HELLO!!! seeing as it’s been a long time since we opened up sign ups (AND THE BLOG IS ABOUT A YEAR OLD!!! OMG!!!!!!) sO i thought it would be good to SHARE THE LOVE as we are solidifying more ideas for collabs in the network!!! OKAY BASICALLY this network is for people who create content in the phandom (gifs/edits,art, writing, etc!!) who want a place to PROMO and get feedback from other fellow creators!

  • must be following me <3
  • reblog this post! (like only for a bookmark not an actual entry!)
  • make sure your ask and/or submit is open!
  • get it all done by june 30!!!!
  • take this survey!!!!!
What I am looking for
  • nice person!!!!! <333 
  • good urls are usually nicER but it’s not too big of a deal!!!
  • someone who makes any kind of original content for the phandom (gifs/edits/writing/videos/etc)
  • nice themes yeS!!!!!!!!
  • phan blogs! other youtubers ARE okay but you have to have a special place for dan/phil (so maYBe at least 50-60% ??)
  • people who are willing to help out others and be NICE!!! (also people who would be willing to join in on some collabs within the network)
  • COMMITTED PEOPLE!!! actually have a desire to be involved with the network (although i understand it’s nerve wracking, just have a desire!!) 
When you are accepted...
  • i will send u an ask asap and u shall give me an icon of ur choice and description! (u can submit it in my submit)!!!!!
  • follow (not required) or check out the other fellow networkers bc we all lOVE each other and it’s a great way to make friends and get to know everyone!!!
  • MOST LIKELY u will get a follow from me !!!!!!!!!!!
  • people will be there to reblog ur original content and help u with all the things you need and vice versa if you’ve got the groove of it so u would help others!! (and reblog ur selfie if that’s what u like!!!)
  • you will be on the network page!
  • new friendships!!!!!!
  • put the CPN logo/link somewhere on ur blog! (if u want to logo just lmk when u are accepted so i can link u B)
  • check out this page so you will get a handle of what to do! (dont worry ill remind u!!! <3)
  • introduce yourself in the chat!!! get to know us!!! <33

DISCLAIMER: YES there will be a lot of people who sign up who won’t get in but please keep in mind this network isn’t meant to undermine or hurt anyone! It’s not used to make people feel bad about themselves in any way it’s a network I just made for content creators in the phandom to share feedback and get their work out there.

so by popular demand (lol not really) i decided to create a network for all you booty lovers


  • mbf me
  • reblog this post (likes don’t count)
  • fill out this form
  • must reach 30 notes or i’m gonna go hide in shame
  • ends around the first week of august

what i’m looking for

  • mostly marvel blogs but multifandom is fine
  • clean theme, good tagging system and stuff like that
  • nice bloggers
  • people who love the booty as much as i do

what you get

  • a spot on the network page
  • put a link for the net somewhere on your blog
  • track the tag #capsbootynet
  • new friends and rad blogs to follow
  • a place to share your edits, graphics, gifs, art, selfies or anything else!
  • you’ll get a message from me with more details so your askbox needs to be open (you have to be comfortable with giving me your email so i can add you to the chat!)

that’s pretty much it so good luck i guess and if you have a question feel free to send me an ask!

clawen network

i’ve been wanting to make a network for awhile so here it is. a Owen x Claire (clawen) network i’m surprised there isn’t one already but here goes  if this doesn’t work out i’ll be thoroughly embarrassed
(sorry for the bad gif)

how to apply

  • must be following me
  • reblog this, likes will counted as bookmarked only
  • fill out this form please
  • must get to 20+ notes or this never ever happened
  • shoot me an ask if you have any questions or anything?

what i’m looking for

  • nice kind bloggers
  • people who love jurassic world/park
  • nice organised blogs, navigation, theme etc.
  • multifandom is good but must post some jurassic world/park!


  • follow from me if not already + promo when members are announced
  • possible follow backs from others in the network
  • place on network page and chat

if accepted

  • you’ll receive a message from me asking for your email for the group chat + an icon and description
  • must track the #clawennetwork tag 

member announcement

  • probably after this gets 30+ notes or around the first to second week of july

anonymous asked:

I'm the one who made your heart grow three sizes. i've never had a relationship because i don't get out much and i ready don't want one right now so i'm good dating fictional character in my head and i away fangirl so hard when you answer my ask. and cute gif of Dean by the way

There’s really no point in rushing into a relationship. It’ll happen when it’s supposed to happen. These things are soooo much better when they evolve naturally.

