i love the YOI fandom

Thank you for being kind, wonderful, giving people. Thank you for all the support you give to each other. Thank you for supporting artists and writers. Thank you for supporting the audience and standing up for those who want to ship what they like. You all are amazing. I’m so lucky to know you!


wow omg I never knew it was that bad…thanks for telling me, yall I really had no idea esp with their company. Most of the bad things I heard about them was ‘cultural appropriation’ and whatnot, but I’ve seen so much worse from other groups lmao. I’ve definitely started to stan them and I just found out I share a birthday with Daehyun hahaha I think I already found a bias, RIP

I’m sort of amused at how Moffat creates a story of grand love and the fandom goes, “Ultimate Brotp!” and then Moffat continues a story about Ultimate Brotp and the fandom goes, “Grand love!”  I’d throw my hands up and quit too.

i’m honestly still reeling from the boys’ glasto set today. they took a sidelined, little coveted sunday afternoon slot on a stage that wasn’t the pyramid, and they absolutely stole the show. we’re always gonna love them within this fandom but to see the positive response they’re getting from people who don’t live up their asses like we do honestly just fills me with pride. they’ve shown everyone that they’re still relevant, they’ve still got it, and that next time; you’ll need a bigger tent.


I know I’m salty today, but come on y'all.

I’m not sure why anyone feels it’s appropriate to harass or demand updates/fics/anything from a writer.

These people are amazing, I know, and they write gripping, enthralling, phenomenal stories. But I don’t care how into the story you are, or that cliffhanger they left you on, or the smut that’s coming in the next chapter: you have no right to harass them about it. None. Writers do not owe you anything.

The content we provide is done out of love for the fandom and for our readers and it is free. You are not paying us for a service.

We are people with kids or dogs or significant others or (god forbid) other hobbies–AKA a life outside of fandom. And I know that it can be so tough to wait for that update. Trust me, I love these stories just as much as you do!

And sometimes, I know it can almost feel like a compliment that you want an update so desperately (“See, this is how much I’m into your story! I just can’t wait!!!1!”).

But I’m telling you, as a writer, it isn’t a compliment. It really isn’t. It’s a source of frustration and pain.

And if that doesn’t matter to you, if the feelings of the people who give you these lovely stories don’t matter to you: it’s still a terrible idea (and you’re kind of a shitty person, but that’s another matter altogether).

From a psychological standpoint, your approach is wrong.

You’ll often find that the people who get these kinds of messages? They take longer to update afterward, abandon their fics, or leave fandom altogether. That’s because we start to associate our stories with the feelings these messages give us, namely pain, frustration, and anger. And surprise, surprise, we like to avoid those feelings. And let me tell you, nothing kills a muse faster.

If you want to encourage–not force, because there’s nothing you can do to force someone to update; we are human beings, after all, and we have this thing called free will–your writers to update your favorite fic or write a certain type of story, the following are encouraged:

  • Leaving comments
  • Reblogging posts/updates
  • Liking a post or leaving kudos
  • Sending asks or private messages telling your author how much you love their story (without demanding more!)

When we associate our stories with happy things like pride, gratitude, or enjoyment that others are reading and loving our stuff, we tend to write faster and/or better. This is called positive reinforcement, and it’s a wonderful thing.

Tl;dr if you harass an author for updates on a story or for more of a certain type of fic: 1) you are an asshole, and 2) you’re not going to get what you want.

Here's a little something that got on my fucking nerves today.

I had someone tell me a bit ago that Red vs Blue is a Halo fan fiction.


Red vs Blue is SEPARATE from Halo. It’s just MADE with Halo. Other than that, RvB has almost nothing to do with Halo.

Red vs Blue is not a Halo fan fiction.

Red. Vs. Blue. Is. Not. A. Halo. Fan fiction.

Contributor’s spotlight: Catharine C

How did you become a Fannibal?

I was and am a big fan of the blogger Cleolinda, who began doing recaps of the show during its first season.  Because I’d enjoyed her writing & recaps in the past and am a HUGE fan of Silence of the Lambs, I decided to try watching the show so that I could follow along with her blog.  And then it turned out Hannibal was extraordinary and amazing and I just fell completely in love with it.

What do you love about the Hannibal fandom?

I love the sense of community, as well as the incredible talent on display.  I’ve attended a number of local Hannibal events and just love the open, welcoming atmosphere of the group and the sort of synergy between the people who show up.  It seems to attract a particularly type of friendly, wickedly smart, and darkly humorous sort of fan, and I love the general camaraderie as well as the amazing output of writing, art, food, and drink that’s been inspired by this particular fan experience.

How would you spend a day with Will Graham? 

I’d probably start off the day by giving him a hug and telling him it was all going to be okay.  If he needed a long crying session, that would be fine.  After that, we would drink whiskey and pet dogs all day long.

