so i did some galra!keith doodles,,

and also these lmao

i could not resist

Things I currently love!

O n e S o n g :
-Jet Pack Blues by Fall Out Boy
“She says baby come home in a melody of tears while the rhythm of the rain keeps time”
T w o M o v i e s :
-If I Stay
T h r e e T V S h o w s :
-Criminal Minds
F o u r P e o p l e :
-Donut (not love, just like immensely)
-Best Date
F i v e F o o d s :
-Ice Cream
-Hawaiian Cake
-Green Beans
T a g 6 :

I’d like to see our roles reversed
To watch you hang on every word
I’d like to see you have your way
I keep my grammar well rehearsed
Correct each stutter, every slur
Come on and have your way with me
—  Sink into Me ~ Taking Back Sunday
My first album

this album was written primarily in 2008 (when i was 12-13) and recorded in 2009-2010

and it’s pretty crappy but i worked real hard on it and it’s cool that i made it at such a young age and it’s kind of funny to listen to so you can if you want to and there’s a couple not too horrible songs on it

just something to occupy your earholes if you get tired of my new EP or something

also since i am constantly releasing new music you can track my progress easily and it’s kind of fun okay sorry yeah you probably shouldn’t listen to this shh


So my friend and I decided to mess around in Audacity- this was the result.

Enjoy out just for fun attempts at being the epic as ever Bill Cipher. 

So, after my recent tag, I had a conversation with fangirljulie about my superhero.

It might make an interesting story (or as I see it in my head, comic book :P)

Thing is, I have nowhere to go with it…

But I wanted to share a bit more about it, just to see what you guys think of it…

Anyway, here you go :P

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