When people tell me they fangirl when I respond it makes me fangirl about the fangirling…

Jensen/Dean are just way too cute… <3 <3 <3

Season 5 has started and it seems like it’s gonna be a painful one so we decided to start a Darvey Network!


must be following Ella and Karla

reblog this post (likes don’t count)

fill out this form

must reach 30 notes

ends either on June 30th or July 7th (We want to pick members as soon as possible so we can liveblog the episodes together)

what we’re looking for

blogs which post SUITS (multifandom is fine)

nice and friendly bloggers

good tagging system

people who love DARVEY as much as we do!

what you get

new friends and possibly followers

a place where you can share your thoughts and your art (gifs,edits,graphics also selfies why not)

track #darveynetwork

your ask has to be open so we can contact you and you have to be okay with giving us your e-mail so we can add you to the chat!

If you have any questions feel free to ask us (blogs are linked to our names)



It really bothers me that my muslim identity gets enough policing as it is, but to be considered less of a muslim because people ask for things to be tagged?

lmao maybe it’s time for me to get off the internet b/c wallah their rhetoric makes me so mad it can’t be good for my fast

some things i’m seeing are: you don’t have to tag because that’s a part of our ‘purification,’ you need to ‘lower your gaze’

the internet is not like the real world? you can lower your gaze in the real world and go to a store to buy something and expect to not see strippers or something? this is the internet. food and porn gifs do not break our fast, but if we are trying to avoid looking at naked people (some muslims consider this haram), it’s harder to do that on the internet because we can only control ourselves, and not other people/what people decide to reblog?

just like someone would ask that nudity is tagged so they don’t have to see it, some muslims benefit from having food posts tagged so their fast is easier. islam is a way of life, allah did not make it to be hard on us.

you don’t have to go to walmart, stand in the food aisle, and not buy anything to test your muslimness. you can avoid things you want or need to avoid to make your life simpler and easier, islam is about moderation, not making things hard on yourself, and if seeing food doesn’t bother you, that’s cool! great, perfect, fine, wonderful! i was born muslim, my father has made me fast since i was six years old, fasting is a second nature to me, food doesn’t bother me in the LEAST. but that’s not everyone’s experience. only mine. someone may have converted, and this is their first ramadhan. someone may be on their fifteenth ramadhan, but it’s still hard to be around food. 

stop making catchall statements or speaking as though your experience with fasting is the only one.

please, i have been seeing so many non muslims reblogging that post going “oh, that’s offensive? sorry we didn’t know, we’ll stop” NO. please don’t stop tagging something someone ASKED YOU TO TAG FOR. i understand it’s frustrating that non muslims make incorrect posts about how to be ‘respectful’ of muslims, but some muslims are asking blogs they follow to tag things to help with their fast, and THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT.

if someone asks you to tag something, tag it. but you can’t ask for someone NOT to use a tag, because that makes no sense. a tag that may ‘bother’ you may be useful to someone else. the tag isn’t hurting you, it’s not a personal attack on you, someone specifically asked for a thing to be tagged, and as someone who runs a blog that actively seeks to be a safe space for my followers, you tag things people ask you to tag so their experience online is safe and not uncomfortable or difficult. 

and if someone asks you to tag something and you don’t, well. you’re just an asshole.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I love your art and always great to find more Kuvira fans aha~ Anyways I wanted to ask you do you know of any other shows/anime that I will experience the same high I felt while watching Korra and Attack on Titan.... i love these shows q.q~~

Originally posted by thetalesofbasingse

Ok I was looking for a cool reaction gif and I couldn’t find one but I came across this and I just needed to share it with the world I’m so sorry

But I’m YELLING thank you so much!! I’m so honored you like my work!And yes, Kuvira trash stick together! You will find many other people here who are trash and who are hella more talented than I! We re a huge trash family <3

As for show recommendations, unfortunately, I’m not so good at that. I found LOK because I watched A:TLA as a kid, and SNK because someone told me to. But badass women in cartoons, heck ye. These are my two main fandoms and it’s hard to get me into a new show. But if you haven’t seen A:TLA, GO DO THAT NOW. And I hear Tokyo Ghoul is good; and Naruto and Bleach? IDk if you’re in the mood for a really long thing

anonymous asked:

Do you know of any other reaction blogs that you like and would recommend?

I follow one predominantly and that is Ms. Juju, or better down as exoticdaydreams. She is a really good friend of mine who was my inspiration to create my blog. 

