Dad!Lightning to a girl Headcannons
  • He loves her
  • To death.
  • Like, more than his own life.
  • He’d honestly die for her(and Sally, other kids)
  • He’d pretty much give up everything for her because he prioritizes her over himself, just like he does with Sally if he had to. 
  • Lightning would try so hard not to screw up, and to be there for her all the time from the moment she was born. He just wanted her to never feel like because he was away, he didn’t care. 
  • Screw it, let her come to any race she likes!
  • He didn’t care that she’d be a girl in a male-dominated field, she could do it! He’d always seen racing as a sport with no bound on who you are, and his daughter being a girl was not an exception.
  • Um, overprotective. 
  • Hehe.
  • If a boy came around, he’d wanna kill him. 
  • So he wasn’t fond of the first time when she was asked out. Guess when that was? She was, um, fourteen. She had received gorgeous looks from him and Sally. So of course, besides her being a McQueen, she was gonna be asked out early, likely. 
  • Chick Hicks would not come within a mile near her. 
  • Nor Jackson Storm.
  • Francesco isn’t really that bad, he’s just a tease. He was…interesting around her when they first met, but he wasn’t bad. He had a son and a younger brother, so he wasn’t unfamiliar with kids. 
  • When Jackson first talked to her, he was being mean and also hitting on her intensely. And there was a huge age gap. Say…thirteen to twenty five. 
  • Lightning swore to god he wanted to punch Jackson in the face. 
  • Sally swore he was going to explode that day.
  • It nearly resulted in arrest, but a lucky dodge he received.
  • Lightning always races with her at Willy’s Butte, teaching her every single piece of racing he knows to have her be the best. 
  • To have her be better
  • Because he wants everything for her.
  • He dread the day that she could possibly crash. But hey, technology and crash prevention! 
  • One of the biggest reasons he uses/loves technology!
  • He’s the kind of dad who will do stuff with her behind Sally’s back. Watching that movie she wasn’t supposed to watch at six(pg-13. it was Jurassic Park). No nightmares for lil SalQueen little girl!
  • Ice cream at midnight
  • There was a few night in her teenage years where she’d sneak out and drive at Willy’s Butte. He’d follow her, watch her for a bit. 
  • There was one night at age 13 where she missed the turn that he used to always miss. She cussed. 
  • It made Lightning accidentally yell out “Language!”
  • She nearly had an engine attack due to fear.
  • She grows up and always having him as a best friend. No one liked her at school. And when she did have friends, they left and it made her realize what was truly wrong with them. 
  • Lightning hates that she has social problems, as well as Sally. 
  • Thankfully, she didn’t get too unhappy about it. 
  • She became a racer. 
  • Of course she did. 
  • And she won ten piston cups in her career.
  • He had won seven. 
  • So he got what he wanted: to her be better, and for her to have better

th“look, i didn’t want to be a halfblood.” 

au in which netflix fixes everything they changed in the lightning thief movie adaptation (: 


00: bad reputation, joan jett

01: empire state of mind, alicia keys

02: sucker for pain, lil wayne, wiz khalifa, imagine dragons

03: dreams, fleetwood mac

04: youth, troye sivan 

05: ocean eyes, billie eilish 

06: american teen, khalid 

07: heathens, 21 pilots 

08: strange boy, el micheals affair ft. the shack 

09: oceans, seafret

10: new york, new york, frank sinatra 

11: heroes, david bowie 

12: what are you going to do when you’re not saving the world, hans zimmer

main characters s1: perseus (percy) jackson, annabeth chase, grover underwood, luke castellan, thalia grace, nico diangelo, chiron, sally jackson

secondary characters: mr. d, poseidon, athena, zeus, silena beauregard, clarisse la rue, charles beckendorf

recurring: the olympians, travis & connor stoll, katie gardner,  chris rodriguez 

the last thing percy ‘troubled kid’ jackson expects is a history teacher with horse legs, a satyr best friend, a literal greek god for a parent, and a witty blond genius as a partner in crime—but hey, it could be worse. 

#thegreatprophecy #asinglechoiceshallendhisdays #seaweedbrain&wisegirl

thanks so much to @cuipid for making the netflix template tho i tweaked the bottom a bit (: 

Sometimes I just picture Sherlock and Sally sharing a cigarette in complete silence, standing side by side, after some really crazy shit went down.
- text post by april soyeahso 

this post is about a year old and i still think about it very often, so i figured the best thing to do about that was to draw it!! aaah my silly old crimesolvers


Sherlock S4 wish - Sally and Sherlock make up.


picture one: @billydor-nails orignal Bruiserweight nails.
picture two: my very amateur attempt at the nails. they look pretty weird because i kept re-doing them and messing up.

Colors used: (Sally Hansen)
-Unwine’d (370)
-Black to Black (496 Insta-Dry)
-Let’s Snow (121|195)

-Ultimate Sheild (Base/Top Coat)

sometimes Sally would prank call 221b acting as potential clients and tried to see how long she could talk and how ridiculous she could make the case sound before Sherlock realized it was her

(once she pretended she could speak only french to him and his french accent was so ridiculous she had to hang up because she was cackling)

over time Sherlock is able to tell from the very start of the call whether it’s Sally or not, but he doesn’t say so, he just plays along, asking questions and suggesting solutions. Sally figures out soon enough what he’s doing, so she starts weaving more complicated cases with more characters and twists

and by the end of the calls they’ve solved the made-up mystery completely, and both of them are grinning, but both are very good at keeping smiles from reaching their voices