Like other snakes, they also use their tongues and vomeronasal organs to sense chemical cues and they can detect vibrations.

Emerald tree boas are found in lowland tropical rainforests in the Amazonian and Guianan regions of South America.

Reference: [1]

Photo credit: ©Thierry Montford | Locality: French Guiana (2011)

Made with Flickr

…I’m so sorry.

For added pain, listen to this song while reading.

What Comes After


“Pine Tree, you’ve been staring at me for the last ten minutes. Either you have something to say, or you don’t.” At the amused look he was getting from the human-disguised dream demon, Dipper Pines blushed, gaze moving to the floor. “What? Pig got your tongue?”

“It’s cat got your tongue,” Dipper sighed, rolling his eyes as Waddles oinked. With the Mystery Shack being closed due to it being such a rainy day, the twins, and Bill and Waddles, were in the attic, Mabel knitting with dual colors. Bill and Dipper had both ‘volunteered’ to hold the yarn for her, which was currently wrapped around their hands in a way that prevented them from moving. Dipper wasn’t quite sure if he should be worried over that or not. “And there’s nothing on my mind, I’m just bored to tears.”

“I’ll make sure to dry your tears with your new sweater I’m making, then,” Mabel grinned, smile growing at the pouting look Dipper shot her. “Sixteen and you still pout like a kitten. Adorable.” Before Dipper could respond they heard a shout from their Grunkle Stan, Mabel shooting for the stairs with Waddles close behind. “Don’t move or mess up my yarn, you two!”

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winter rp meme!

send a symbol, and our muses will do that winter activity together!

⛄ - building a snowman.

💢 - having a snowball fight.

❄ - catching snowflakes on your tongue.

🌀 - going sledding.

👼 - making snow angels.

🏰 - building a snow fort.

🍪 - baking cookies.

🎿 - going skiing.

💫 - going ice skating.

🍰 - decorating a gingerbread house.

🌟 - watching a hockey game.

🍵 - volunteering at a soup kitchen.

🎄 - decorating a christmas tree.

Signs as things my roommate has said
  • Aries:"Oh I know this one, the Sabbath Tooth Tiger, right?"
  • Taurus:"Excuse me those are called sliders, not sandwiches."
  • Gemini:"Are they real or alive?"
  • Cancer:[pointing at a cross-section of a pepper] "That's the Uterus!"
  • Leo:"How can you tell if your face is red?"
  • Virgo:[trying to open a bag of granola] "Life's a struggle."
  • Libra:"If you cut off part of your tongue it will grow back, right?"
  • Scorpio:"Holy Hannah."
  • Sagittarius:"Yeah we had some 'Genova’s Witnesses' at our door this morning."
  • Capricorn:"Okay so, I know trees aren’t technically real."
  • Aquarius:"Do you want me to record all of my laughs?"
  • Pisces:"Beanie babies don’t have beans in them."

Aardwolf (Proteles cristata)

The Aardwolf is a small, insectivorous mammal, native to East Africa and Southern Africa. The aardwolf is in the same family as the hyenas. Unlike many of its relatives in the order Carnivora, the aardwolf does not hunt large animals, or even eat meat on a regular basis; instead it eats insects, mainly termites – one aardwolf can eat about 250,000 termites during a single night by using its long, sticky tongue to capture them. The aardwolf lives in the scrublands, these are open lands covered with stunted trees and shrubs. The aardwolf is nocturnal, resting in burrows during the day and emerging at night to seek food. They have often been mistaken for solitary animals. In fact, they live as monogamous pairs with their young. The territory is marked by both sexes, as they both have developed anal glands from which they extrude a black substance that is smeared on rocks or grass stalks in 5-millimetre (0.20 in) long streaks. photo credits: Greg Hume, Animals Animals,  Phil Richardson

Snake references in Tokyo Ghoul

There have been a LOT of biblical references in the latest chapters of TG:re, especially in connection with Eto and the Book of Genesis. Eto herself refers to apples, the Forbidden Fruit, the Tree of Knowledge and the Garden of Eden (not to mention saying she’ll be Kanae’s God) just in chapter 43 alone. 

There have also been mentions of snakes/serpents throughout :re, which may also have some connection to the snake in the Creation Story, which tricks Eve into eating the forbidden fruit. Obviously the first reference of snakes was Nishiki’s ghoul alias as Serpent, although it’s hard to tell if this is symbolic or just simply because his forked bikaku looks like a serpentine tongue:

Next we saw Sasaki being represented as a Snake in his fight with the White Suits:

And now in the latest chapter, there are references of snakes in the ending scene with Eto and Kanae:

The background appears to be made up of a pretty snake-y lookin’ pattern :

I got a major sense of deja vu with this so I went back to find where I’d seen it before. I wasn’t surprised that it was in relation to Sasaki/Kaneki:

The last page of chapter 45 we see Kanae hissing like a snake. Although he can’t exactly make many noises with the whole ‘mouth being sewed shut’ deal, I don’t think it was coincidence:

Ruling Nishiki out of this for the moment, if Eto= God (with her forbidden fruit apples) and the Snake= Sasaki and Kanae, then who is Eve? 

Tsukiyama is pretty much the only person connected intimately to both Haise and Kanae. Does this maybe foreshadow Tsukiyama being ‘tempted’ by both, and having to choose between the two? Or is the snake just supposed to represent the different temptations each character has in that particular scene? Feel free to add on anything I’ve missed or your own thoughts!

Also Touka has been connected to apples and the forbidden fruit but that’s another discussion i think

The Art of Camouflage

As Monty Python pointed out so wisely way back when, the objective of practicing this art is not to be seen (don’t hide behind a bush is my suggestion) and the wonderful named satanic leaf tailed gecko (aka Uroplastus (flat tail) phantasticus) is a master of the subject. As you can see from the photo it masquerades as a dead rotting and insect nibbled leaf, hanging off trees and branches awaiting unwary insects that might fly a little too close to its jumping tongue. It is endemic (ie only found in) to eastern Madagascan forests, where it lurks amongst the canopy, hunting at night.

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Game: Samurai Love Ballad Party
Pairing: Saizo x MC
Rating: M/Explicit/NSFW
Summary: More smut. Except in a tree. No really. Wow I’m not good at summaries, sorry. First line is from Saizo’s Sunny Days, only instead of ‘just kidding’ following it, well……

“This way!”

“Over there—go!”

“How about we have a little fun together…as you promised we would?” Saizo’s lips graze your ear as he whispers, “If we stay here…no one will come after us.”

For a moment, you’re tempted, turning your head, and anticipating the movement, his smile catches your fearful twist, hungry and amused, but as carelessly calm as always in contrast to your own pounding heart. His kiss is searing, tongue slipping past the barrier of your lips with easy assurance, and you forget, for that critical second, that you’re up in a tree, and shift, and—


He claps a hand over your mouth to stifle the shriek, catching you cleanly around the waist as you nearly tumble off the narrow branch, bringing you both to your feet, and you’re too far from the trunk to grab it, so your hands grasp instead for a branch over your head as you watch your sandal fall down…down…

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