“Do you remember the boy? The one who smiled with too many teeth?”

“I heard - he was…lost… and his companion, driven by grief, he - they say he - became one of the Sith.“

They were both Dark Jedi (i.e., Jedi fallen to the dark side; Shisui has sociopathic tendencies and doesn’t really care about stuff that doesn’t amuse him, and Itachi keeps him sane is like. For the fifth time this star cycle Shisui you cannot kill shopkeepers who don’t give you what you want. Shisui. Shisui put your lightsaber down.). Itachi lost Shisui to Light Jedi, and it broke Itachi; Madara took this chance to reclaim his wayward apprentice.

Itachi kills Madara, and takes Sasuke as his apprentice, knowing that as the cycle continues, his little brother will eventually kill him as the final test - but not before they find the Jedi who took Shisui from him, and slaughter them.

Dark Jedi are just concerned with themselves. Sith want to destroy everything in their path and rule the galaxy.

Hey! So it’s time for the Bottom!Steve Fest, and I signed up for the exchange! I was assigned to give the lovely the-green-stag a little gift for the exchange that’s happening this week!

I can’t write only art, and I feel bad for not doing more (like some HulkXSteve cuase that’s all kinds of cute) and doing something less explicate then everything else I’m seeing being exchanged, but perhaps I’ll do more BruceXSteve for the fest to make up for the fact that I am horrible. I’M SO SORRY! ;n;

To see the full image click below! I hope you like it The-Green-Stage!

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 Few years after graduation for the first time someone visited her grave. She didn’t see Pudge but she just known that he was the one who left flowers and for some weird reason she suddenly understood. You can’t escape from something if you keep creating it. You must let it go. So she did. Dark corridor of suffering, pain and guilt illuminated with hope, kindness and selfless love so she could move on. 

My last headcanon

So also since the finale, I do have one last headcanon or really, a theory.
I don’t think the show is over. Not yet at least.
After all, there are still plenty of mysteries left unsolved. But one thing that got me thinking was “Is this actually the end?”
Then I thought of the paper that Wendy gave to Dipper, it read “See you next Summer”
That’s a cliffhanger right there if I have ever seen one. Not only that but Alex Hirsh (from what I’ve heard, I wasn’t there myself) had said that we would find out Dippers real name. I remember hearing somewhere that he said in the “Between the Pines” livestream, he said we would know it in the finale. But where was it? Its something so many people have speculated about and theorized. Most theories and headcanons were answered in the finale, but what about one of the most popular headcanons? What about Dipper’s name? Only time will tell but I don’t think that this is the end, not yet. They left plenty of room open for a sequel or some kind of second series. I hope that they do make one though.

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The “we’re all human” argument is such a cop-out. YES WE ARE ALL THE SAME SPECIES, PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK FOR THAT. And it paints anyone who disagrees w/ it—even for valid reasons—as somewhat of an automatic bigot. Also I’m a marmot so fuck you!