Everyone creates the thing they fear…

I love it …

I WANT IT !!!!!!!

Why can’t you let go? Like a bird in the snow. This is no place to build your home.
—  lyrics from Friction by Imagine Dragons

i suck at designing clothes, gomen- but i actually like this hoodie ; v ;

keep being amazing, jack. your videos make me and so many other people smile. don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t a hero. because you are. you’ve saved lives. you’ve made an impact.

and that’s huge

keep being upbeat, happy, energetic, and keep having joy. whenever someone says that you’re too loud or exuberant, just keep on going! we all know the reason why, and that’s part of why we love you.

don’t let anyone take that away from you! ♡


Love this dress …

I WANT IT !!!!!!!!!

anonymous asked:

hi evan, what do you think about zerrie?