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Would you mind creating a list of good shinee blogs for the anon and other people wanting to get into shinee to follow??

sure thing! myself (admin b, @kibaems) and my brand new co-admin (admin k, @jjongeyed) did some brainstorming and came up with a list for you! keep in mind, this is going to be a somewhat biased list based on who we see on our own dashboards, and we obviously can’t include every single blog we know of or we’d be here all day, but we feel like this is a solid foundation to start from! no doubt these blogs will lead you on to other amazing shawols as well!

resources/translations/news/fy blogs:

edits/gifs: (the shineeedit tag is a great place to look as well!)

fanfic/fanart: (check out the shineefanart tag too!)


I can’t do this alone.

im SOOO so in love with your stories So ~ I have to ask.( and i read all of your Harry potter stuff so i dont know if u write it yet ) how about something more sad at the beginnig and turning into good Thing bla bla . Beeing the Twins Friend from day one. Later Georges Girlfriend and helping him over Freds Death. I dont know. It could be difficult, may the get married and named thier son fred. Idk. I would love to read a Scenario like that. Let your awsome Imagination free. And sry bad English

The Great hall was crowded. The battle was finally over. Y/N couldn’t believe it, after all those years, he is gone. Voldemort is gone. But all she cared about now was finding George, her boyfriend. Y/N walked past people who were hugging, crying, kissing, … and she hoped that he was alright. When the battle had started they each went their own way, saying they would meet here. But here she was, and she didn’t see him. She was sacred, what if he was killed, she would never forgive herself. Her eyes scanned the people and finally, far away in the back of the hall, she saw Bill. She ran towards him. Tears were running over his cheeks and Y/N’s throat tightened. “no”, she thought, “no please, don’t tell me it’s true”. “Y/N, oh dear”, Mrs. Weasley said as she saw the H/C girl. The Weasley family was gathered around a person, who laid lifeless on the floor. “w-what happened?”, She finally managed to get out, “where is George, and Fred? Please Molly don’t say that-“. But her voice got more quiet, until she didn’t get a word out anymore. “Fred, he … he-“ “no, no! Not Fred!”, Y/N said. She walked past Molly, seeing the twins. Fred’s eyes were closed, George was sobbing, holding his brothers shirt as his head laid on his chest. The whole Weasley family was crying but Y/N didn’t.

“this isn’t real”, She said. Her hands grabbed her hair, tears forming in her eyes. “this isn’t true, this is a dream, right Bill, tell me I’m dreaming” but the older Weasley shook his head. “I’m so sorry, Y/N”, he said as he hugged her. Once his arms were around her body, she started sobbing, this wasn’t a dream. She really did lose her best friend. “no, no this isn’t real, stop it!”, Y/N said as she sobbed. All the laughs and the hugs and pranks, she’ll never do that again. No new memories, no new stupid inside jokes. He was gone, forever. “g-go home, George you too, you can’t stay here”, Mrs. Weasley said as she tried to pull George of Fred’s cold, limp body. “NO! I’M NOT LEAVING HIM”, George screamed. His voice echoed through the Great Hall. People gave them a pity look. “George, please”, Mrs. Weasley said, trying to hold back her own tears. George eventually gave up, not having the strength or courage to do anything anymore.

It was months after Fred’s death, but nobody even tried to do anything. The house felt empty, and silent. Mrs. Weasley didn’t talk, Percy quit his job in the Ministry and Charlie didn’t go back to Romania to take care of the dragons. And George? George didn’t leave his room, only when he had to go to the bathroom or to eat something, which he barely did. And after all those months, Y/N didn’t know what to do. Should she leave the Weasley’s alone for a while or should she be there with them? It was just as hard for her as for the others. And after all, she was still heart broken. From Fred and from George. George never contacted her, never tried to reach out. Nothing. She knew he needed to be alone but she didn’t know it would take him 6 months to reach out to her. And she needed him now. So she decided it was time. “Y/N, dear, come in”, Mrs. Weasley said as she saw Y/N stand on the porch. “thank you”, Y/N said as she walked inside. Everybody was in the living room. Bill, Percy, Ron and Ginny, even Charlie was there. Everyone but Fred and George. “Hi Y/N”, everybody said. “hey”, She said before she got tackled by Ginny, who hugged her so tight she could barely breath. “I thought I’d never see you again, that I lost you too”, She said as tears ran down her pale cheeks. “Of course not, you won’t lose me”, Y/N said as she hugged the girl, running her hand over her back. Everybody was silent as Ginny let Y/N go. “George is upstairs, he won’t come out of his room or talk to us” “he just lost his twin brother, Ginny” “And I lost my brother!”, Ginny snapped back at Ron, “please talk to him Y/N”.

