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What do you think of Dan's nails

Look nice, motives for deciding to paint them are questionable (a.k.a yes he did it because y’all wouldn’t shut up about it and probably didn’t really want it himself). Not fair to see his own fandom trying to pressure him into doing stuff like he’s some kind of doll.

At the same time, shouldn’t actually be a big deal, should it? If you care so much maybe you’re still so stuck into the gender stereotypes you say you’re fighting tbh.

All in all: stop treating them like your property and stop making every single thing a Huge Deal it’s exhausting.

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Your tags don't even make any sense most of the time, but they make me happy. Thank you so much for being such a hilarious, bright, smart and positive person.

!!!!! this a such a sweet message ;;; thank you for saying this it made me very happy aaa. i appreciate it lots i hope you have a nice day thank you again for being sweet 💕 💕 💕 💕