So far my favorite head canons I’ve seen in the Love Live fandom are:

• Rin being allergic to cats but still playing with them/cuddling them/just being around them in general
• Eli being a whole foot taller than everyone else
• thicc/chubby Honoka, Nozomi, and Hanayo???? Yes please????
• muscular umi
• die hard shipper Kotori
• tiny Nico like I Mean TINY like she’s only one or two cm shorter than Rin canonly but I’m talking like a whole foot smaller than Rin

This has been A List.

anonymous asked:

Oh, I am SO glad that you're coming back! I speak for everyone in this community when I say that this blog is one of the most lovely ones and personally, my favourite. You are SO appreciated! <3 I hope you had a great time in Japan and can't wait to see you around here again <3 Yes, this blog is really loved <3

thank u so much, that really means alot! I saved this message for almost a week bc it really made my night <333 

Not to get TOO flowery and sappy here, but the world is getting to be a tougher and tougher place, so to have this little space, a little fantasy, a little escape from reality, to pour some of my creativity and enthusiasm into, and encourage others to do so, too, is a gift that gives to everyone who appreciates it, and that’s a big deal, to me, anyway <– whoa run-on sentence how DARE I? Whateva whateva i do what i want.

(Japan pics coming soon, and a cute vid of me feeing the foxes at a fox village wherein you’ll get to hear my 11 yr old girl voice wooo!)

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I love that you listen to our HCs and respond to them and it becomes this awesome collaborative Sid/Geno love fest (that sounded dirtier than I meant it to...) It honestly makes me love this fandom even more than I thought possible. Thank you!! Mini HC for SingleDadSid: first time Sid goes away on a work trip and Geno is home alone Dad! How much does Sid Skype them? How more in love with G is he seeing him take care of 'their' son? Does he panic at first leaving them both?!

<3 <3 you guys have such great ideas!!!!

Sidney probably skypes them once a day, but Geno gets lonely and then it’s just Facetime every three hours until Sidney is just like, “G, you’re doing great, you don’t have to call me that often,” but he’s secretly loving how Geno is taking this so seriously. He also loves the phone calls at night, when they both feel another kind of lonely. 

July Fandom Birthdays

Hey everyone!

Hope everyone is still keeping sane during this hiatus - season 6 filming starting soon….
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I've been seeing The Adventure Zone around for a little bit now, and I'm not sure if I want to actually listen or not. (The fandom sounds a bit much, tbh). My question is, is the show worth dealing with the fandom? (Love love love your art, btw. You're a big inspiration to me to keep drawing, tbh. I hope you have a wonderful day!!)

Good content is good content man! I try not to let bad fans ruin something for me because ultimately they’re not involved in the final product yknow? No matter how bad some fans can get, I think i will always recommend The Adventure Zone for just how much I’ve truly fuckin enjoyed it. So it is 100% worth “dealing with the fandom” in my opinion because at the end of the day, you can ignore those people. Avoiding looking at stupid drama and getting angry about it helps you to avoid feeling negative emotions by association to the thing you love. 

Plus if you only got into works depending on how good the fandom is, I doubt you’d be able to watch/read/listen to a whole lot haha everything has its share of toxic fans though some admittedly worse than others.

Of course once you like something having to see bad fans is all the worse feeling (I will admit there are a couple things I’ve been a fan of that felt like the original content got a tiny bit tainted by just how awful the fans are) but I genuinely think there are a lot more good fans of these boys than bad ones. And I think people who are fans of the McElroy’s in general and follow their other podcasts and videos are a lot more chill compared to some of the taz centric fans? At the end of the day I’ve spoken with all kinds of wonderful and lovely people since getting into the McElroys and have received far more kind messages compared to hateful ones ^_^ 

Oops didn’t mean to ramble so much —Hope you check out TAZ or other McElroy-related content and enjoy it!

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New Studyblr!

I’m new to the world of stubyblr-ing, so I figured I should introduce myself!

~I go by CeeCee (she/her)

~I’m a rising sophomore in college

~I’m a physics major BUT

~my passion is *SPACE*

~my goal is to go to grad school for astronomy/astrophysics and become a professional astronomer

~I’m not at all sure what I’m doing with this, so I would love advice!

~some of my fandoms include Steven Universe, Harry Potter, Supernatural, and Bob’s Burgers

~pls talk to me I’m lonely and consumed by my schoolwork

Contributor’s spotlight: Moonstruckidiot

A03, Example: The Pub at the end of the road

How did I become a Fannibal!!! 

I always loved watching Hannibal but after TWOTL I went into mourning, lol. I coped with this by finding Ao3, writing my first fanfic (it was terrible) and following Hannibal on Twitter (until then I had an account but hadn’t used it.) I’m not sure at which point I became a bona fide Fannibal but now my house is full of Hannibal related stuff, I’ve written over 19 fanfics and been to a convention so maybe now I qualify. 

What do I love about the Hannibal Fandom??? 

Its nice knowing a bunch of people who share the same interest, and obsession. There is also a whole load of creativity, not just fics, but art, gifs and a whole load of other stuff I would have no idea how to do. I’ve also met and tweeted with some very lovely people.  

How would you like to spend the day with Will Graham, lol. 

Hmmm, if we are keeping this G rated I’d say a long walk with the dogs in the woods. He can show me how to fly fish, I’ll ignore the fact I’m a veggie who doesn’t eat fish because well its Will ‘heart eyes’ Graham.  When we get back to his house in the late afternoon he can put the fish in the freezer, I’d pour us some whiskey whilst he prepares leg of Randall Tier for dinner (yep, my vegetarianism has gone astray). Hannibal would arrive we’d eat and then because three is a crowd I’d probably end up in the freezer! lol.