All of the Weasley’s were now looking at Y/N hoping she would help them. They hoped that she could get the old George back. “I’ll talk to him, don’t worry”, Y/N said, as she walked towards the stairs. She passed the large clock in the kitchen and she looked at the pictures of the twins. Fred and George’s were on ‘Lost’ which made Y/N’s heart break.

He knocked on the wooden door of George’s room. “I’m not hungry”, said a weak voice from behind it. “it’s me”, Y/N said, her voice was quiet. She hoped that George wanted to see her, but she doubted he would want that now. But the door did open and once again she felt a pair of arms around her body, pressing all the air out of her lungs. “Y/N”, George said, like he didn’t believe his own girlfriend stood in front of him now, after 6 whole months with no contact. “It’s me, it’s okay”, she said as she felt tears fall on her shoulder were George’s head was now. “I-I”, George started but Y/N shushed him “go sit down, I think we need to talk”, She said, her voice sweet and caring gosh George missed this but after what happened, George didn’t know what to do. And he didn’t want to hurt Y/N, so he blocked her out of his world, and now she was standing here, in front of him. Her E/C eyes staring right in his soul and he, once again, felt safe and not alone. George took her hand and guided her towards his bed. George’s room didn’t change and Y/N thought that he didn’t even touch anything which was once Fred’s. “Georgie”, Y/N said, holding his hand as she sat down next to him on the soft mattress. “I know what you’re going to say, but I can’t move on”, George said before Y/N could go one. “Not what I wanted to say, but you should at least take care of yourself George, talk to somebody, eat something”, Y/N tried. But she knew that George wouldn’t just do what she said. He was having trouble. “everything I do reminds me of him, this room, the shop, and I can’t do this alone”, George said as he started crying again. Y/N felt her heart break as she saw George’s face. It was red and his cheeks were wet. “I miss him too, but he wouldn’t want this, he wouldn’t want to see you like this”, Y/N said as she held her hand on George’s cheek, “ and listen to me George Weasley, you’ll never be alone, Fred is probably looking at you and I’m by your side and so is your family George, it hurts them to see you like this” “you don’t know what it’s like, Y/N, I look in the mirror and I think I see Fred and then I realize it’s me and not him and I just wished it was me that died instead of him”, George said as she stood up suddenly. His hands were clenched into fists. “George, please”, Y/N said, a tear slipping from the corner of her eye. It hurts her to see George like this and she knew that she couldn’t help. George looked at his girlfriend and saw her crying. And it was like something inside of him clicked. He wasn’t the only one in pain, and by acting like this he only caused more pain.

