10 Granddaughters of Maria Theresa

Carolina of Parma, Princess of Saxony

Maria Theresa, Archduchess of Austria

Maria Ludovika of Austria-Este, Empress of Austria

Maria Antonia of Parma, Ursuline Abbess

Maria Theresa of Naples and Sicily, Empress of Austria

Marie Therese Charlotte, Duchesse d’Angouleme

Luisa of Naples and Sicily, Grand Duchess of Tuscany

Maria Clementina of Austria, Princess of Naples

Maria Theresa of Austria-Este, Queen of Sardinia

Sophie Helene Beatrice, Princess of France

Maybe There is More? (Part I)

So, this is my sophie/kit fic. This is just the first part of a three to four part series. Pretty much just smut with a little plot mixed in, except for this chapter is just the beginning of the sex train- so not a lot goes on. But the next two or three will have a lot…



Today had been uneventful, except that Sophie had asked Kit if they could practice their lines. Kit had agreed, and now she sits in his complex- It had been a quick measure, for their are parts she cannot for the life of her, keep a straight face for.

Hunched over, Sophie gasps for breath, leant against the far end of the couch. Laughter erupted the moment he leaned in- she had suggested they practice the kiss at least once, and now here she was. Red faced, throat scratching, and Kit watching in what appeared to be a mix of mirth and annoyance.  

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The entire bar rushes over to see who is fighting.  They shift around to get a better view and soon realize that it’s Remington fighting one of Ethan’s guys!

Christopher:  “Get ‘em, boss!”

Lorenzo to Evi:  “Stay behind me, these things sometimes turn into brawls and I don’t want anybody taking a swing at you and messing up that pretty face.”

Kevin clearly isn’t all that worried about his wife because she’s more than capable of taking down any man or woman in the place.  

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