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Hi ^^ can you please match me with Dialovers and Kamigami no Asobi? I'm a girl who has long, natural auburn hair, blue eyes, nice cheekbones, and I have an hourglass figure. I'm also 5'4 and an ENFP! Three positive traits about myself is that I am childish, generous, and sassy. Three negative traits I have that are that I can be overly sensitive, perfectionist, and a bit too confident. I like to go on adventures and try to have as much fun as possible and I like cute stuff. Thank you!

Sure thang, chicken wang! (: 

Subaru Sakamaki

I consider him an INTJ. Like hands down. ENFP’s and INTJ’s are actually considered an ideal love match. You would bring life into his coffin world. He would be very aggravated by you at first, but the more you follow him the around (because let’s face it, us ENFP’s never give up), the more he will realize that he loves your presence and will always want to be around you.


Pretty much because of the same reason as Subaru; however, he wouldn’t be aggravated by you at first. He would just be very confused as to why someone as happy and fun as you would want to be around someone who brings bad luck to anyone around them like him.

Let’s be friends jk jk jk.

But Seriously, let’s be friends.