Y/N covered her face with her hands and she sobbed in them. She felt the bed dip next to her and a pair of arms hugged her smaller body tightly. “I-I know you’re right, but I don’t know how to go further without Fred”, George said as he put his hand in Y/N’s H/C hair. Her body relaxed a bit and the sobbed slowed down. “but I can try, and I hope you’ll help me”, George said. Y/N looked at him. Her E/C eyes were red and George cussed himself for hurting her even more than she already was. “Of course I’ll help you”, She eventually said,” and we’re going to take it slow” “how?”, George asked her. Y/N stood up, taking George’s hand. “first of all, you’re going to eat something, you were always skinny George, but now it’s unhealthy. And you’re going to sit with your family”, Y/N guided him down the staircase. George walked in the living room, making everybody look at him. “George”, Mrs. Weasley said. “oh dear, I’m so glad you’re out of your room, oh dear”, She said as she hugged her son tightly. George patted her back as she let him go, “I’ll make something to eat”. Ginny walked up to Y/N, taking her away from the living room. “thank you”, She said. Once again Ginny hugged Y/N, her head resting on her shoulder. “it’s the least I can do”, Y/N said. She smiled once she saw George take a bit of a sandwich. “will he be alright?”, Ginny asked.  “he will be, but he needs time, and guidance, and I don’t mind helping him”, Y/N said. In the corner of her eyes she looked at the clock, George’s picture slowly moved. Y/N smiled once she saw it move to ‘home’ and she hoped that it would never go back to ‘lost’. Ginny had walked back to the living room without that Y/N noticed. “Love?”, George’s voice came from behind her. Y/N spun around, meeting his gaze. “Thank you”, He said as he hugged her. “You’re welcome, but please, don’t block me out anymore”, Y/N answered. George nodded as he kissed her slowly but lovingly. “I’ll never do that again, I need you, I only realized that today, a bit to late but I did realize it”, George said, with a small chuckle. “And I’ll always be here for you, Georgie, I won’t leave, you can always count on me, okay?”, She said as she hugged George tightly. Cause after all what happened, she felt happiness. Because George was finally home.


it was now a year after Fred’s death. George was still struggling while the other Weasley’s could place it easier. And Y/N, she was still helping George, she was always there for him. They even bought a little apartment, close to the joke shop, which George and Y/N now opened again, just so they could be together and Y/N could help George whenever he needed to be helped. “George, we’re going to be late”, Y/N said as she put her last hoe on. George walked in the room, smiling at Y/N. “you look lovely”, He said as he kissed her, “and honestly, mom is used to it by now that we’re always late” “it’s still not an excuse to come in too late”, Y/N said with a small smile.

Mrs. Weasley had invited the two of them over for dinner and it has been a while since George last saw his family, so they gladly accepted. “Y/N, George, come in”, Mister Weasley said as they stood in front of the door “thank you mister Weasley”, Y/N said as she walked past him. “How lovely to see you again, go sit down, dinner is almost ready you’re late George!”, Mrs. Weasley said as she saw George walk behind Y/N. “I know, I’m sorry mum”, He laughed as he hugged her. They quickly sat down at the table where the rest of the family was. Y/N got into a conversation with Hermione about the Ministry and Bill talked to George. “you seem tense”, He stated. George nodded. “why?”, His brother asked. “you’ll see later”, George answered. Mrs. Weasley walked outside with the last bowl of food. “well, enjoy!”, She said. The rest of the dinner was silent. Bill gave George weird glances and questioning looks and Y/N soon saw it. After dinner the girls helped cleaning the table and the boys went to the living room. “why was Bill looking at George in that … weird way?”, Y/N asked Ginny, who shrugged. “no idea”, She said simply as she dried off the last plate. “now, let’s go to the other”. The living room was filled with chatter and laughter and at the moment that Y/N sat down next to Harry, George took his chance. “can I have everybody’s attention for a minute”, he asked as he stood in front of everybody. Everybody went silent and looked at George. “Y/N can you come here?”, He then asked. Ginny pushed Y/N out of the sofa so she almost fell in George’s arms.

“Y/N, I know you for … I lost count of how many years but, I know one thing, I don’t regret it at all. You’ve been the best girlfriend anybody can ask for. We had ups and downs, but we got through it and you’ve always been by my side to support me. And after Fred’s death, I’ve locked you out of my life for 6 months and then suddenly you stood in front of me again. And I fell in love again. So I only have one question. Y/N Y/L/N, will you marry me?”, George said as he kneeled down and held a blue box in front of her. He opened the box, a big diamond ring inside of it. “Yes!”, Y/N somehow managed to get out. Everybody cheered as George and Y/N kissed. “I-I have also something to confess”, Y/N said as everybody got quiet again, “I’m pregnant”. Mrs. Weasley gasped and stood up to hug Y/N who was now crying tears of happiness. Once Mrs. Weasley stood up, George put his hands on Y/N’s arms. “how long?”, He asked, no emotion in his voice. “6 weeks”, She said. Y/N looked at George who stayed quiet. And then suddenly she felt two arms pick her up and spin her around. She giggled as George kissed her face over and over. “promise me one thing”, George said. Y/N nodded. “if it’s a boy, we call him Fred” “promise”

