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Thing Three

Thank you again for all your encouraging words! Thanks to @callmeder who puts up with my odd comma choices and still speaks to me. Hope you all like it. Also, I just spent 20 minutes trying to figure out how to put links to the first two chapters on here. Couldn’t get there. Not that smart. if anyone wants to teach an old dog new tricks, I’m game.

My Sassenach

Chapter 3

Sam left Cait’s hotel room, utterly unsure if he had just made the biggest mistake of his life, or had taken the first step on the path toward eternity.

He wasn’t going to fall into bed with her and take what was so enticingly offered, only to lose, through his haste, what he felt developing between them. He would go canny, like Jamie had, and let Cait have time to settle into the idea of him, of them, together forever. He’d known from their first encounter, that first sensual beyond reason kiss, that he was done searching. He didn’t know it would be that easy, yet here he was, more sure of this than anything else in his life. So as much as he wanted to take her to bed and worship her body, caressing her opalescent skin, exploring the hills and valleys and secret places, driving her hard to share that exquisite peak of human pleasure with him, he refrained. He needed her as badly as he needed air, but she was still so unsettled from the abrupt changes in her life. With the new job, the move, carrying the weight of this show on her shoulders, everything familiar seemed to be left behind.

Sam would wait. His mum had taught him when he was young never to trade what he wanted most for what he wanted right now. His balls ached with his want right now. She was worth the ache, worth the wait, because he wanted more than just the secret places of her body, he wanted the secret places of her mind. He wanted to have all of her, forever. He was afraid if he took her now, even though physically they were both more than ready, he would lose out in the long run, and she would flee from the intensity of their feelings. He resolved to wait until she was sure. Until all her worries and concerns were laid to rest and they could be together, secure in the knowledge that their future was decided.

His resolve had lasted four days. He’d learned that the location schedule required filming a rather intense intimate scene out of order, long before the rest of the episode was to be shot. He felt excitement, alarm and anxiety all colliding in the pit of his stomach. He had filmed erotic scenes, and acted a few out on stage, in front of his mum, no less. This felt different. He wasn’t sure he could compartmentalize his feelings for Cait well enough to keep the scene at the level it needed to be: staged, methodical, controlled. A scene like that needed to look wild, passionate and spontaneous; all the things that the presence of grips, cameramen, make-up artists, costume crew, directors and assistants made nearly impossible. It took a hell of a lot of concentration and composure to pull a scene like that off. He was glad to find they would have some rehearsal time. Time where they could talk it through with the director, block the action and get a feel for how it would play out, before the clothing came off, the ‘modesty patches’ went on, and dignity went out the door. There was a very real level of exposure that took a lot of confidence to manage. Sam was well aware of Cait’s career as a runway model. She was more comfortable with her body than just about anyone he had ever met, but he didn’t think she’d ever done anything quite like this before. He snorted derisively at the thought of those horrible modesty pouches, which preserved not the least shred of modesty.

Frustrated, Sam punched the wall of his trailer. The knowledge that his first experience caressing Cait’s skin, holding her bare against his chest, feeling her impossibly long legs wrapped around him would be in front of crew and camera was almost too much to bear. He couldn’t. He just could not.

Sam was still unsettled when he met Cait on set the next day. They talked about the filming schedule, made inappropriate jokes, laughed and generally ignored the elephant in the room. Namely, they were going to take their clothes off and roll around on top of one another, in a room full of other people, when they very much wanted to do just that in a room that didn’t include any other people.

Why was this so complicated? Sam couldn’t very well go up to Cait and say, “Well, we’re going to simulate some pretty hot sex, so we might as well get some practice in. My place, 10:30? We can Netflix and chill.” Or worse, “We didn’t do it when you suggested, but now we have to have fake sex, and I really don’t want to do that without having real sex first, so, do you maybe want to come over and…and…and…” Why had he turned her down four days ago? It just seemed so awkward now and he was mortified by his own ridiculousness. He needed a drink. Whisky! That was the answer. They could go out and… No! No drunken misadventures. That was definitely not how he wanted this to go down. Dammit, whisky wasn’t the answer.

Cait was the woman. The only woman he would ever care about. Everything in his life had led him to her, and he wasn’t about to mess this up over a stupid shooting schedule and his own paralyzing anxiety. He loved her. He was sure she felt, if not exactly the same way, at least close to it. But what about his resolve not to rush into anything precipitously? He needed some advise. There was as yet no one here with whom he had that kind of intimate confidence, except Cait. Why didn’t he have his own real life Murtagh? He was full of questions and no answers.

