A letter to every fanfiction author

Yes, this post is for you, the person who just spent another night writing a chapter for their fanfiction, writing for hours for those hungry fans who are following your work. 

This goes out to those amazing fanfiction authors who write amazing pieces of work. You have an amazing plot, beautiful descriptions and your characters are always perfectly in character. Reminding us all of the stories we love so much.

You make me laugh out loud. You make me cringe in embarrassment. You even make me mad enough to rant for hours. 

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But then, with your beautiful words and imagery, you make me sad. 

You make me cry and scream for those characters I love. You make me want to throw my tablet across the room while still wanting to hold it tightly to my chest. You make me feel emotions for these characters, emotions only the true creators have managed to pull from me.

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Why would you do this? Why break my heart into a million pieces and throw them to the wind to scatter my sadness around? I’m sure it hurts you more to create these stories. To see those characters you have loved, just as much as I, hurt or get hurt. It must break you bit by bit to write the words to complete that one scene. 

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But also, thank you. Thank you for the beautiful story you crafted for hours. And thank you for making me feel those beautiful emotions. Thank you for letting me live with these characters for a little while longer.

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                                              Just, thank you. 

Fangirl Problem #18

When you get so distracted by your obsession or fandom that you physically cannot function. 

There are nights when you just lie in bed thinking about these characters and end up not sleeping because you are too busy coming up with imaginary scenarios. 

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Or you sit in places like classes and lecture rooms, scrolling through Tumblr and other sites looking for information and pictures on your fandom instead of actually focusing on what you need to focus on. 

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It becomes even more apparent that you are obsessed when you start doing those things at inappropriate times. 

  • Your grandmother’s birthday.
  • When your parents are lecturing you on something or other.
  • Funerals

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Let’s just say that you know there’s a time and place for everything. But to you, the time is always fandom time.


high necklines make me emotional now bc thIS SCENE

Thinking about Shadowhunters not getting a season 3 is not possible for my brain it just starts to malfunction 

Like ?????

What am I expected to do with my life ????? 

So y’all know that i have this terrible thing about making friends. i just turn up in peoples inboxes and send them memes until we’re kinda chill.

so may i present: The BroFam

we’re like the batfam but better

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we don’t have to be mutuals or anything - this is a way to make friends, new and old!

What you’ll get:

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my undying love and loyalty

a tag to post in (brofam) to get likes/reblogs

a group of dorks who are going to make friends whether they like it or not

aka my solution for lonely people who don’t quite know how to reach out an make friends with other people

Speaking of people who i’ve already inducted (sorry for jumping the gun here?? but y’all are fam anyway so?)

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I’ve seen a lot of death threats carelessly being thrown on Twitter to kpop idols and to say that I’m beyond disappointed is an understatement because it’s never okay to wish death to someone. Music is supposed to bring us together but some people seemed to forget that not everything revolves around kpop, awards, records, physical sales, or charts. Music should be enjoyed in a very healthy way. Show some respect to other fandoms and most especially to kpop idols and never bring another fandom’s name with your childish acts because you’re tarnishing your ‘idol’s’ name. Please stop sending hate and death threats and just focus on your favourite groups before you do something you might regret in the future.


I think its been made obvious if you haven’t looked at my blog that I never have or never will ship nick and judy. its not my type of ship and I only see them as great pals. so my arts will never be them as a ship, ever, if you don’t like that then don’t waste your precious time reblogging my art work and commenting hate on them. just block me in general geez. have a nice day.

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they-are-not-scared-of-love  asked:

hi! i strongly believe chiam is fake and that's baby is not liam's son but i'm dissapointed of people i usally follow bc at first it was so clear for them that chiam it was fake and a stunt but after yesterday "announcement" they have changed their minds, i don't know if ziam it's real and this is the same case as larry but i'm sure that baby is just cheryl's and this is another babygate

These people think that saying the baby is fake is an automatic endorsement to Ziam’s relationship. They don’t want that. Ziam can’t be in the same situation Larry are. In their minds, Ziam have pr relationships for commercial purposes, but the relationship with their respective beards is real, because they can’t be anything other than straight, male, macho, men. They prefer to believe that Liam agreed to this situation because he’s not A-list enough or net worth enough, so he needs a pr relationship to stay relevant in the media. Like???

So Cheryl, is the right choice for him to stay relevant to the media? Media = The Sun, The Mirror, The Daily Mail, the only media outlets that care about Cheryl. Where in the world is this a good deal? How a baby is a smart career move for a 23 year old starting his solo career? For them is okay to think Liam agreed with exploiting a child than believe he’s in the same situation Louis is. Just because the people behind the babygate 2.0 are handling better than the ones behind babygate 1.0, doesn’t mean it’s real.

But the reason why this is happening is just one: they don’t care. The disdain of these people towards Liam is what needs to be pointed out. It doesn’t affect them if this is Liam’s baby or not. So if Liam says in social media that it’s his baby, is fine for them.

It was not fine when happened to Louis though.

P.S: Chiam is fake, regardless of Zayn. And Zigi is fake, Regardless of Liam.