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HEY ! It's Rin, the one who couldn't pick between Mark, JB and Jinyoung. Remember how you welcomed me in the Jinyoung CLAN ? Well I was wondering if you could remind me how underrated his goddlike body was ? My thirst is rising since I got an exam tomorrow. Also, I love you.

HELLO, of course I remember! You follow me on both blogs? BLESS YOU, Rin! And ABSOLUTELY. One Jinyoung body celebration post coming right up. 

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Not to be that person, but I didn’t spend months on the #stanmonstax project, screaming my lungs out at everyone since last October and getting hate for it just to see monsta x not get a win this time around. I BETTER SEE MONSTA X GET THAT WIN. NOT JUST FOR THEM BUT ALSO FOR MY OWN SANITY. Ya’ll better be voting and watching the mv everyday. Or I’ll come for all of you. 

I’ve gotten a few asks, asking if I’m still writing prompts. For right now the answer is no.
For the sake of my family and sanity I am taking a big step back. There was a point where I was writing between twenty to thirty hours a week. On top of my normal forty hour a week job. I was letting a lot of things fall through the cracks.
In all honesty TBBT and writing became an addiction to me. It may seem innocent enough an addiction. But anything that takes up that much time, consumes your mind that much, becomes unhealthy. It was a way of escaping after the deaths of my parents instead of dealing with my issues.
So for now I am taking a sabbatical and focusing on getting my mental health back on track.
I hope everyone understands 😘


They put me through my paces every single day, they love to throw toys and fight and help to run my coffee supply dry. But every day is special when there’s two little duckies playing and learning in front of me every single day. I am so lucky despite everything to be able to spend all my time with my twins and have this special bond as a twin mother. Most days they drive me up the wall and let my sanity fly out the window but it always returns eventually… though I’m not sure why it knows exactly what it’s in for…


🌟NEW VIDEO!🌟 Opening a box of Welcome amiibo Animal Crossing cards and losing my sanity


It’ll all work out in the end, I won’t leave your side


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