Sam spent most of the afternoon wrestling with this demon, twisting himself up in knots over the best way to move forward without looking insincere or opportunistic. Later in the day, he had a costume fitting, and hoped to be able to talk to Cait again when that was finished. Not that he knew what he was going to say. He just needed to do something. After fittings he returned to his trailer, pulled out his phone and was just starting to text her, when she showed up at his door.

“Sam, I wanted to talk to you about, um, episode 9.” Caitriona looked at Sam from under fluttering lashes, a slow blush rising up her bosom to flush over her face. “Without the jokes. I think it might be a bit…I mean, I think I might have a hard time…” Cait broke off in embarrassment.

Stepping into his trailer, Cait reached for his hand, gripping it with both of her own. She took a deep breath, looked him straight in the eye and whispered, “You know I want you.”

Before he knew what he was doing, Sam had Caitriona up against the wall, kissing her fiercely, so urgent with need that he couldn’t remember how to breathe. His hands were roaming freely over her body, from hair to shoulder, down to breast, belly and hip, pulling her closer to him. Cait’s hands were twined in his hair, keeping his mouth on hers. One hand released his hair and found his arse, pulling him to her so hard he groaned and gasped as she curled a leg up around his thigh. They broke from the kiss, panting heavily and frantically pulling at clothing.

Sam didn’t know how they moved from wall to couch, how he came to be laying at length on top of this beautiful creature, long legs intertwined with his. He felt a furious lust so intense it stunned him. This wasn’t just physical to him. He desperately wanted Cait to know that his need encompassed everything. He wanted her body. God, how he wanted it! But he also wanted her heart and soul. He wanted to be one with her, to have and touch and hold all of her. He needed all of her. He needed her to understand that this was forever for him. He wasn’t just giving her his body, though she could take it and welcome. He wanted to give her his own soul, join it with hers, to show her his secret places as he learned about hers.

Sam kissed her again, lips claiming what he wanted to be his. He burned and shook with a fearsome passion he had never known. As he looked into Caitriona’s eyes, he saw the same passion, the same need to possess reflected there, and felt her shake and burn with her own need. This moment, this event, would join them forever. He knew it intuitively, and just as intuitively knew he mustn’t rush. With great effort he slowed himself, caressing her face, touching all the beauty of it, kissing eyes, nose, cheekbone, chin, and finally, mouth. He was surrounded by her warmth and the heady scent and softness of her skin. He blazed where she touched him. He knew a happiness more complete than any he had ever felt before, and then he knew no more, surrendering to the joy of love given and received, expressed in it’s most fervent form


It was time to go. Sam was loathe to relinquish his hold on Cait, loathe to lose the feel of her skin on his, the warm exchange of breath and gentle kisses, in order to dress and make ready to leave the set.

“Cait,” Sam whispered, and rose up on his elbows, looking down into the most exquisite face he had ever seen,

“Come home with me tonight. Please.”

He took a lock of her hair and curled it around his finger.

“Stay with me.”

anonymous asked:

Just wondering but who are some of your favorite snk writers in the fandom?

How much time do you have? *cracks knuckles*

Fuck: My Life by @mongoose-bite is probably my favorite snk fic. It’s eruriren, but he’s written alot of awesome ereri too.

@twisting-vine-x ’s fic Holding Hands In The Rain is what made me want to write ereri in the first place. All their stories are great, but without that particular fic, mine surely wouldn’t exist.

@wishingsebastianstanwasmyman writes many awesome ereris but his eruriren demon fic We’ll Let The Fires Just Bathe Us is my fav. (plus James is just fucking great as a person in general 15/10)

@fearthekeira is the person you can thank for Red Heat because Duty and Sacrifice really made me want to write a/b/o.

@bfketh will both entertain and educate you. You will learn shit. You will enjoy it. (also I might hate her a little right now for being a tease with her fucking stupendous upcoming story but that’s neither here nor there)

@kiokushitaka is unfair because they write glorious cock hungry Levi and they draw beautifully and there’s no justice in life.

Ok I’ll try and keep this short the rest are in no particular order.
@playingchello @rosesintea aka noero @erenbaegerr @my101fragiledreams aka take_me_to_my_fragile_dreams @fuzzyporcupine aka thespazzbot @perksofbeingawaifu @cinnamonskull @misayawriting @what-would-freckled-jesus-do @ryuusea @sihaiya @the-ugly-fic-ling @monsoondownpour @foreverautumnblog @missmichellebelle @bicyclestandard

I guarantee I’ve forgotten someone. When I reblog this for my author rec tag I’m sure to have more authors for you.

valensbeats asked:

