• You: Killing Stalking is such a good yaoi manga, Yoon Bum and Sang Woo are so hot together!
  • Me, an intellectual: While Killing Stalking is a fantastic horror manga that is a master class in visual storytelling, Yoon Bum and Sang Woo's relationship is explicitly toxic, abusive, and downright fetishistic at times and glorifying their relationship is really awful and in bad taste.


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“Yep %100 salad fingers, I really love the crossover though!!!”

What’s salad fingers? An anime reference?

@orange-fujoshi ohmygosh

sorry sorry I hope I don’t sound rude or anything, it’s totally fine if ya don’t know salad fingers

but I can tell you it is most definitely not an anime
Salad Fingers is a small flash series that you can find on youtube about this..thing and his little adventures through a desolate area with his finger puppet pals.. I believe it has 10 ep. Warning: It is a very unsettling series with blood, disturbing imagery (really just a creepy art style), and confusing yet rather morbid ideas and plots. You can watch it at your own risk, tho there is a film theory that really digs deep and makes sense of most things I suggest watching that too if you feel like ever touching this series ouo

if yoi was written by a straight woman (and is a fujoshi) and its lgbt rep despite it being a shit relationship
i feel like i, a gay, should make an actual sports anime/manga where the lead has an actual healthy relationship that isn’t just full of pretty boys, but filled with actual sports and motivation that isnt driven by “man im a fucking pork bowl fuck me”


This is the last straw, you guys will never learn it seems because you obsessed fujoshis can’t have decent respect for people. I don’t want to make art for something if it only goes to people like you, I’ll only be able to think of eddsworld now as the fandom that drove innocnet people into hiding and leaving because the fans can’t separate reality from fantasy.

So no more eddsworld art from me. Perhaps someday you’ll redeem yourselves, but right now? I couldn’t be more dissapointed. Goodbye eddsworld.
I’ll still keep my current art up, but yeah, no new ones from me. Thanks a lot.

Have you guys ever considered... there's nothing inherently WRONG

about being a 300 pound fujoshi who watches gay dramas all day from their bed and never actually has spoken to a man in their life.

Things I want to see in Season 2
  • Domestic Victuuri (PLEASE).
  • More Minami (biased? who’s biased?)
  • More friends for Yurio.
  • Fanboy Minami (I won’t mind if he’s a Yuri’s Angel now)
  • Mila and/or Sara skating (this one is important).
  • Otabek having a girlfriend (I just want to see fujoshis losing their shit, can you blame me?) + supportive Yurio.
  • Otabek and Yurio being BFF (this friendship must be protected).
  • Did I say more Minami screentime yet?
  • Who the hell is Mistery Man? Is Chris’s boyfriend? A familiar? His cousin? WHO THE FUCK IS HE?!
  • Seung-Gil smiling.
  • Make Leo say something in spanish for fuck’s sake I’M BEGGING HERE.
  • Georgi deserves love too.
  • Russian Team + Yuuri bonding times.
  • Mila and Victor being besties.
  • If Minami meets Phichit we will live in an eternal sunshine. Just sayin’
  • A puppy. Or 10 I don’t care, just A LITTLE FRIEND FOR MAKKACHIN.
  • Emil being noticed by Micky-senpai.
  • Fanboy Trio (aka Phichit, Guang-Hong and Leo) fanboying over Victuuri.
  • JJ needs a friend too cofcofSeung-Gilcofcof

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I think the fanatics are the problem. Like it's a good show and I truly believe Kubo and the other producer wanted to leave a nice message but we all have to agree it was poorly executed. I just hate how some fans ignore all the yoi problems and lash at those who genuinely liked the show but aren't blind to call it "best ever" and stuff. The loud yoi fanatics needs some serious chill pills

their nice message being… this?

honestly, they just saw an opportunity and took it. really, do you think anyone on mainstream of anything cares about “message”? especially a show targeting fujoshi like this one? don’t get me wrong, i don’t have a problem with people enjoying the show- i just resent the idea people getting “morality credit” when they do not deserve it in the least.

yoi fandom is a huge parody really, people patting each other on the back for choosing such a “healthy uwu” masturbatory fantasy.

Victor/Yuuri isn’t censored.

They hid the kiss for artistic effect, and there have been waaaaay more explicit gay relationships in anime before (even going so far as having borderline super explicit sex scenes aired in the same timeslot that YOI aired in)

the censors were hardly the reason they only implied the kissing, and it has a lot more to do with fujoshi culture and the audience preferring canon that only implies actions and leaves most of it to viewer interpretation.

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i like how ppl are like "fujoshi culture!!" every time theres a gay ship. bitch. society treats gay relationships as a fetish. it trickles down to "fujoshis." how about you call out society that fetishes gay relationships instead of saying "omg anyone who appears feminine is a gay fetishizer :/" bitch. some lesbians look like guys and some gay guys look like chicks and theres a such thing as feminine nonbinary shippers im sure they dont want you calling them fujoshis. stop.