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Dear Craig:

Thank you for creating our favorite cartoon characters.

Thank you for those useful life lessons conveyed by them.

Thank you for making my childhood a better one because of PPG.

And thank you for giving me a second one because of WOY.

I remember once you said that you were brought up by a single mother,  that really made me feel less lonely because I was suffering from terrible family issues due to my father’s affair at that time. Also thank you very much for telling me that.

I wish one day in the future you can have the chance to finish telling the story of Wander’s adventure.  Please @disneyxd make this dream come true.

And now I’m very, very looking forward to your new project, whatever it is.

The only thing I can make for you is this little GIF of my favorite characters from the shows you made, to say “thank you” and to say”Happy birthday” in advance.

Good luck to you,my favorite animator of all time!



We came here together,
As one and forever
Where all of your dreams come true.
A dream is a wish your heart makes,
I’m sure you have one too

This is my Disney Side.


I’m absolutely blown away. I can’t even form words right now so I hope these gifs communicate my julie feelings but WHAT IS EVEN HAPPENING MY FIC ISNT EVEN FINISHED AND IM ONE OF THE LUCKY WRITERS WHO REACHES SUCH A HIGH INTENSITY OF ATTENTION THIS IS A DREAM COME TRUE and I know to some it might seem silly because its just a fanfic based off a silly supernatural drama but to have so many people read your work and see your drawings and click “kudos” is probably even better than christmas, and I really love christmas.

Thank you!!! :D


happy new year! i hope you’re having a wonderful time with your family and loved ones and that you have a happy, healthy and blessed new year! let this new year be the one where all your dreams come true and remember, ignore the negative and embrace the positive. everything is gonna be okay. this year i met so many awesome and talented people so i decided to do this follow forever to thank every blog i follow for filling my dash with amazing gifs, edits, fanfics… whatever! thank you so much for making my dash a happy place! you’re awesome and i love you all.

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