I need help, I ask you this because you are probably going through the same situation and I thought you could understand. I'm dating, I've realized I've built a fortress around my heart just like that motto "I won't let u close enough to hurt me". He is my first boyfriend and I think I'm falling for him but fear and nerves block me. This is so new for me! I've never fell in love before and I'm scared. I'm scared to feel, to what would happen. He loves me so much,I can feel it.But I block myself

I totally understand. I’ve lived in isolation my whole life and it’s awful, it’s also very common unfortunately. You just have to take your time! Give yourself time and space to become okay with letting someone in, you don’t have to heal overnight. Just work at it. Feel yourself freaking out when he wants to be closer with you but let it happen anyway, breathe through it. Let your heart melt. As long as he is treating you well and there are no red flags, he deserves a chance and you should give him that chance! It’s gonna be okay, I know it’s scary but it’s honestly nothing to be afraid of because whatever you do you will get hurt. Knowing that, you might as well just go for it. If you turn someone down, you will hurt them. If you let them deep in your heart, you will hurt them just because it’s bound to happen because you’re not perfect. If you shut them out of your life for no reason, you will hurt yourself because isolation kills. Pain is inevitable and that is freeing to realize. People aren’t perfect, we hurt each other once in a while but that doesn’t mean we don’t deserve to love and BE loved. We are all so worthy of a chance and we have to make sure we give chances just as we want to receive them! The key is just to make sure people aren’t hurting you intentionally. If someone is being careless or reckless with your heart, then it’s time to walk away. But if they’re treating you well and making it clear they care and want to be in your life, I say you let them. Give your attention to those who earn it. Let people try to make you happy because the chances are, eventually they will succeed! Accept yourself and the people around you and you will end up so much happier.

Mother and Daughter Reunite After 82 Years

Betty Morrell, 82, arrived at Greater Binghamton Airport on Jan. 15, eager to see her mother. As she waved across the airport, her 96-year-old mother Lena Pierce began to cry. It was the first time Morrell had seen her mother in 82 years.

“It was like the beginning of my life,” Morrell told ABC News. She had been searching for her biological mother for 50 years.

Read more  -  Facebook

what if i wrote a novel in my semester off

#FBF to last summer ☀️🌊🍦 and this fun #lookbook that I did with @modcloth. After years of being ashamed of my body, It was the first time that I ever wore a #swimsuit in my adult life. A few months and several #bikinis 👙 later, I feel like so much has changed for me. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t still have some hangups… But I am determined to make peace with my body and take the best care of myself possible 💕. The path to #selfacceptance isn’t always a straight line but I will never stop moving forward. 💖

B (if i should have a daughter)

instead of “mom”, she’s gonna call me “point B.” because that way, she knows that no matter what happens, at least she can always find her way to me. and I’m going to paint the solar system on the back of her hands so that she has to learn the entire universe before she can say “oh, I know that like the back of my hand.”

she’s gonna learn that this life will hit you, hard, in the face, wait for you to get back up so it can kick you in the stomach. but getting the wind knocked out of you is the only way to remind your lungs how much they like the taste of air. there is hurt, here, that cannot be fixed by band-aids or poetry, so the first time she realizes that Wonder-woman isn’t coming, I’ll make sure she knows she doesn’t have to wear the cape all by herself. because no matter how wide you stretch your fingers, your hands will always be too small to catch all the pain you want to heal. believe me, I’ve tried.

and “baby,” I’ll tell her “don’t keep your nose up in the air like that, I know that trick, you’re just smelling for smoke so you can follow the trail back to a burning house so you can find the boy who lost everything in the fire to see if you can save him. or else, find the boy who lit the fire in the first place to see if you can change him.”

but I know that she will anyway, so instead I’ll always keep an extra supply of chocolate and rain boots nearby, ‘cause there is no heartbreak that chocolate can’t fix. okay, there’s a few heartbreaks chocolate can’t fix. but that’s what the rain boots are for, because rain will wash away everything if you let it.

I want her to see the world through the underside of a glass bottom boat, to look through a magnifying glass at the galaxies that exist on the pin point of a human mind. because that’s how my mom taught me. that there’ll be days like this, “there’ll be days like this my momma said” when you open your hands to catch and wind up with only blisters and bruises. when you step out of the phone booth and try to fly and the very people you wanna save are the ones standing on your cape. when your boots will fill with rain and you’ll be up to your knees in disappointment and those are the very days you have all the more reason to say “thank you,” ‘cause there is nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline no matter how many times it’s sent away.

you will put the “wind” in win some lose some, you will put the “star” in starting over and over, and no matter how many land mines erupt in a minute be sure your mind lands on the beauty of this funny place called life.

and yes, on a scale from one to over-trusting I am pretty damn naive but I want her to know that this world is made out of sugar. it can crumble so easily but don’t be afraid to stick your tongue out and taste it.

