I really do hope that one day I’ll see you again. I don’t want this to be how our story ends, because little phrases scribbled into the other’s book of memories just won’t cut it. I want more from you.
—  🖤
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Hold Onto Me

Summary: Jim wakes up in sickbay to find a very worried Vulcan.

Words: 2,008

Additional Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Cuddling, First Kiss, brief mention of an injury, Love Confessions, Vulcan Kisses

(guess who’s been writing again)

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 Few years after graduation for the first time someone visited her grave. She didn’t see Pudge but she just known that he was the one who left flowers and for some weird reason she suddenly understood. You can’t escape from something if you keep creating it. You must let it go. So she did. Dark corridor of suffering, pain and guilt illuminated with hope, kindness and selfless love so she could move on.