My other friend, Katt, yehet-my-ohorat-99, is also running one. Encourage her lots though! *whispers* She is slow, but just bug her to get her ass in gear. She is really just getting started, but send her requests. :3

Together, by the powers of Exo, the three of us make the UnHoly Trinity. Juju is our oldest member; she is wise in all things dealing with proper characterization and reigns over a hoard of gifs. I am the middle woman: middle people are talent-less hoes. And then Katt is our baby Maknae. Come, join our legion. :D

anonymous asked:

I'm a huge Robron fan, but I'm finding the s/l slightly upsetting now. Too much 'pain and destruction' seems to be involved. I know that drama makes for good TV, but I so hate seeing people get hurt, especially if they don't deserve it (e.g. Paddy).

Hello Anon!

If the storyline is beginning to become too difficult to watch, please don’t feel like you have any obligation to continue.  Your own well-being is what matters the most!  You can always follow people on here who continue to watch to keep up and then pick it up again when (or if) things get happier.

I can’t speak for others, but I try to always include a tag such as “violence cw” or “blood cw” when applicable on gifs that I reblog that will allow sensitive users to be able to blacklist those posts.

Thank you for the comment (and I’m sorry I hadn’t had a chance to respond to your other ask yet).

freestylekatez asked:

Do you have any animation tips? I have a animation program but it frustrates me because I can't do want I want with it. So do have any starting tips?

oh god i am not the person to ask this question i am so bad at animation, im passable at best

uhh, if I had to recommend anything I hear TVpaint is where its at, its simpler and actually designed for animators while Flash it turns out is for coding??? and doing some other shit thats not animation?? I also hear toonboom is good but i had a really hard time using it for some reason. Photoshop CS can actually be a really fun way to animate and you can get more detail in what your doing rather than the vector hell thats Flash but you have to have SERIOUS patience to do it and you cant make anything thats longer than a typical gif length or else Photoshop will nope right on outta there. After Effects is okay but its really meant for what its namesake is: effects done after most of the work is done. I has features where it animates snow for you tho and lightening and stuff so thats really cool.

the only real tip i have is like, take any animation that inspires you and find a way to gif it or something and study each frame, see what drawing leads into the next to get that smooth movement itll answer a lot of questions REAL fast. also having a sense of timing will help you TREMENDOUSLY timing is like, the key to animation imo and make sure your anatomy is solid thatll save you some time too. and most important of all PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTCE


anonymous asked:

Once you get this, list ten things that make you happy. Then send this to the ask of the last ten people who reblogged from you :)

1. This gif of Fives

(He’s such a perfect little cinnamon roll. Too good, too pure for this world.)

2. This gif of Rex

(Hubba hubba!)

3. Getting emails from people who just want to talk

4. Fanfictions by people who understand basic sentence structure

5. Every time I remember Rex will be in Rebels

6. Finding old Star Wars toys that had been put away so long I forgot I had them

7. My Rex action figures

8. Clone episodes/gifs/fanfictions/fanart

9. Anything Ahsoka

10.  Obi-Wan being mister sassy-pants

anonymous asked:

Or people are mad because they didn't know it was leaked and they get in and their dash is covered in spoilers. Or because it's honestly stupid that people can't wait an hour to post gifs like it'll kill them. Or that the leak takes away the ratings from people who won't watch live now and it hurts the show. Or that people worked their asses off for this and the leak takes away from all that. People have a right to be pissed.

1. blacklist the tags wow yes amazing look no more of that on your dash

2. people can post whatever they want whenever they want get the fuck over it. obviously it’s a good idea since those posts already have thousands of notes


4. uh last i checked none of you guys on here work for teen wolf or mtv so there is no reason for you to act like you’ve been victimized in this? 

sounds like you’re more mad at whoever leaked it, so maybe stop being a dick and chill the fuck out about it. if you an watch it live and have access to it live by all means go right ahead, but like I said, not everyone can have residency in america or canada and afford cable television so shUT UP.

if i can get over seeing the spoilers on my dash so can all of you

anonymous asked:

that reposter is supported by most of the fandom, she is always in those shamelesslyfeelgoods posts or whatever and she doesnt have time to delete all the reposted gifs because they are too many. thats how she got thousands of followers, because the gifs were good and her added captions were even better. she is supported by the most popular writers in the fandom, she can get away with everything

I don’t know anything about her but the fact that she’s been reposting edits as long as I can remember and honestly it’s so annoying when people like her repost gifs and just tag them not being theirs or add the source in the tags like ??? I don’t know who she’s friends with or anything but she certainly can’t get away with reposting my gifs since all her reposts of my gifs are going to be down by tomorrow. I’m pretty sure some of her reposts have more notes than the original posters’ and that makes me so mad because the credit should go to the op and not reposters. I seriously have absolutely no sympathy for people who repost, sorry not sorry.

