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Philes, for today’s Bonus Saturday, we’re going to share a very special part of our experience from last weekend.  August 20, 2016 was a huge day for us, @kateyes224 and @piecesofscully. It was a day that we had planned for since the end of June.  

Once it was announced that David and Gillian were BOTH planning to attend Wizard World ComicCon in Chicago, we immediately began blowing up each other’s phones, agreeing that we could both make it work, buying our tickets, and then planning our trip.  There was no question in either of our minds, we were going to see our idols, and we were finally going to meet each other. What better way to spend such a glorious day, than to experience it together??

See, we’ve been best friends for quite some time.  We became fast friends and bonded over our mutual love of txf/msr fanfic after meeting through Tumblr, and our love for one another and friendship quickly grew from there.  Tumblr messages turned into daily texts and Whatsapp messages, gradually turning into voice messages and phone calls, and eventually turning into Skype dates to watch Jimmy Kimmel together and TXF episode rewatch dates.  The problem wasn’t our love for each other, it was the 2,323 miles that separated us (yes, we’ve Mapquested).  

So, imagine our excitement when everything happened to work out perfectly for the Con?  Tickets were bought, plane ticket purchased, hotel room booked. All we had left to do for the two months until Wizard World Chicago was freak out together and wait.  

Finally, the big day arrived, and our moment was perfect.  We were blocked by a large group of maids, but they parted like the Red Sea, and Kristin ran as fast as her dress and heels would let her down the hall into Patty’s arms, as you can see in the video above. 

The day went famously. 

Kristin managed to survive being in the middle of the Bisexual Dream Team.

And Patty was finally able to meet the woman she’d idolized for so long. 

The absolute best part of the day, however, was being able to finally meet each other in person.  There was lots of hugging, hand-holding, and smooches (Patty is really affectionate) throughout the day and evening.  Lots of “OMG, I can’t believe I’m talking to you in person right now,” and “I can’t believe this is happening.”  It truly was one of the best days of our lives.

Lots of love,

Kristin and Patty

P.S. Video of our dramatic schmoopie first meeting captured by none other than @2momsmakearight

I left my boyfriend of two years after coming out as bi. I started dating a mutual friend of ours and I instantly fell in love with her. She made me feel so alive. I could actually feel again. But a few weeks in, she changed,she became very cold toward me, and she just broke things off without a reason. It hurts to come out of the closet to only see that the reason why you came out wasn’t even worth it and that I didn’t even do it for myself to be honest with myself, I did it for her.

Our voices

It’s funny how often I can say who wrote some ficlet just based on the writting style and without even looking at the name. If you come to think about it, we all have such distinct voices from each other, a personal way of writing, that even similar situations gain a whole different dimension. We are all very different, even in our mutual and shared love.

And I am just grateful for that. For our diversity, our combined strengths, our shared intelectual intimacy. It’s a beautiful thing!

I lip synced love along our mutual melody,
life is good,
but mortality moves me.
I dance for the danger,
but you don’t play that way.
God, you’re so secure,
not quite the daring darling I am.
So ambitious to build,
but destined to destroy.
Helpless to the heaven,
pulling the wings from our butterfly,
burning our love under a sunny day,
and a looking glass.
I am a wormhole of wasted time,
but you still explore,
when I trip you on the laces you wish were velcro,
and you topple through the walls,
constructed to keep out conquerors like me.
If I could be something else,
believe me,
we would play make believe,
but I’ve been running,
smart enough to invest in velcro,
and I can’t catch up
to the me who is already running from you.

mutuals: aw fuck we dropped our hot pockets
me: remember! i love shu itsuki.
mutuals: what the fuck dude help us pick this up
me: i love shu itsuki and i would die for him!

Have we destroyed the possibility of meaningful relationships for a lot of our generation?

One’s filled with love and mutual respect. Where both parties support each other and care for each other.

Are we setting our children’s generation up for a similar fate?

anonymous asked:

Who are your tumblr mom, dad, sis, bro, daughter and son? (Forward this message on anon to 5 people ;))

This is hard 😂 I love all of these people and I don’t know how to properly assign them into these roles.

Mum - maybe @benedikthummels because she always knows what to say to me and she’s comforting but I can also have deep conversations with her.

Dad - @fearlesskiki ?? She’s really funny and so great and we get along so well and I trust her so much; she always knows how to look at things in a real way and I need that and I’m really thankful for her.

Sister - @benihowedes I feel like our relationship is a mutual reliance and love for each other. We talk about everything and we feel the same about a lot of things and she’s really been here for me through thick and thin and I love her.

Brother - @lahmz she means so so much to me and I love her so much. She makes me laugh every single day and she’s so supportive and just one of the best people I’ve ever met.

Daughter - @shootballx she’s lovely and wonderful and she’s smol and I love her so much. Also she’s married to my son, Mesut.

Son - @galacticnerdkid Cameron is amazing and funny and needs all the love and just yes. Also he has the cutest hamster called Marco so yeah 😍❤

Bonus: I couldn’t possibly narrow it down so here is the rest of my family ❤: @sergegnbry @oh-marco-you-so-fine @daddydurm @ basically all my mutuals! I love you so much!