9 months later the Weasley welcome a new baby boy in the family, Fred Arthur Weasley. And George couldn’t be more happy with his new son and wife.

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What comes to ur mind when u think of ONHO?

security.  i think jinki gets to be jinki with minho in a way that he doesn’t with many other people.  minho clearly adores jinki & shows it through word & deed but he always takes it a step further.  throwing an arm around someone & praising them for the cameras is pretty easy (& super delightful when it’s reciprocated!  cuties) but to just be silly like ^^^that^^^ is extra special. 

& jinki…good grief he likes to troll minho (though honestly…who doesn’t he troll?) but it’s so often minho he looks at first when he’s being silly & i just…that’s his buddy.  like, i don’t have the words to express it.  it’s his shoulder minho rests his head on in airports & their high-fives are legendary.   

also, watch this:

he thought minho was going to fall.  LOOK AT HIS FACE!!!

thanks for the ask!


“Hey, McGee, how many asexuals does it take to screw in a lightbulb?” you asked with a crooked grin.

McGee cocked his head to the side, “I don’t know, [f/n].”

“None, because asexuals don’t screw.” you supplied, your grin growing. “What do you call a heteromantic asexual who gets good grades?” You waited a moment before giving him the answer, “A straight-ace student.”

McGee chuckled and rolled his eyes, “What’s with all the asexual puns, [f/n]?”

You shrugged, “What can I say? I gotta represent my people somehow.”

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Class 1-A Tumblrs

Midoriya: All Might blogger, ultimate hero fandom blogger, reblogs positive posts, makes good gifs of All Might as his reactions, he’s the one you go to if you wanna know more about a hero (he has a side blog dedicated to finding hero stuff for cheap), over all a very positive blog with a few very dedicated followers

Bakugou: A N G R Y blogger who gives out actual good advice but regularly does it in a more than abusive and patronizing tone. He’s the reason the YFIP was created. Reblogs hero posts and only communicates in capslocks and key smashes. Has blocked more people than he has followers. He never changes his content but he does tag triggers without a shitty comment.

Ochako: would be a pastel space aesthetic blogger if she didn’t make the colors so bold and positivity blogger who regularly posts about ways to save money and live on the cheap. Regularly gets asks about how someone was feeling bad until the found her blog (she always replies with pictures of baby animals)

Tsuyu: Memes. Memes everywhere. You cannot escape these genuinely funny and good memes but why would you want to. Shitposts about adulting but still manages to give good advice. Her most popular post is a vine with her riding a unicycle and croaking “oh shit whaddup” in her most deadpanned voice

Kirishima: Fitness blogger who’s linked to his Instagram. He memes occasionally, but badly, although he’s got a few posts over a hundred notes. He always refers to his biceps as “the gun show” and no matter how many times Bakugou capslocks about not calling them that he never listens (he can neither confirm nor deny that he says this just for those keys mash moments). Retro Crimson Riot aesthetics.

Iida: study aesthetics and school advice that’s too complicated to actually follow. Has a good handwriting aesthetic because of how neat it is. Always reblogs posts concerning patience and good morals (regularly reblogs Bakugou’s angry key smashes and tries to calm him down with three paragraphs and a hands up emoji). ALWAYS reblogs Ingenium posts with his own add ons (he and Midoriya have had some posts nearly thirty reblogs long over how cool Ingenium is). Has a queue going until next year.