“baby,” I’ll tell her “remember your mama is a worrier but your papa is a warrior and you are the girl with small hands and big eyes who never stops asking for more.”

remember that good things come in threes and so do bad things and always apologize when you’ve done something wrong but don’t you ever apologize for the way your eyes refuse to stop shining.

your voice is small but don’t ever stop singing and when they finally hand you heartbreak, slip hatred and war under your doorstep and hand you hand-outs on street corners of cynicism and defeat, you tell them that they really ought to meet your mother.

(sarah kay)


“ Sherri has taught me about love, at 46 I’ve finally discovered love. The purest form of it.. I don’t think I’ve ever been treated with so much love, caring, giving, comfort, joy and empathy. Therefore I have been loved, I feel as if for the first time in my life.. I’ve been truly loved, by a woman. And I think that has finally opened my eyes.. to love.” - Teri Polo

The inaugural edition of Good Sense Farm’s “Ask a Farmer” column begins with a familiar question and ends with a twist. First the question, sent by someone who found out about us on the internets :

Good morning,

I…am on the quest to find black owned business to support for my life needs and wants. I have been very successful as now I have several DMV black farmers to support; however, I am having a hard time finding animal farmers for chicken/eggs, pork, etc. Can you direct me to local farmers or a black owned butcher shop that sources from Black Owned farms?

Thank you for any guidance you can provide. I look forward to supporting you and the rest of the agricultural farmers in the area.  


I read this question through once and thought to myself, “how do I break it to them?” Here’s my first answer, unedited, untouched by the gift of hindsight. 

Hey J,

Thanks for your inquiry. This is a great question. 

While I truly wish it was a matter of just pointing you in the direction of a directory or list of black farmers to meet your needs, unfortunately it’s not that easy anywhere in the country. Access to the type of land that it takes to run an animal operation is a major obstacle on the farming front and urban development which supports small businesses like that black butcher that we both so earnestly want, just aren’t there and require real work to bring those resources back to our community. DC, like the rest of the country, has a really rich history of innovative black food producers but also a really deep legacy of structural inequity and intentional discrimination that make maintaining a business very difficult for black farmers and food producers. 

As a result, producers are largely small and unconnected to larger markets. When they do reach larger markets you can’t distinguish their products from white producers. There has only recently been a resurgence in interest in the distinction in a way that might make it profitable for the producer. That’s why I am so happy that you asked this question! It’s proof that people want to know their black farmer a little better and are perhaps willing to invest directly in the growth of black farms to turn the current trends around.

Though I’m not sure how you came upon my information, I hope that in your search you heard about our work building a network of supportive infrastructure for farmers of color and connecting them to markets. Good Sense Farm cofounded Community Farming Alliance for DMV farmers of color in 2013 which is steadily building a network of farmers of color and resources to help them thrive.

Currently, we run a Community Supported Agriculture Program which offers, veggies, mushrooms, honey, medicinal herbs and, yes, eggs to our members.
We are always looking for more farmers to add to the network, particularly those with products that we know our customers want. We are also actively trying to mentor young farmers of color to get into the business and provide them with the resources to be successful. My hope is that folks like you will consider joining us and will spread the word that supporting cooperatives like ours is the best way to support the return of black artisinal producers outside of pushing for radical structural changes toward justice and equity in the food system. 

I hope this information is helpful to you in your search and that, perhaps, we will meet soon. Your enthusiasm and earnest investment in our growth as food producers is appreciated and needed. 


Zachari J. Curtis

I hit send, and didn’t think much more of it. J responded unsurprised. We shared hopes for a someday fix. We made pledges to meet real soon and that was that, or so I thought. 

Nothing in my response was untrue but something kept bothering me about it. No, it wasn’t the self-promotional tone, though, you know. 

 In a recent email, my comrade in farming Gail Taylor, cofounder with me of Community Farming Alliance, lifted up an experience that made me reflect again on my response and the side of the story that doesn’t get told. Gail’s reflection on meeting Jahi Ellis, at a meeting of SAAFON: the Southeastern African American Farmer’s Organic Network.: 

Like many of you, I had read the article about Ellis in [Civil Eats] that talks about how he’s in survival mode and struggling to make ends meet. What I think the article missed, which was clear when I met him last week, is how inspiring, capable, and determined Ellis is.

And there it is folks. Before you call it over for black farmers, we must all consider a few things. We have survived and come to thrive under tremendous pressures. We honor those who have not survived by keeping their names and their lessons in our minds and mouths. Our networks of resilience are not readily searchable and were not meant to be. We, like other folks, have resisted surveillance and traceability to create safe havens for our art, industry and livelihoods. 

