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You say Narusaku fans are sweet. They meet the meanest, nastiest people I've ever seen.

They sure do meet mean and nasty people, like people who send anon asks dragging them.

More seriously, assuming that’s a typo, I’m sorry if you’ve had some bad experiences with NaruSaku fans, but I can genuinely say I have had nothing but gratitude and friendliness from their small but mighty fandom. More importantly, even though I myself don’t ship NaruSaku, I have never had a NaruSaku fan leave nasty comments on my non-NaruSaku content.

In contrast, I have had MANY NaruHina fans leave appallingly hateful comments on (properly tagged!) non-NaruHina content on my blog. And I ship NaruHina. I gotta drag my own side, ok? 

Like. Why do that shit?

In my experience on Tumblr, the nastiest people stan the nicest ships and characters, as if by attaching themselves to “pure” content, people won’t notice that they’re douches. Too bad. This is a call out post. Liking sweet fictional people isn’t an excuse for being an asshole to real people.

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Same Anon who asked about Studio Closures: I read somewhere, that if the publishers management would take a bit out of their own salary, the budget would be more relaxed. Which veers a lot into the territory of morality and ethics of how we run and should run the industry of course, but your insight is appreciated.

According to [this website and relevant SEC filings], the total compensation for the top dudes (i.e. decision makers at this level) at EA are as follows:

If these executives were to donate 100% of these compensations to development, it would be around $53.7 million USD in value. That’s about the dev+marketing budget of a single mid-tier AAA game. It’s about 2/3 of the cost to develop and market the Witcher 3. It’s less than a third of Star Citizen’s funding. 

In comparison, EA spent roughly $1.2 billion on research and development, and another $673 million on marketing in [fiscal 2017], for a total spend of around $1.87 billion. The executive compensation is about 3% of that.

Game development, especially AAA game development, is expensive.

Got a burning question you want answered?

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1) Hi, I'm the anon who asked why you are pro-life? I honestly hate that I created trouble for you and that people are now going to make you answer about all this instead; I apologise, I had asked out of curiosity and not out of malice. The question had been badly worded, but I'm still confused whether or not to accept abortion.

2) A person I know previously had one– and I have always felt it wasn’t my business what she did with her body and her baby. But, you make a solid argument, it IS a human life we are talking about here, and yet, I feel that the fetus can’t exactly be expected to care about a life it hasn’t received, and a life that may not treat it well once it is born as an unwanted child. And there still is the question of people who were raped, especially young children and teens.

3) I know you believe all life is sacred, but I think the life of a young pregnant person and their choice matters just as much as an unborn fetus. Who knows if they have the money, the support and the overall ability to raise a child? So is abortion murder? I sometimes think it is. Other times, no. It’s a controversial topic, and I have always felt if people want to have an abortion then it’s their choice. I’m sorry if it seemed I wanted to argue, I simply wanted a broader perspective on this.

Hi again, Anon!

Hey, it’s no problem! I didn’t sense malice. I enjoy a good discussion. It was a good question! I’m happy when people ask instead of the usual name calling. Honestly, I got a little less trouble than I expected. Being a pro-lifer on a college campus has made me paranoid about people finding out that I’m… not a liberal. In fact, I met a fellow closet conservative on campus today, and she shushed me because she was afraid some others in the room heard us discussing policy. It’s usually not fun if people find out O.O

I’m afraid, though, that I’m a bit confused on some of your points. I don’t really think I can stand behind the notion that someone deserves to live because they care about life or not. This goes back to the first argument of how arguments for abortion don’t match up with other situations. Does this mean that it’s okay to kill people that are in a coma, or suicidal? They don’t necessarily care about living. 

And is it okay to kill someone because YOU don’t think they’ll have a good life? I simply don’t think I have the right to tell someone that I’m going to “mercy kill” them because I don’t think they’ll have a good life. A person can make a good life for themselves, no matter where they come from, and it’s not my place to stop them because I think they can’t make it. In this regard, there are countries that think it’s okay to do abortions for the purpose of ridding their country of wonderful people with down syndrome or autism because they apparently won’t “have a good life or contribute to society.” Sorry that’s just… so wrong. 

I did address my view on cases of rape. If you mean a case where the mother will for 100% sure die if she does have the baby, such as one where the mother requires chemotherapy, then this is a separate discussion. These are two lives in the balance; not the convenience of a life, or the quality of a life–an actual life or death situation. Even my Church reevaluates for the specific situation of a mother that will for sure die if she has the baby.

And a person and their choice mattering as much as the child’s life… that just doesn’t make sense to me. If I murdered someone and then went to court saying, “My choice on whether the person I killed was beneficial to my existence matters just as much as their very existence,” I would be chucked in prison. If they don’t have the money or capacity to care for the child, then like I answered, there are hundreds of organizations and individual people more than willing to help and/or help you get your child adopted. I listed to a talk by a man who was pro life–because of his advocacy, a young mother reached out to him and expressed to him that she was having trouble with her pregnancy. She had decided not to get an abortion, but she didn’t have enough money to support her medical bills or the child. The man got her information and made a funding account for her online and threw in a few hundred dollars. Within hours, his supporters had donated thousands to her cause. All you need to do is reach out. People WANT to help mothers through this. 

I don’t mean to sound harsh or like I think you’re bad for disagreeing with me–I don’t feel like that at all! :) But all in all, I think murder is always murder, and saying otherwise is a wish to ignore more difficult truths. It’s been shown in nearly every hero’s journey we know: Harry Potter, Anakin Skywalker, Frodo, most superhero stories, hell, even Kaz Brekker… The hero has a difficult decision–to do what is right, or do what is easy. In the end, through much internal and external struggle, they do what is right through sacrifice, and often get a reward they didn’t expect in the end. Women who don’t get abortions I see as heroes. The world told them it was okay to escape the problem through an easy solution, and they chose the path of righteousness, their hero’s journey, even though it was the harder path. God bless them–they’re role models for us all. 

Don’t be sorry! I’m happy that you want to discuss and get others’ opinions to widen your perspective. Like I said, that’s very mature and awesome of you. I understand that it must be more difficult to accept when you know someone who had an abortion. Just know that people like me don’t think she’s evil, but do disagree with her choices and wish to educate–I believe a beautiful thing about love is how you can love someone even when you disagree with them. You are welcome in my askbox any time :)

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Oh my gosh, that was like eons ago. Hahaha! I love you so much!

Please, stay pure. ❤️

I think I have finally defeated this enemy of my life

I have finally cut off its hand that still held me

I have finally shed its embrace that surrounded me

I have finally burst through its shadow that kept me from growing

I no longer crave it

I no longer need it

I no longer want it

I no longer have it

I can finally sleep soundly again.