I met her about ten months ago. I always knew who she was because of our mutual friend and it was like I loved her before our first words to each other. but after our first words, I knew she was going to be the one; either the one who I ended up with, or the one that ruined me, or the one that got away. but it was like every day after the first words, I fucking knew in my heart that I couldn’t go back because no matter how many times she hurt me or I hurt her, nothing else in this world would ever compare to the feeling she gave me when it was 4am and her hand was in mine and her laugh was playing over and over again through my head like the sound of my favorite song. our time went by so fast. it was like one night I was falling asleep in her bed with her arms around me and when I woke up in the morning I was back in my own bed, with nothing but empty space next to me. so time went by without her and time just kept moving no matter how badly I wished it would stop. but now I lay here listening to the sound of her breathing through the other end of my phone, just like all the other nights before. the way the words, “I love you” roll off her tongue make my chest feel tight because my heart is beating so fast and the blood rushing to my head makes me want to go back to laying on my cold bathroom floor. before her, I didn’t know how much love I was capable of providing. I didn’t know my heart could even run that fast to keep up with someone like her. all I know is that our goodbyes always sound a lot like “I’ll see you soon” because staying away from each other is never going to be possible. I have a lot to thank the universe for. the future is with her or not at all.

-scrambled thoughts


⦿Wynonna FansOfficial Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook
-Bonnie Ferrar

⦿Wynonna Earp Podcast: Tales of The Black Badge Official Twitter

-Kevin Bachelder

Firetalk (new currently testing video service for the Live Hangouts)

     Hello fellow Earpers and Shittickets! Big news for you today. So a little birdie might’ve told me that the Official Wynonna Fans Account on Twitter has just released the fact they got a Tumblr! @wynonnaearpfans You probably have heard of the Topshelf, Earping Epicly, Awesome, Bonnie Ferrar and her right hand man classy as Doc Holliday removing his boots, suave on a microphone, Kevin Bachelder! Bonnie runs the Wynonna Fans Account and Kevin handles the “Tales of The Black Badge” Wynonna Earp Pod. Both have together worked tirelessly for many countless days to bring us Earpers together and create a safe, inclusive, fun, environment to share our mutual love for the show. From periscoping SDCC, running the fandom ragged by sending hoards of desperate teary filled emails to SyFy, every damn single #NoChill week during the renewal wait, to hosting Whiskey and Donuts Blabs with Emily Andras herself, it’s been a wild ride and we couldn’t be doing what we do without them. I’d honestly have it no other way, Bonnie or Bust. Kevin or Kill Me Now. So all in all Bonnie, Kevin, here’s to you, you fabulous duo and many more to come! Give them a follow. Seriously it’s worth it. I mean if you want in on some sweet giveaways ‘wynaught’ right?

Hopefully we can connect both social media verses together to create one harmonious fandom that shows all other fandoms up when it comes to respect, creativeness, kindness, and general all around awesomeness. Thank You. 


a big “HBD” to the always lovely, ever-so gorgeous and absolutely QUACKING @ollieinboots 💖🎉😋🎂 (extra points if you noticed the duck reference!)

Happy Birthday Sophie - I hope you have the best time today, you truly deserve it :) I’m v glad I found your blog and that we got talking - and that we quickly found something we had in common (it might be our mutual love for a certain cardiothoracic duo maybe????) #BringBackZollieForSophie’sBirthday

But most importantly, thank you so much for always being there for me through the rough times, for making me laugh till I cried, and for being just the fab person you are - 
I’m so happy to have you in my life and call you my friend!


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are you and spookyjimrippedmas dating or irl friends or online friends how did you two meet because i see you on my fucking timeline so much youre like my otp and i want details

omg we are internet frens who Sin™ together we bonded over our mutual love for joshua @spookyjimrippedmas LOOK AT THIS

I mean….I always talk about how much I hate this fandom, but I actually really love this little corner of it, that’s full of logical people who ship a logical and beautiful ship and we all get by on our mutual massive love for this ship, our love for finn, ofc, and our mutual hate for That Other Ship. idk. i guess that’s why even though it’s a shit fandom in general I wouldn’t like, leave, because y'all in this corner are too good, even though we are few. we got our heads on straight when it comes to discourse. (as infuriating and disgusting as it can be sometimes). ya know?



so i know i confessed my love to you through text and snap but i felt like i needed to solidify it more by being the cheese that i am. i cry can u believe our love was made through mutual love of ziam + the killing type. you were literally my first friend on that blog n u went n messaged me asking if we could both cry abt killing type together :’) and look where we are today??? constantly confessing our love to each other??? symbolising our love through various popular celebrity couples??? but lets geT BACK on track shall we. my baby is 18 and all grown up!! im actually :’) keep making ur beautiful edits and gifs!! you know i’ll forever ever and ever be your biggest supporter!!  i hope you have a lovely day and ur having fun and ur getting drank (non-alcoholic of course, go get drank on that oj) I LOVE YOU to the moon and back, you’re one of my favourite people on this earth even though we’re about 3 oceans apart :’( anyways excuse my shit attempt at giffing its not as perfect as urs of course but its close enough haha anyways i love you so much and i hope you have the bestest day ever you’re the love of my life, my love, my voice, my reason to be (ayee) and there is not one day that goes past where i don’t think of you or love you down you deserve the world and beyond!!!!!!!! te amo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!