Representation Matters: Working in the French Banlieues

When I first applied to teach abroad, there was a section of the application that asked if I was willing to work in a Zone Urbaine Sensible (ZUS). Sensitive Urban Zone is just a fancy term for po’ & run down. A ZUS typically has a high percentage of public housing, high rates of unemployment, and very low percentages of high school degrees. In the United States we tend to refer to these places as the inner-city, but in Paris most of these neighborhoods are found in les banlieues just outside of the city. 

So knowing all of this before applying, I reluctantly marked a check in the square box. Why on earth would I agree to this, you ask? A couple reasons. The main reason being I was desperate to get into the program and thought that since many people would say no, this might help my chances. The second reason is because I wanted to have students from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. I grew up in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and I am just in general used to that type of environment. But I didn’t imagine how much I would enjoy the experience. 

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jimincena asked:

what if jikook act out the cheesiest couple moments from movies in their spare time

Lmao I swear, if Jimin hasn’t walked by Kookie drawing one time and hasn’t at least once said draw me like one of your French girls Kookie

And Kookie, without missing a beat or even looking up mutters you have on too many clothes for that and Jimin just stops dead and looks at Kookie like he’s grown two heads. And Kookie hears him stop and finally looks up and sees Jimin staring at him with wide eyes, his cheeks just slightly red. And Kookie does that little smirk thing he does and mother. fucking. winks. And then goes back to drawing like nothing happened.

And it becomes a sort of inside joke between them? 

BTS is doing a promo ads for some company that also sells jewelry. One of the pieces a female model is wearing is like a giant sapphire necklace. Jimin smiles, catches Kookie’s eyes, and wiggles his eyebrows and whispers draw me like one of your French girls Kookie. Kookie blatantly looks Jimin up and down before shaking his head. Still wearing too much hyung. Kookie’s already done it once, and Jimin is kind of asking for it, but he still blushes to the tip of his ears when Kookie says it. 

One late night they catch each other, Jimin coming out of the bathroom, Kookie going in. Jimin’s fresh out of the shower, clad in only a towel around his waist and Kookie is staring so Jimin thinks why not? Draw me like one of your French girls, Kookie. Kookie, feeling brave, hooks one finger in the towel and tugs just enough to dangerously loosen it. Well, you’re finally wearing the right amount of clothing. This time Jimin doesn’t shy away, looking up at Kookie from under his eyelashes. 

Kookie does…eventually…get around to drawing Jimin that night.

Just Sorry? A Mini Series (Chapter 2/??)

Warning: Following chapters will contain Smut, Angst, Explicit Language, Daddy Kink, Rough Sex

Previous Chapter: 1

Word Count: 2,394

“A muse project? So what you’ll be Rose and he’ll play Jack? Wait even better-… He’ll draw you like one of his French girls?”

With a dramatic roll of your eyes, you had saw this coming. As soon as you mentioned becoming Junior’s muse for one of his projects to Jackson, you knew he wouldn’t understand. The blonde was in no way the artistic type. Instead of painting and sculpting like the other, Jackson was into more physical activities such as basketball, swimming, rugby; things in that matter. Whatever sport thrown in his face, he could play every position possible and flawlessly. It was a natural born gift as he liked to call it.

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Completions and Connections: My Funny Valentine

So remember when I said I was visiting these guys for the last time on New Years? I was kidding. Just a little something in the Completions and Connections verse for Valentine’s Day. This one takes place just a few months after they FINALLY get together.

February 14, 2016

Alexandria, Egypt—Eastern Standard Time + Seven Hours

Valentine’s Day, it’s allegedly the most romantic day of the year. Not that I’d know, or anything. My personal Valentine’s Day experiences include a carnation in my locker and a make out session in the backseat of a Hyundai Elantra—do not advise—which ended in the girl puking up McDonald’s French fries out the window when I was sixteen, a fire in the restaurant in the village that Artie took me to on our first Valentine’s Day together, which led to a terrifying moment where I thought I’d have to suspend him, wheelchair and all, from the fire escape, until a bunch of guys carried him down the back stairs, and then several years of forgetting it existed as I traveled the world.

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In summer when bonfires are lit fast
the air smells like cedar trees
and it is cold in Northern states where
we congregate around silent lakes.

This boy looks at me from across the lawn,
his familiar mouth all midnight turned down
at the corners. He is unwavering
but I am falling, an early Autumn,
a backwards turning clock
when he looks at me.

In my mind, I am already undressed.
I am already chest deep
in lakewater. Connecticut lakes are
too cold. I am gooseflesh and shivers.

Later he speaks to me softly
next to a dying fire.
He tells me he loves a girl who dances
and writes poetry in French
and all I hear is
not you, not you, not you

The bonfire dies and I fall asleep
on summer grass.

—  “Northern Boys” by Olivia Mandile, published on Words Dance

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"Paint me like one of your French girls!" Paul says half jokingly, as Duel Spirit Mana walks in on him laying on the couch, wearing only boxer briefs. @pauljsaccone

She sighs, looking up from her scroll. “One, you assume that I know whatever reference you’re talking about… Two, I’m a little busy right now, Three, you know that I can’t draw, and Four, I’m pretty certain she was naked when she asked that.”

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I want to see corn titanic "I'm the king of the world" or "paint me like one of your French girls" can you???? Please???🌽❤️🌽❤️

Here you are, my love <3

i was saving carol for a day when i’m extra sad and extra gay which is today and it’s really, genuinely really good. but can i just say my pet peeve is when they use dramatic high piano/violin music to code gay tension?? especially for lesbian music, which i feel like relates a loooot to like, lesbian class poliics in paticular. like that dorothy allison quote,

 “Ironically I think lesbian sex has been historically considered upper class, at least in the traditional mind. The only lesbians they knew were Emily Dickinson, and she wasn’t doing it, or Natalie Barney and I don’t know if they thought she did it but they were sure that she swore in French if she did. It was all those runaway upper class girls living on Daddy’s payoff money to stay out of the states. So, the idea of lesbianism as something your female garage mechanic did with the woman behind the counter at Walgreens is just not in the public imagination.” (it took me foreverrr to find that quote so you’re welcome)

  idk my dream is to get paid to add music to tv/movies and it’s like… there’s nothing wrong with i per se but it’s pretty cliche. the moment itself is dramatic and the music makes it sound like the titanic is about to go down