@ladygaga: I don’t know how to put a price on a friendship. I’m not even sure how you can assess the size of its meaning, only really your heart truly knows and it’s too special for words. I feel two competing feelings. Firstly, that I will live everyday with more passion, more determination, more compassion and more giving than ever before. Because that’s who she was, and it’s what drew us to each other, and I know it’s what she always wanted for me. She had this incredible way of releasing me from the anchor of my own sadness that held me back, she loved me fearlessly while I learned how to cope with fame and stay inspired no matter how scared I was. She knew all I cared about was the music. She made that ok. The other feeling I have is that of being robbed of the last 10 years of my life, friendship and career with her. Like someone took her from us, and with that taking took all the good times. I know that’s not true, and I know that I have those memories forever, I’m just in shock that I will never have new ones with her. I’m in shock that I won’t see her again until I pass too. I vow to be a little stronger everyday for her because that what she would have wanted, I vow to be stronger for anyone who’s lost somebody to cancer. I’m a part of that family now. I vow to be a warrior for her and be a voice for cancer patients so the world can continue to improve the dialogue and the fight. I loved her. I still love her. And I love so much her husband Andre, stepson Sante, and friends. I made them some food yesterday. I will keep cooking. Cooking my soul until it understands this.
Last thing I told her, “Go find Joanne, Sonj.” Somehow I think she did.

We opened a shop!

Good morning, rebel army! I’ve been asked a handful of times if I’m selling my designs as prints, stickers, t-shirts, and other products anywhere. The other day I was talking to @virginialy about it, and it gave me the idea of opening a RedBubble store!

So now it’s official, here it is!;


I’ve uploaded a handful of my Dragon Age illustrations, including some from this blog! Throughout the week, I’ll be creating some more, most of them featuring Apostate Hobo Life’s Solas on them since it’s the thing everyone requested the most. We all love our Stinky little elf.

Please share this post and feel free to send me any suggestions you might have, if there’s anything you’d like me to draw so that you can purchase that design! I’m more than happy to comply. 

Thank you all for your endless support and love. Solas and I love you back with all our little elven hearts. Stay safe! ❤ ❤



I designed a Lapithyst fusion!!! Her name is Tanzanite.

I was going for kind of a…goth ballerina look? I don’t know if it fits well, but I like how it turned out.

I also kind of based her looks off of Melanie Martinez, because that’s who I think would be the most fitting voice for a Lapis and Amethyst fusion.


Co-star Jaime Murray about David Suchet’s Poirot smell
(Agatha Christie’s Poirot 10x01: “The Mystery of the Blue Train”)

awkwardteenworld  asked:

What do the fairies and the students think about the modern depiction of fairies? I can imagine quite a few students going to Elsewhere for Tinkerbell and being... Hurt. In more than one way.

Yeah the thing is if someone tells you point blank ‘we have fairies’ you’re all going to have a bad time for a lot of different reasons, misunderstandings being just the beginning. It’s usually pretty easy to avoid, though. Students typically learn of the Gentry through warnings and strange shadows and chills when the fog rolls in; if they ever reach a point where they can articulate their suspicions, they already know this isn’t a Tinkerbell kind of deal.

Regarding the Gentry - there are some creatures who everyone tries very hard not to show anything that could be insulting. Others think it’s pretty amusing. The Foxy Lady in recent years has taken up the habit of claiming to be the inspiration behind virtually every non-human character in every work of media, from Tinkerbell to the Predator. And then she laughs at her own joke for a long time, every time, in five voices.