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madnessinthemusic  asked:

Okay but how does spamming Cartinelli cause you to lose followers? Like I don't understand?

I lose followers any time I breathe so I’m not surprised by anything anymore

honestly… I won’t even apologize for the art spam, because why will you complain about being bless with those arts?

But do check out  @the-fatal-impact (Kylo’s hair!! and she must really really love kylo with the way she draws them) and @ren-hime (I love mia’s work. It gives a different vibe vs a lot of Kylux art and it’s very refreshing. There is something so pretty and soft about it. And her AUs are really interesting.)


@homsantoft replied to your post “Hello. I had the Goblin Market prompt and I wanted to write and say…”

I found this too w the pre-relationship accidental bonding AU that I REALLY need to update - there’s so much going on there that’s tangled and antagonistic, and Dorian has such a long way to go to get over himself. it’s fascinating and also REALLY hard to write.

I’ve been meaning to respond to this FOREVER i’m sorry!

first off I love that fic so much!! honestly amazing and I’m so excited to see where it goes (everyone should go read it now)

secondly, one of the things I love so much about adoribull is exactly what makes it so hard for me to write the very early stages of their relationship: they really have that starcrossed lovers thing going for them.

there’s so much cultural antagonism and personal shit that they each need to overcome in order to have a healthy relationship. They can get there, but I feel like if they weren’t constantly put in life-or-death situations where they have to depend on each other, it probably wouldn’t happen. (au’s have more wiggle-room, because there’s more space to make the stakes higher or lower)

also I love Bull using fantasy psychoanalysis (for lack of a better term) to help Dorian deal with his issues, but my first stumbling block is always Bull and mages. like he’s been trained to distrust and fear this very integral part of Dorian– not just trained by the Qun, but by his time on Seheron as well. How do I justify him begining a relationship with Dorian? Is he gathering information? that’s very clinical and not healthy. even worse (in terms of healthy relationships) is coming at it from a place where he attaches himself to one of the greatest potential threats so he can neutralize Dorian more easily. of course the flipside of this is that Dorian is very dangerous, and that’s part of what keeps Bull fascinated longterm.

meanwhile Dorian’s got not just internalized homophobia but the issue of is he fetishizing Bull? where’s the line between attraction and exoticization? additionally, he’s got a lot of Tevene propaganda to overcome about who Bull is… allowed to be, as a person I guess, and Qun propaganda too, with a Tal Vashoth Bull. it’s A Lot.

this rant about the potential problems is to help me get to this point: they start from a place of Time To Fix Shit. their relationship is one that requires constant work, constant compromise and constant attention, from the moment it begins until the end. these nearly infinite sources of conflict make for extra-infinite stories, but all the work that the characters put into their relationship first has to be done by the author (and then they have to write it)

personally, I love that. but man, it’s a lot of work :D

As I promised…

So okay we all know that Kookie is basically a cute adorable baby bun bun. Now imagine bunny hybrid!Kookie (aka Kookie with bunny ears and a tail).
Part 1: What would the other animals would the hyungs be if they were hybrids? Or if you would choose an animal to represent them?
Part 2: Now imagine Bunny!Kookie going into heat *cough we all know what happens cough*

Ayyyyyyy I am so up for hybrid bunny Kookie. Baby bun Jungkookie is so cute! I’m going to spam you now.


This one is my favorite.

Bonus Junghope bunnies

Anyways, Pt. 1

I think Taetae would be a fox. I can’t get that Zootopia au out of my head. Taekook as Nick and Judy is so cute.

Jimin would be a dog, a wolf, or some kind of big wild cat. Something about those animals remind me of Jimin. I happen to like wolf. Because imagine wolf Jimin and bunny Kook. You’d think it’d never work, but it does.

Hobi would probably be a lemur? I like lemurs. He’d be like Mort in Madagascar.

Jin would be those white persian cats. Regal and elegant. Or maybe a duck, you know those mother ducks that always have a line of chicks following them.

I keep thinking of Namjoon as an owl. Like a pretty big owl. Or maybe a Lion in charge of it’s coalition.

I honestly think Yoongi would be a wolf too (or maybe I’m just to caught up in Sugakookie abo). But he seems like the kind that would protect his pack with his life, but also be very calm and quiet. 

Smut head canons regarding bunny kookie starts here. Don’t click if you don’t want to see.

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anonymous asked:

your blogs are just beautiful and I love them and I'm sorry I always spam you with asks and tag you in stuff but I've almost always got one of your blogs open in a tab and tumblr's started asking me to do captchas I send so many asks it thinks I'm colin or something, thank you for being an amazing person and making me this happy thank you

You’re so welcome! It is amazing and almost surreal to me that my silly comics can make people so happy. That’s all I really need, ya know?

jeonkook97  asked:

Omg, why would somewone chose tô be gay

@jeonkook97 said: I dont get these people

anonymous said: “Well.. No one is born gay, so..” r u fucking kidding me???? omfg shut your hetero ass up!!!! i’m so mad rn ommmmggggg

anonymous said: the fuck??? to that very rude and ignorant anon(sorry to bother you or spam your blog with this but i couldn’t look at it) NO ONE IS BORN GAY? oh just how wrong you are. sure as hell you ARE already born with your sexual preference and yeah, it could shift or change during life but sexuality is thing or CAN NOT CHOOSE, it’s partly in your DNA and it’s developed while you’re still in your mother’s womb so please, shut up about things you clearly know shit about…

anonymous said: lmao at the anon who thinks no one’s born gay like honey pls stop talking

honestly i’m just so so confused?? why would she even think so (assuming it’s a ‘she’ ofc) because he’s around boys?? like i believe she’s also not a lesbian because she’s around her female friends omggg

i really really hope they were just trolling, otherwise i’m sorry for them being raised to be so ignorant

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michiyo966  asked:

im literally spamming you with likes (especially on sheith stuffs heh). after the 1st ep, i can see that shiro and keith has some deep past relation but i kinda ignored it. but then with the help of my sis, plus with the staffs' hints, IM 101% INTO SHEITH. i like klance too but more to rivalry kind of klance and not the romance stuff. SO SHEITH IS DEFINITELY MY VOLTRON OTP NOW. btw love your works, keep doing great things(especiallyonsheith), love you!

Yeah they are brotp like gimme all the klance brotp *u* BUT YES SHEITH IS JUST… THE OTP. Like IDK what it is BUT IT IS THERE. AND IT JUST PAINS YOUR HEART AND SUDDENLY YOU’RE BOMBARDED WITH FEELS. LMAO yes more Sheith from me on your way~~~