Keep reading


Yasushi Nirasawa has passed away. He was one of the very first artists to have ever influenced me, even before my art was ever anything more than a toddler’s scribbles and still remains one of the best of all time. He left us far too soon. 

He had brought in new vicious life to Go Nagai’s Devilman and made it his own. He had provided so many Kamen Riders across different eras menacing foes and allies for decades on end. 

Thank you for having unleashed your creatures on us, Nirasawa-sensei. Your work will always be cherished and your presence will always be missed. 


List of Stories

All of the stories below can also be found on my AO3 profile, I do update tumblr first.

A Life Unseen - An AU, Frank cheats on Claire story. Frank cheats right before Claire falls through time and how her relationships/experiences will differ from the books since she doesn’t have that anchor of Frank trying to get back to.

Mo Chridhe - Modern AU of Claire and Jamie’s lives

The Crook Chronicles - My half is set for Mr. Crook, @lenny9987 and I have paired up and she has written Mrs. Crook.

Endlessly - *New* story based on @gotham-ruaidh‘s Endless Loop Theory

For the Love of a Soldier - Also known as 1940s Claire and Jamie, it’s an AU set in the 1940s with Jamie a Scottish solider and Claire a nurse meeting during WWII.

A Second Chance - Yet another AU where Claire goes back through the stones with Bree, 2 years after leaving the past before Culloden.

Changing History - One shot AU where Jamie and Claire were successful in getting the Bonnie Prince to go back to Italy and not start the rebellion. Their experience after with a certain Captain of Dragoons.

Just a Man - Currently a one shot, but soon to be multi-post, from Jamie’s point of view. Current post is set (book world) right after the wedding when Claire faints.

25 Days of Outlander - Posts are tagged with 25 Days of Outlander, Gotham-ruiadh,& Lenny9987. There are a series of 25 “Favorites” that I’ve chosen to write short fanfictions based upon. Currently there are 11 posts for that particular set.

Claire’s Not a Fetch - Completed AU where Claire goes back and stops Jamie from marrying Laoghaire in Voyager.

The Sorcerer and the Stones - Master Raymond based story (currently complete. Future chapters possible)

Christmas Faith & Alternate Story Line- Christmas based stories with Faith Fraser as the main character

Christmas on the Ridge - Fluffy Christmas morning opening presents story

im in a cracker barrel for the first time in my life and im so fucking confused. why is their a connivence store inside of this restaurant. why are there so many chairs for sale. what the hell is going on. get me out of this barrel.

art journal page -

#inprogress This is the most organic thing I’ve done in awhile, and I’m loving it. Creating is the only thing I’ve been up to giving my brain over to. I’m sensitive. I’m a mess of constant emotion. But, for the first time in my life, I’m the most apathetic I’ve ever been. Giving a damn about anything means I feel Greyson, all the time. Without even realizing it, I’ve just been staying numb. I never understood numb before. It makes perfect sense now. #arttherapy #artjournaling #stillborn #stencils #whattoaddnext #dinawakleymedia #artjournal

by daniloujohnston

canonicalmomentum asked:

i want to hear a story about giordano bruno, whoever that is

Oh man, get ready to learn some cool things about Giordano Bruno, one of my top ten dead guys of history.

Our man GB was born in 1548 in Nola, Italy, and died in 1600 on fire at a stake in Rome. What he did in the intervening years reads like something out of a video game summary. He was excommunicated three times by three different churches (Catholic, Lutheran, Calvinist) for an absurd smorgasbord of heresies, kicked out of his monastery for reading banned books, and chased out of almost every country in Europe for pissing someone or other off.

And yet, despite being confined to the life of an itinerant wizard, GB just kept writing.

And his writing is remarkable. It’s highly magical (my icon is one of his magical woodcuts), poetic, transcendental, openly heretical, and it contains what many historians point to as the first true prelude of the scientific revolution. Bruno was arguably the first Copernican Realist, and the first person to suggest that the stars might have planets going around them. He believed in atoms, action at a distance, and an infinite universe. He was an incredible fountain of revolutionary ideas, in the form of a tiny belligerent Italian nerd who couldn’t keep his mouth shut. Ever.

Today’s fun fact, though, is Bruno had some of the best last words of all time.  Because what do you say to a tyrannical Church/State that has already made up its mind to burn you at the stake for (an admittedly well-earned charge of) heresy?

“Maiori forsan cum timore sententiam in me fertis quam ego accipiam”

“Perhaps you who accuse me are more afraid than I am to hear my sentence”