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Hey, so, this is a thing that is happening in California! Effective 1/1/17. bullet point version:

  • autographed/signed things being sold for over $5 will need a Certificate of Authenticity (CoA)
  • A very specific CoA. Like if it’s being signed in front of you it requires location, date, and a witness to be valid
  • If the seller is not the signer, the CoA must include the name and address of who the seller got the item from. 
  • So new CoAs have to be issued with every sale.
  • Also, if you sell a signed thing to a dealer, the dealer will have to put your name/address on the CoA when they sell it on to the next person.
  • This is not limited to memorabilia (in fact the previous law was just sports memorabilia, but this law was changed specifically to include ALL Items).
  • All signed items valued over $5. FIVE DOLLARS.
  • so this will affect artists and art galleries (signed prints, signed original work), authors, booksellers (and author events at booksellers), Conventions, and dealers at conventions (I believe WorldCon 2018 is in San Jose, plus ComiCon, etc.) etc.
  • oh, and I forgot to mention, sellers are required to keep a copy of this CoA for Seven Years. 

This is ridiculous and it was done kind of quietly. If you’re in CA, maybe write your state legislator and point out how ridiculous this is.

A reminder to people buying from artists online -

Per transaction:

Paypal takes 2.9% + 30 cents
Etsy takes 3.5% + 20 cents

(These are paypal alternatives -)

Etsy Direct checkout takes 3% + 25 cents
Storenvy checkout takes 2.9% + 30 cents

Online is a venue like anywhere else and that requires services like these. Next time you look at the price of that item, remember the artist is getting less than that by these amounts. Many add these fees to the price of their item ( which is worth their time per hour x number of hours + materials) or to the shipping cost if it is a physical item.

Speaking of shipping, remember the artist also must take the time to carefully pack your item and get it to the post office, and pay for stuff like tissue paper, tape, label paper, cards, etc. If it is not a free priority box or a recycled box, they paid for the box or padded envelope too. If you see that you paid a little more for shipping than is on the label the artist is not ripping you off, that is handling charge for these things ( or to help recoup fees).

Thank you!

Cosmic Stickies Shop is up!

It’s finally here! The cosmic stickies store is open for business! 

Anyone who wanted to purchase stickers can now go to that page! 

The link is here:

in addition, I will add more products in the future and will add a link page on this blog as well. 

If you have any questions about the stickers before purchasing, feel free to send me a message!

With the sticker shop open, I will resume answering questions tomorrow!

Have a good night!

Cosmic Stickies back to school sale!

The stickers are on sale for back to school for 50% off including my newest product, Starry Planner Stickers collection!


Starry Planner Collection $5.00 (on sale!)

Starry cheat sheet stickers on sale!

Need help for that upcoming test? Well, these stickers are for you!

Each cute sticker has a quick fact to help you remember while admiring the cuteness!

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My Patreon donators recently reached $100 per month! (thank you so much!) and with that, I promised I would put a Charizard up for sale.

For the record, I DO NOT do Charizard commissions. The cards are too expensive and its hard to find cards that I can actually paint. This is the only Char I have done and will do for awhile. The next will most likely be another Patreon goal.

Thanks for all of your support :) 

If you want this guy, you can find him here -

You do realize Malcolm X and Raven Symone are both black? That Ellen Degeneres and Monique Wittig are both lesbians? Social locators and identities can inform your thinking and writing on a topic, but they don’t make you an authority. They don’t make you correct. It is far better to maintain our integrity and critical thinking skills at all times than to just pass an issue off completely, thereby freeing us of any thought and responsibility. Convenient excuse though- oh I can’t talk about/write about/think about this, not because I dislike tough questions, but because I’m not allowed and want to be respectful!

Hey guys!!  I’m selling a ton of my older costumes so I can start clearing room for new things but also bc I need to save some more money for moving out ;9.  All of these costumes were made to fit someone 5′8 36/28/40 (most of these costumes are very forgiving in terms of height and fit though, and if you’re interested in one I can let you know exact measurements on the length of the garments), and they’re all listed on my Storenvy ready for immediate purchase to keep everything tidy and easy.  I will probably be listing some wigs in the near future too so look out for those!

anonymous asked:

I thought it was kinda strange that you made money off of drawing Dan and Phil's faces.. I mean, your art is cool, but doesn't it bother you that like half of your success comes from their fame?

if you are judging me online, then yes majority of you guys are D&P fans.
I don’t intentionally draw D&P for money. I draw them because I like it.
Its just so happens you guys want my phanart so I sell it
and I really appreciate it cause it does help me in a lot of ways

I don’t call my online life a success.
I just came here to have fun and stalk meet people.


So why is nobody talking about the fact that “Sonic the Hedgehog” is now officially the best selling video game series in the world, beating Pokémon and Super Mario?

“Mario” is not really an official standalone series in terms of sales, it’s just a general grouping of every series within the Mario umbrella, since Mario has multiple series’ that get generational installments.

Links I got these images from:


Huge 12cm chainball Alpacasso Arpakasso sale going on~
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