You exist.
Past my own horizons,
On what feels like the edge of the world.
Further than the streets and roads between us;
Yet somehow closer.

You exist.
Brighter than undiscovered stars.
With a smile that lights worlds,
And a touch that sets bodies alight.
In your wake I have smouldered to ash.

You exist.
As a parable, a myth, a bedtime tale…
A collection of words strung together,
By an inadequate poet.
No words could ever do you justice.

You exist.
Both in another’s arms
And in my memories; Simultaneously.
I feel you everywhere I go,
With every painful step.

But you exist.
And that has always been,
And continues to be my reason to smile.
And weather you exist in my world or not -
I will always be forever grateful
… that you exist.

—  Ranata Suzuki, Existential Love

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“How do people do it?” She asked,

“Do what?” He replied.

“How do they have it in them to hurt someone who would move mountains for them? How do you hurt someone who’s done nothing but love you even when you least deserve it? It terrifies me how people can be so heartless, you know, so careless towards someone who would’ve happily gave them the world.”

—  Excerpts of a book I’ll never write