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Do you ever wonder what happened to that Ladybug from Timebreaker? Like, when she returns to her timeline once everything is fixed in the other timeline? I like to believe that once she sees Chat Noir sitting on the ground, confused and lost, because he genuinely thought he had died but no. He's alive. He's probably smiling that he is alive but when he looks up, he sees Ladybug crying. And she runs to him and hugs him tightly. And tells him 'Don't do that kitty. Never again' and he hugs her (c)

© back, still puzzled but he’s quick to hug her back without knowing what to say until he cracks the ‘I have eight lives to go, bugaboo’ and Ladybug let’s out a small laugh but doesn’t let go because she still cannot believe he’s okay. They are all okay.

They definitely friendshipped hugged so hard. 

(After Valentine’s men attacked the warlocks’ hideout and moves everyone to another location)

“Ah, much better. Ugh, it’s inevitable. After each move, I get the itch to redecorate.”

(Looking intently at Alec, smirking and being flirty)

“Normally, I love a dirty lair, but this one is just sloppy.” (Whilst straightening a table with his feet 🤣)

Alec, the poor lost puppy was so overwhelmed and confused with all the attention LOL

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Hi! So I'm not sure of my sexuality yet, maybe because I'm 14 but I'm kinda accepting. I'm getting attracted by girls and sometimes boys, I know this may sound cliché, but I never really experienced a lot in life. Like, I never kissed, just had a little relationship with a boy but it blew up so, I was hoping you could say something idk. I know you can't decide this to me but I kinda need a guidance right now cause I'm lost.

sexuality can be super confusing, so don’t worry! just take time to yourself to figure out who you are, it’s not always crystal clear who you are and aren’t attracted to. and it’s okay to change labels! if you feel like a label suits you, that’s great! if you later realize it doesn’t, that’s okay too! no matter who you are, you’re still beautiful and totally valid

you can identify linguistics students by the way they stare into space with a confused expression while muttering the same sentence over and over again as they try to figure out what the syntax tree would look like.

We’re all lost and confused kids, running around, weaving back and forth from living in the happiness of a moment, to struggling with the fear and uncertainty of the future
Dann wirst du älter, machst deinen Abschluss. Bist endlich frei und gleichzeitig total verloren, weil alles neu beginnt und Altes aufhört. Vielleicht ist das der Punkt, an dem du neu anfängst. Und vielleicht fangen auch wir neu an, aber so einfach wie das alles klingt, ist das Leben nicht.