“If we don’t survive this night, I will die unafraid, Kaz. Can you say the same?”
His eyes were nearly black, the pupils dilated. She could see it took every last bit of his terrible will for him to remain still beneath her touch. And yet he did not pull away. She knew it was the best he could offer. It was not enough.
She dropped her hand. He took a deep breath.

It’s @diminuel‘s Naga!verse again!

@bella-monoxide asked for “… Dean’s feathery tail tuff secretly flirts up on Cas …” and then this happened.

I feel like they’re at a super serious political function and Dean is trying to lighten the mood. Turns out Cas is ticklish. Also, when he gets shocked his feathers floof up, and it’s hard to get them to settle down again, which Dean finds adorable and hilarious.


For this I have not prepared a title …help me!!
The idea, however, was as a less Marvel Loki, less comic-ish, less “green and gold armor and let’s go with the Tesseract”. In my head it stirred the image of a Loki more Viking, and less Marvel.
I do not know what came out, frankly, … I wanted to try the armor scales, my usual Celtic-Viking embroidery, and my inevitable Loki Green .
In the end what amazed me was the drapery of the sleeves, which is absolutely unexpected. And maybe unwanted because at first the focus should have been the armour…

Except that, in the end, resulted all pretty flat, Tom’s photo was in short sleeves, and I was not impressed. In the end a couple of photos of drapery have done their job, and it’s not been the nightmare I expected.
I’ve always been a duffer with draperies ..

The brightest part at left shoulder in that pic, is not about my pencil skills, but of the reflection of light upon graphite layers … it’s very metallic, so that’s great!

222.0 Monday –> 221.0 yesterday –> 219.6 today

Whoo-hoo, skipped 220 altogether, living my best life full of peanut butter and guacamole! (And by that, I mean a very measured life where I only have a very precise amount of them per day.)

I have to go to dinner tonight with some friends at one of the restaurants by my very favorite chef in town, though, and he’s known for those pork buns with the soft, pillowy bread. I will not succumb!

I also noticed that the reason I feel so great about myself at work every day is that the mirrors in the bathroom are tilted at an angle off of the wall so my extra chin disappears in them. Those bastards! (God bless whoever designed the place and is letting me live a lie.)

faalst-sokink  asked:

What is Flight Rising?

It’s a… virtual pet/ dragon breeding game?

It’s pretty fun! Very nice art and I like the genetics. Seems like a lot of tumblr folk play it, but I only just got started.

They only do registration for one week per month though, so the next one’s in April I think. (I put a reminder on my phone for the last one when I decided I wanted to sign up).

If any of y'all ever sign up, drop me a line and I’ll friend you and send you some stuff! :3

I want more FR buds, and it’s extra nice to play with other new folks. :3