Kaminari: Unironic bad fashion aesthetics like neon leopard print Nikes and Pokemon art. Shitposts and memes but nothing spectacular. Has a Selfie Saturday where he posts like five selfies and then repeatedly refreshes to see how many notes they get. (Has a side blog dedicated to quotes and literary reviews and aesthetics)

Mineta: 18+ blogger all under aged followers will be blocked (he never fucking checks). Not even good porn it’s all boring or nasty no in between

Todoroki: slightly emo hipster blogger who posts a lot of “under the cut” personal rants and always gets genuinely shocked when people ask if he’s alright. Light memes but only the ones he finds funny (so once in a blue moon). Makes city aesthetics and only ever posts selfies that aren’t his face

Tokoyami: E M O A E S T H E T I C S and unironically has a Gemsona. Always gets asked if he’s a furry and he always replies that this person is testing the black waters of his hatred. Dark fashion blogger who has never posted a color that wasn’t black, red, or emerald. Reblogs Addams Family posts with #lifegoals. Thinks Tim Burton and Quentin Tarantino are the only true artists among Hollywood directors.

Yaoyorozu: study aesthetics and science blogger, she IS the science side of Tumblr. Magazine article links every single day. She doesn’t understand what a meme is and at this point has stopped trying, but she does reblog puns. She and Iida make up half the study aesthetics page. A good body positivity blog TBH. Keeps a posting schedule religiously.

Ashido: body positivity, fashion and make up blog, her positivity posts don’t make sense half the time because of all the emojis and bad spelling but her energy always comes through her posts. She posts wear to find cute, trendy and fashionable stuff for cheap budgets. Her aesthetics include runway pics and selfies taken with friends as well as her own personal selfies with her favorite outfits.

Jirou: music blogger, band blogger, playlist maker, she is 100% music with occasional videos of her playing her bass to popular songs as well as music videos from her fave bands all the time. Has a side blog dedicated to girly aesthetics and baby animals. Uses this blog to vague about Kaminari.

Kouda: that one baby animals blogger that is pure and sweet and when sent a dirty message doesn’t get it but says thanks anyways???? (Has learned to stop looking up things that don’t make sense to him because that’s what he learned what shot gunning was). Posts about how to care for your animals and is always happy to help in anyways he can so he consistently reblogs donation posts. Makes cute little doodle cartoons about animals.

Aoyama: shiny aesthetics blogger and that one gif maker everyone with a seizure disorder has learned to block. Positivity posts aren’t so much about believing in yourself as much as loving yourself like Aoyama loves himself. Multilingual blogger and has whole posts and conversations in French. Has a “Lights in Paris” post that reached over a thousand notes that’s just a photoshop edit of him arching over the Eiffel Tower with his belly button laser

Satou: food blogger who posts barely three times a week and only breaks this when he’s lifting when he suddenly becomes a fitness blog for a day and then goes back to food. Has a side blog for memes and shitposts he forgot about in 2010.

Hagakure: that one person who always makes amazing aesthetics of her surroundings and those “don’t forget I love you~ <3” posts with no less than a dozen emojis. A classy memer who has a special love for Thomas Sanders. She posts great but random shots. Nobody knows why. She’s never told her followers that they’re her selfies.

Shouji: weird animal blogger like of the cuttlefish and squid. He memes and barely looks at a blog before he follows them so he’s following seven thousand blogs and only unfollows when they’ve done or said something he just cannot agree with. He posts a lot about body positivity but never posted a selfie of himself. For some reason it’s not uncommon for his to post about hair even though he consistently says he would never do that to his own hair. Has a side blog dedicated to fandoms. Went through a really weird Homestuck phase but still in his Steven Universe phase.

Ojirou: martial arts blogger whose entire blog is overall a very nice and ordinary aesthetics blog about nature and inspiration posts with martial artist quotes under their pictures. Doesn’t really do anything with Tumblr except post his things, reblog a few posts and then ignores it for days before he’s suddenly active again. Has maybe a hundred followers.

