It is suddenly very cold in here…

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to every Ice Toa so far! (I know, I know, Gelu and Strakk aren’t strictly speaking Toa. Just bear with me here.) Point is, I’ve just completed this collection of frosty friends and I wanted to share them with you guys. So grab your coats and head on down to Ko-Koro!

della-kit said: If we do that, can we have Maryam May?

yes please ok hear me out i have composed a Schedule:

  • jane january
  • feferi (and peixes in general) february
  • peregrine mendicant march (and the windswept questant!)
  • aries trolls april
  • maryams may
  • juju june (CALLIOPE)
  • july-ropes
  • ancestor (and guardians/lusii) ladies august!
  • serkets september
  • rox-tober and rose-tober (lalondes)
  • nepeta (or leijons in general!!) november
  • jadecember

outfit: all things juju (except boots and socks)

I love supporting bad ass ladies with amazing business ideas. I met Leslie at a Pittsburgh Style Social event long ago, and immediately loved her. When she told me she was working on finding a storefront for her very first store I was so super excited for her! I just had all of the good feels, and knew it would be amazing. She opened Juju months later, and it is amazing. The most gorgeous vintage pieces can be found here, and more!

Not only that but you can also get a tarot reading in her shop! I had my first one with her yesterday, and wow. What an amazing experience! She is so talented, and it definitely gave me some clarity on where I should be going with my career. Such a fun experience, she is amazing. When you are in Pittsburgh next make Juju a stop in your exploration! You won’t be disappointed!

Check her out on facebook & instagram