Hey guys, so just before AX I had two commissions drop, so Iโ€™m really in a bind. I have debts/bills I need to pay and are behind on, my car needs gas, etcetcetc and I literally have like $15 to my name (5 cash, 5 in paypal and 5 in checking). I have a lot of things Iโ€™m trying to sell/services to offer and I would greatly appreciate any signal boosts or promos I can get! All my products/services are under the cut and I will also be linking to their individual posts! The header for the item will be a link to a Tumblr post, and any other relevant links will be in the description.

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Shipping will be $5, buyer is responsible for PayPal fees. (U.S. only)
I added stock photos into the titles of the wigs.

More details under the caption of each photo.

Inori Yuzuriha (Guilty Crown) - $18+shipping. The bangs have been cut to her style.
Kisumi (Iwatobi)- $15+shipping. New without tags; layered and thick; frizzy top.
Kamui (Gintama) - $15+shipping. New without tags; braided ponytail and ahoge.
Short Duo Brown Mixed Wig - $12+shipping. New without tags; bangs haven’t been cut so they’re long.


Selling my Withdoll Strawberry in brown tan UV resin for 150$.

I will include her spare hands, the dark purple glass eyes shown in the photos, and the lot of clothes, accessories, and wigs. COA included but no company box as Withdoll did not make boxes for their tinies at the time. 

I can remove her faceup if requested. She doesn’t have any yellowing/greening . She’s got a few shiny spots in between joints that rub together light the top of her thighs but otherwise she’s in perfect condition. 

I ship from Canada and I can send internationally with tracking.

Send me an ask if interested or you have questions :)


So after a few months of “I can’t keep these fed!!” I’ve finally started properly breeding again! AMAZING. Kicking it off with Tropical and Beaches, my brightest-colored pairs! Offspring of the two are breeding-compatible: the male mirror could frickle-frackle the tundra lady.

I will be ruthlessly exalting when they grow up, because nothing sells, so if you want to prove me wrong I encourage you to check out these adorable hatchlings and nab ‘em ASAP! And as always, if you need more than a Purchase button (currency swap/holds/trades/Rubber Ducky discount) please contact Wobblegong #4298!

Aaaand, look what made sixth rank in the weekly manga sales!!

Considering it was only on sale for about three days, I’m very happy. For those wanting a track record, volume 18 has about a 3k increase over volume 17 for the same time span :)

Plus, considering it was up against Silver Spoon, Nanatsu no Taizai and Tokyo Ghoul:re (they took the top three spots for sales) which were also released this week, I’m doing my happy dance~ 

Congratulations to Kusanagi-sensei, and let’s hope these sales numbers only continue to grow. 


okay, so for anyone interested! i have a soft green collar as well as a build your own hot pink collar. they’re both 14.5 inches. (i have a big neck, hahah..) i have a grey rabbit bunny tail with pink ribbon ties + pin on (the store no longer has the grey rabbit fur so if you were wanting it, here’s your chance!) i also have a black 18″ fox tail (no wiring, black ribbon ties + pin on) with black kitten ears (middle length white inner ear fur with both clips and a headband) and a brown fox 18″ cat tail (no wiring, pink ribbon ties + pin on) and a pair of trimmed brown fox kitten ears (middle inner ear fur with both clips and a headband). 

as for pricing, i paid: (USD)

  • bunny tail: 37
  • soft green collar: 20
  • custom collar: 20
  • fox tail: 26
  • cat tail: 24
  • kitten ears: 34 each

we can negotiate some sort of pricing as well as shipping prices. if you’re interested let me know! first come, first serve. i can ship them out as soon as tomorrow. if you have any other questions i’ll be happy to answer them!


~my personal faves~ 

✉ Five-Pointed Star Print Short Sleeve Crop Tee

✉ Blue High Waist Elastic Waist Loose Denim Shorts

✉ Lazy Print Stripe Hem Sleeveless T-Shirt

✉ Plain High Waist Casual Hot Shorts

✉ Plain Plaid High Waist Mesh Insert Midi Skirt

✉ Round Neck Short Sleeve Tassel Trimmed Tee

✉ Red Mouth Print Studded Loose Tank

✉ Black Checker Pattern White Overall Shorts

✉ Lovely Cat Print Short Sleeve T-Shirt


Waiting on reply for PayPal e-mail!