Sero: master memer and shitposter. Is funny without being obnoxious and his puns are legitimately hilarious. Has thousands of followers but no one can find a reason to dislike him except to call him out on his sass. He claps back with only more sass. (Has a secret side blog for health food and minimalist life styling aesthetics. No one can ever know)

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You got me hooked on Olivia/Regina and I recently came across a roleplay of Olivia/Emily Prentiss. I have no found myself completely devoted to crackships that can never happen and only rip my heart out because no one else writes them or does things for them. Thank you for being one of the two people who makes my dreams come true!

Thank you for the lovely ask, anon! Ships like that are a hell of a lot of fun. You know the best part? Absolutely no fandom drama or ship wars. It’s a happy place ;)

Olivia/Emily is a good one! I remember Paget’s episode, there’s this scene on a park bench and if you watch it muted, totally shippy! So that ship has been a bit luckier than Fearless Queen! Let’s get Lana on SVU ughhhhh.

Another good one (which I choose to brotp) Olivia with Bones! Emily’s been on SVU too so it works out great :D

I’m currently hooked on 3 new crackships. Ready for this? Ann from Damien with Fancy from the Reba song/video (Fanncy!), Agent Susan Vasquez from Supergirl with Kyra Hart from Reba (now older obvs), and the most unexpected: J’onn J’onzz from Supergirl with Reba Hart (Re’onn). There’s a clear Reba obsession theme in there but oh my am I hooked!

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It feels like the meme I came here to have a good time and I'm honestly feeling so attacked rn. I joined Tumblr so I could understand the show deeply through amazing metas Iike yours and rewatch beautiful moments through gifsets. +

And laugh at my crazy shipper needs that I found out were not only mine and enjoy some fanfiction chill. But right now half of my dash is people arguing and getting hate and is it too much to ask to people simply discuss povs to expand their minds?

Me too, nonny, me too. This is my first fandom experience and I just came here for gifs and fan fiction and then I realized people liked meta (no one EVER wants me to talk and talk about my favorite shows irl, even the people who LOVE sf/f) and I did not realize what a pandora’s box would open up. I did not take kindly to actually being attacked, but apparently I don’t do the backing down thing. I don’t think I really understand the whole phenomenon, but I’m still trying to just enjoy my show.

Let’s just enjoy it. 


“Do you think we’d make a good couple?”

You snapped your mouth shut, embarrassed that you had blurted out the question that had been nagging at you for weeks now. Wade cocked his head, blinking at you curiously.

“Yeah, sure I guess.” he paused, a smile slowly curling his lips. “Are you trying to ask me out?”

You felt yourself flush, “Depends on your answer.”

He shrugged, “I’d be up for it.”

You perked up slightly, “You’re not put off by the whole asexual thing?” you asked hopefully. You had agonized over your feelings for Wade for months now. You had known you were asexual since you were a teenager. Sure, you’d had puppy-dog crushes before, but you had never fallen for someone like you had for him. You wanted to spend your life with Wade. But you were nervous. Not a whole lot of people seemed eager to get into a  relationship with someone who didn’t want to get intimate.

“Hey, it’s totally cool. Relationships don’t have to be about sex.” Wade answered and relief flooded your chest. “If you’re not comfortable with it, I wouldn’t push you. Assuming you’re asking me out.”

A smile crept onto your lips, “Would you say yes?”

“Ask me and find out.”

*not my gif


“It’s been a lifetime - what a life and what a great time!

People are always asking me what it is that makes us what we are. If I knew that, I’d bottle it and sell it. But I do know that it’s an amazing - a unique - chemistry. When all of us get behind our instruments and Mick starts to sing we become like on person. I’ve pondered over the years what itis that makes The Rolling Stones what we’ve become and I’ve come to the conclusion that a lot of it is the driving force of Mick, who is one hell of a guy to play behind. Added to which we really enjoy playing together and we’ve been good friends for fifty years, at least most of the time, which is no mean achievement.

There’s also the feeling that we can always do better. Even now I think there are better shows left in us - shows at which we can still top what’s gone before. It’s always a great buzz when we work together, and when we don’t play for a while I begin to get kind of itchy. Playing with the guys has always been an up, and while it’s not quite an addiction it’s certainly a habit.

