• Grantaire: sup, what's the latest? Are we bitching? Gossiping?
  • Enjolras: we're discussing the current socioeconomic climate in regards to rising poverty rates and an increase in a wage gap between rich and poor
  • Grantaire: so... bitching then?

Louise Michel was a French feminist anarchist from the Commune de Paris (1871), and she was a close friend of Victor Hugo. She’s best known by her nickname “Enjolras”, because of her fighting for revolutionary stuff and because she decided to sign her poems this way. After a looong correspondence with Hugo (i ship them, also you have to know Hugo flirted with her so much), in 1851 they finally met. As everyone knows, “Les Misérables” was out in 1862, twelve years later their meeting.

When she was arrested in 1871, after the end of the Commune, Victor Hugo wrote for her his poem “Viro Major” (sorry for the shitty translation, i’m italian):

Those, woman, in front of your indomitable majesty,
they meditated, and despite the bitter bend on your mouth,
despite the cursed who, raging against you,
spitted at you all the angry screams of law,
despite his fatal and high voice that accuse you,
they saw the angel shining through the Medusa.

SO!!! Louise and Hugo met in 1851, Les Mis was published in 1862, and then !!! she called herself Enjolras in 1871.

Let’s not forget that Hugo maybe was in love with her, or at least he admired, loved, and venerated Louise. He had more than one lover, like Grantaire. 

I smell definitely CANON!!!!!! MY GOD I’M CRYING?????

if this is a dream, please, don’t wake me up!

( all the stuff comes from my feminist studies, if you take something please, give me credits! )

Innumerables veces dije “voy a dormir” y me quedaba despierta pensando en lo mal que estuvo mi día, lo miserable que era y cuánto me odiaba.
Science Teacher Combeferre

Because I love teacher AUs and I cannot lie

  • Combeferre loves teaching so much? Kids can be so curious and like he always says, there are no dumb questions. Even kids who don’t like science have to admit that M. Ferre is amazing
  • His classroom is decorated with projects he organised with his students. There’s a mobile of the solar system, a mobile of an atom, of different chemical elements…
  • There’s an entire wall dedicated to “Quotes Albert Einstein Never Said, But That Could Make You Look Smart Anyway”
  • He used the solar system as his grading system, so a 100% mark is the Sun, a 90% is Mars etc etc. He draws and colours them himself. Students who were absent for the test get Pluto, because Combeferre has to admit it’s not a planet but he’ll be damned if Pluto gets forgotten
  • There’s probably a portrait of Neil deGrasse Tyson framed somewhere
  • “Today we’re going to study astronomy. Notice that I said astronomy and not astrology, because the fault may be in our stars, but giant balls of gas won’t give you the answers to next Friday’s test.”
  • He sings the Period Table song at the school’s talent show every year
  • “Everything is chemical, Kevin.”
  • Probably has some cool patches sewed up onto his lab coat, and students always offer him new ones on the last day of the year

you know what? give me more platonic marius/eponine

give me marius encouraging eponine when she’s struggling to teach herself to read (and offering to help her again, laughing when she insists she can do it herself)

give me eponine busting her ass to keep her father and his gang off marius’ back- which, i mean, she already does

give me marius letting eponine spend the night in his flat when things go wrong with her family, and insisting she move in with him when she finally finds a job of her own

give me eponine as cosette’s maid of honor at the pontmercy wedding

give me strong, independent eponine and her best idiot friend marius

anonymous asked:

I love how people always sees Combeferre taller than Enjolras when in fact, Enjolras is a fucking asparagus and Combeferre a cute potato ~ ("He was lower and broader")

(it could also be interpreted as “less lofty” and given the context around it, I see that as a description more of his nature/personality rather than his physical appearance but we’ll roll with it because this is a CUTE CONCEPT)

  •  okay so when they were kids, Combeferre was always taller than Enjolras, just by a little bit
  • during the last year of primary school, Ferre had a growth spurt and he was at least a head taller than Enj
  • (Enj hated it)
  • but Enj kept getting taller, little by little
  • sometime during middle school, Ferre realized he’d pretty much stopped growing
  • by the the time they started high school they were roughly the same height
  • and Enjolras steadily kept growing…
    • (”hello down there”)
    • (”you’re not even two inches taller”)
  • …and growing…
    • (”huh…i’m going to have to start standing in the back for group photos”)
    • (”you hate taking group photos”)
  • …and growing
    • (”you make a very nice armrest”)
    • (”that’s all i’ve ever wanted in life”)
  • Ferre pretends to be annoyed but he doesn’t really mind
  • Besides it’s nice to have a conveniently tall friend who can reach all the high shelves in their flat 
  • (plus it’s amusing for him to boss Enj around every once in awhile)
  • and when Courf starts using Ferre as his own personal pillow, it makes him love his body even more
    • (”you know, you’re my favorite person to cuddle with”)
    • (”oh? why is that?”)
    • (”you’re, like, soft and squishy, and you make me feel safe and warm. like home”)

“…Cada promesa es una amenaza; cada pérdida, un encuentro….
De los miedos nacen los corajes;
y de las dudas, las certezas.

Los sueños anuncian otra realidad posible
y los delirios, otra razón.

Al fin y al cabo, somos lo que hacemos para cambiar lo que somos.

La identidad no es una pieza de museo, quietecita en la vitrina,
sino la siempre asombrosa síntesis de las contradicciones nuestras de cada día.

En esa fe, fugitiva, creo.

Me resulta la única fe digna de confianza,
por lo mucho que se parece al bicho humano,
jodido pero sagrado, y a la loca aventura de vivir el mundo.”

Eduardo Galeano