yeollitude asked:

mama birddd you've rated my blog so many times already but I just want to tell you the reason I follow you ;AAA; well 1st of all, I started following you bc I was in desperate need of more girl groups on my dash (though I think you started following me 1st? well idc bc I'm so glad you did ; u ;) and then I saw you interact w/ other people and I wanted to be your friend too and you asked me to talk to me more aND WELL who doesn't want to talk to such a senpai who makes A+++ gifs so oh my god ♡♡♡

url: don’t get it | not bad | nice | good job | love it omg | who did you kill

theme: not my type | ehh | decent | I like it | pretty amazing | I’m stealing it

icon: don’t get it | not bad | nice | pretty | flawless omg | brb killing myself

posts: not my type | not bad | nice job | love | perfection | give me your password

following: no sorry | just followed | yes | you mean stalk what

Comments: baby bird has one cute and kind of pastel-ish blog—– but I like it lots even if it’s a lot of guys I am not necessary into, but it’s lovely seeing you around and I can’t imagine not having you on my dash anymore one day okay. And I hope your edits will get more and more popular, really because you’re doing a great job and I will never learn how you make those edits- 

hxlyfire asked:

You're one of the BEST resources of Matt Smith gifs on Tumblr, and are a fantastic blog! Why wouldn't I follow?! X

url: don’t get it | not bad | nice | good job | love it omg | who did you kill

theme: not my type | ehh | decent | I like it | pretty amazing | YOWZA

icon: don’t get it | not bad | nice | pretty | flawless omg | YOWZA (cutie!)

posts: not my type | not bad | nice job | love | perfection | YOWZA

following: no sorry | just followed | yes | you mean stalk what

10k followers celebration! Send me an ask and I’ll rate your blog :)

jaehyohoe asked:

When you get this reply with 5 things that make you happy, then send it to the last 10 people you have notes from in your activity :D

Thanks for asking honey! ♥️ I did this just a hour ago but here we are again :) 

1. These idots who never fails to make me happy ( this time with other gifs xD)

2. My family (not all ok)

3. Good food and music

4. Animals

5. People that smile at you as you randomly walk by or compliments you

rosyshakespeare asked:

Once you get this, list ten things that make you happy and post them. Then send this to the ask of the last ten people who reblogged from you :)


1. gif commentary that is ON POINT
2. warm sunshine
3. singing the same song in a group of people
4. being affirmed and affirming others
5. dogs
6. standing on a beach with your feet in the waves
7. really good pizza
8. knowing you can stay up as late as you want because you will be able to sleep in the next day
9. when your words work the way you want them to
10. shakespeare *free space*

anonymous asked:

What is a good face claim for a son of a serial killer who turns into a man who murders the evil people in the world. His age range is twenty threw twenty five, please and thank you

i didn’t really get this ask but anyways, maybe evan peters? he’s 28 but can definitely play 25, even younger. maybe bob morley? he’s 30 but he could play 25, I think. i don’t know tbh, anybody who has like real gritty gifs, if that makes sense? either of them being aggressive, covered in dirt or blood, etc. 

anonymous asked:


Too late, I´m not willing to argue with those shit any longer. As I said to Admin M:  The blog is not only for the followers- it´s also for the admins. I joined because I love being admin, i love reading the messages, write them out and search a gif for them, I like to make people happy when they see them.

But now I just start reading everthing with the thoughr “ew what if it offends someone and everybody gets pissed of again” i´m a quite anxious person and there´s this terrible pain in my stomach from worrying about such shit, I want to go to tumblr for distraction, for get away from lifes stress and problems…not for finding even more problems. Of course I´m sorry for everyone who loved the blog…because I also loved the blog. I will keep the good time I had there in my memorie but I´ll also keep the problems in mind…so I whenever I get myself in that situation again I´ll stop it before shit is coming on again.

anonymous asked:

Firstly love your fc! Secondly your 'What I Do' isn't working on my laptop (my fault, I need to get it cleaned so ads stop popping up' but I wanted to ask, do you do like character graphics and/or gif edits for sidebars? And if so do you have any examples of what you can do? xx

Oh, I’m sorry. I do make graphics! You can find examples of my character psds in this tag, graphics I’ve made for other rp helpers and other people who asked are in this tag. and for the gif edits for sidebars, I don’t have any examples, but I’m fairly good with photoshop, so if you give me an example of what you want, I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to make something like it. 

I hope this helped!