The music keeps us young, and when you add that to the experience we’ve gained it all goes to make us what we still are. In fact the upside of playing together for so long is that we know each other so well. There are no boundaries to get over when we get together so perfectly. There’s no one who does bot fit in. If there was it would be an uphill struggle, but with the Stones we’re always rolling easy.

When we play it’s all about the feel; that’s the all-important ingredient. The music we play comes out of the blues and you can’t play the blues without feelings. As we developed into the pop side of things and then into the rock, the blues were present, giving us those right feelings. Throughout the last fifty years there’s always been a soul machine in the basment, one that has kept driving us forward.“ - Keith Richards


You blinked at the red-haired woman suspiciously, not knowing whether or not to trust her. Normally you were good at getting a read off of people but right now she was giving away nothing.

“Why?” you asked at last, keeping it simple and to the point.

“Why not?” she countered, sharp eyes boring into you. “You could have a purpose. Help people. Protect the ones who matter to you. Be a part of something greater.”

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i dont know about you mun, but i keep having some thought that chara's assistants are gaster's followers. im probably wrong, but i thought it strange chara found people for studying souls if the professors were really against it.

((Chara’s team is made up a small group of peers who sided with Chara instead of their professors. They helped renovate the old underground lab and though they help Chara with their experiments, they all have been given areas of the lab to do their own side projects in.))

((They’re a good team, and they all get along well. Chara respects their intelligence and creativity and has even grown to trust them, which is very rare for Chara.))


((I can’t say there aren’t… similarities.))


Reading Your Comments #70 (x)

I think I need to gif this part for as Jack has addressed this issue. I had already seen someone bully another person from the community and it pisses me off. I didn’t want to say anything because I didn’t want to be involved, yet I wanna help the one that was getting bullied.

Like what Jack said: “if you’re a bully, and you’re part of this community, you are not a friend of mine” you are not anybody’s friend. So please stop bullying people.

And to the people who are getting bullied, I will always be here for you. My ask is always open. I may not be good at comforting people but I always try my best. I’m your friend and you can trust me anytime.

people really be asking how do you get a lot of followers on here, and how do you create a “good” blog like just post what you like what you’re interested in what YOU find cool and others who have the same interest will follow fam don’t be so set on getting a lot of followers your blog is for you to express yourself thru pictures and gifs and text post helllllo

Elliot very rarely went through the motions of asking someone else.  It just seemed like a lot of work, when he could find plenty of people to sleep with without going through all that bullshit.  But sometimes he did it.  Like with Lily, who he asked out because she had that whole needing to have an emotional connection thing and she generally seemed like a cool girl.  There could only be good things to come from getting close to someone who was in a band, and Elliot was all about that.  On the determined date, he showed up at her place, dressed up enough to look like he put in an effort but still casual.  He knocked on the door, putting on his most suave smile.  "Hey, babe, its Elliot,“ he called through the door.


You know guys this whole recent thing with Kris is making me think a lot and making me rather upset. He was never my bias or anything but I just feel really bad for him now that all this is coming out into the light. I’m also getting seriously upset at people who are saying that Tao is a shit person for being hurt and going on that rant when Kris left but guys seriously are we talking about the same Tao? They were super close and Tao clearly cared very much for him do you honestly think there was anyway that Tao knew the whole truth at the time?

I was scrolling through the taoris tag earlier and came across that gif in which Tao asks Kris to please share things with him and to not get stressed out on his own and Kris is speechless and then I remember that old interview and how Kris said that Tao was very good at understanding the hyungs hearts and I wanted to cry really badly because I see now that Kris is just that kind of person who keeps things that are bothering him hidden and I honestly have no trouble believing that Tao had no idea to what actual extent sm was mistreating Kris

Anyway I just wanted to let out my thoughts, somehow I hope they manage to meet again and rekindle their friendship because I think it did the both of them a lot of good and I feel like they probably miss each other