Grell Sutcliff cosplay for sale.
I need closet space so I’m selling a few cosplay of mine for cheap.

I am willing to negotiate if you’d really like to cosplay this character.
I just want them to go to a new owner c:

I will be shipping Friday due to work (07/10)!
Best for U.S. Medium. 
Cosplay is already pre-packaged so I’m unable to provide exact measurements and additional photos.

Included: wig, vest, jacket, white shirt, striped neck bow and glasses accessories.
Price: $50 + shipping. ($13 through Priority Medium Flat Rate Box.)


Okay so this is my first (actually second) attempt at making these element/ship inspired bracelets. This was made with average materials as it is my prototype and test sample. Materials will increase in quality if enough are purchased. This is a water (water tribe) inspired bracelet. It has two blue tones, one of which appears to glow in the right light (representing healing) and the darker tone (representing the ocean). The white some-what translucent stone in the middle is to represent the moon. 

This is my test run, to let everyone know what the style looks like. I can do any element, or ship color combination. But I can’t buy the materials in bulk or change this into an Etsy store unless I get people who are willing to buy one or more. This will really help me out with my lack of cash situation. If I make enough I will be able to get better programing for confessions. 


If you’d like to pre-order one of any element or any ship theme, please contact me here and we will discuss method of payment and shipping. I do have a Paypal account and that would be easiest. I need the cash upfront in order to buy in bulk considering this would be the first run. Orders will be closed once I have received enough buyers. 

BONUS: I can also do animal inspired ones. So if you wanted a Naga or Appa inspired one I am more than happy to accommodate. 


New 5 fingered style canine hands! These are similar in finger shape to our puffy canine hands, but smaller and with a dewclaw style addition for your thumb.  These hands have stuffed fingers and are fully lined with a soft fabric. 

The lining on this pair was cut a bit smaller than was necessary, so they’ll fit up to a Womens medium or a mens small as seen on this chart

$225USD + shipping for this pair. Email to purchase

$40.00 surprise bags for sale.
Will include:

1x16cm Alpacasso
1x12cm Alpacasso
**Disclamer: I do have older series, so some might not have paper tags. Most have them attached, I only sell authentic Amuse plush.
4-6 Stationary sheets
+1 random item/plush

Edit: If you want a 16cm Wooly substituted in replace of a 16cm Alpacasso, just let me know when you email me.

Shipping will be $4.75 for anywhere within the USA, international orders will vary depending on your location.

PayPal only, I am now only sending invoices. Send inquires to to place your order or if you have any questions.

Only accepting 10 orders, so contact me asap.
For more cute plush, add my sales account:


ON HOLD for boyfae until 07/12

FULL Alois Trancy cosplay for sale.
I need closet space so I’m selling a few cosplay of mine for cheap.
The boots themselves were $50+, so this is a great deal;;

I am willing to negotiate if you’d really like to cosplay this character.
I just want them to go to a new owner c:

Best for U.S. Medium. (37-32-/)
Cosplay is already pre-packaged so I’m unable to provide exact measurements and additional photos.

Included: wig, vest, jacket, white shirt, boots (8W). (I can include shorts if you’d like, but they’re black pants that have been cut)
The jacket has very messy seams on the inside, but they aren’t noticeable when worn.
Price: $60 + shipping. ($18 through Priority Large Flat Rate Box.)


hey guys! So as some of you may know, Edward Christopher Sheeran is playing three nights a Wembley Stadium in London in two weeks! Now I have a ticket for the 11th of July, and can’t go! Is there anyone who wants to have it? We can discuss prices over PM! PLEASE I AM REALLY DESPERATE TO SELL IT! 

ps it’s seated, section 229, row 3, amazing view on the stage, you’ll see everything I swear!