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Is this?? Show?? Good?? I want to watch it but I want to know like, how many seasons/ eps does it have?

It is! Osomatsu-san has 25 episodes thus far, two cours but all in all one season. It’s mainly a gag anime with a lot of skits that are quite silly, but it mainly is a good mix between slice of life and gag. What I personally love about this anime is how it’s not always just jokes, it can take some serious turns without the viewer even realising it! And then it gets back to its typical gags. Very serious moments are kinda rare, but they do happen smoothly and unexpectedly.

Back when watching it every Monday, one of its other charms was the unpredictability of what the next episode would be like. Especially because of how non-informative the preview narrative can be, because it’s either one of the brothers or side-characters “announcing” the next episode. So the tension and excitement was always there for a week~

I’d suggest you try out the first five episodes (as opposed to the 3-episode-rule), because the staff had to rearrange their entire broadcast schedule A LOT due to episode 1 being banned and parts of episode 3 being edited at first and then banned for good as well. And mainly because episode 5 has a more “serious” flavour, but that’s all I’m gonna tell!

Hope I could help! The 1st episode is removed from Crunchyroll as well though, together with the bits from episode 3 :P so I recommend kissanime for those episodes at least.

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I feel so freaking bad about this, but every time I see a promo centered around Maya I always get a little peeved ( especially this season) because of how many Maya centric episodes we got this season. Like I was so ready for BEAR and then the promo happened and made it all about Maya. Like don't get me wrong I FREAKING LOVE Maya I'm just so tired of not getting Riley storylines, and consistent ones at that.

I don’t necessarily need Riley Storylines. I would much rather have Farkle, Zay, and Smackle Storylines but yeah I do agree we need some consistency with Riley. You would think the GIRL in GIRL Meets World would have a more consistent storyline but they seem to wipe it away with every given episode and it annoys the living sh*t out of me. You have this amazing Character and not only do they ignore canon but they don’t seem to want to give her an actual arc beyond the Triangle. Why is it that lasted for One Season but Riley being bullied was never brought up again. Honestly, I’m just annoyed with the show at this point. I respect the Writers and all but I’m just not feeling this Season at All.