Hail, Warriors of the 12 clans

Hail, Commander of the blood

notice how in every fandom there’s always that one character whose haircuts help u pinpoint the exact season/movie


I’m so proud of tsukki from the last episode so i drew him

i’m making this post at 11:35 pm to let y'all know that jaime and bart have in fact held hands

it’s canon


Awestruck Mulder in Squeeze.

things we know about the finale
  • hollstein will be endgame (i? honestly?dont see how this will work)
  • there will be loads of angst
  • it will end in a cliffhanger that leads into s3
  • vordieboo vs carmilla [THE FINAL BATTLE]
  • more angst
  • perry = dean (???are we going to address this??)
  • someone is probably going to die
  • hopefully its vordie
  • we will cry
  • ??
  • more tears
  • (hopefully) hollstein kisses
  • lots of tissues and reaction videos
  • tv writers: this death no one saw coming! narratively it has such a strong impact! creatively it is what we had to do to evolve the storytelling, it will be a shock to the viewers, it’s something we’ve never done before
  • female characters: have been killed off for shock value since 2kalways, actually

Friendly reminder to Wander Over Yonder fans that just because the “finale” has been announced does not mean this is the end. Just because the end of season 2 is premiering and Disney xd is calling it the finale of the series doesn’t mean it’s time to stop fighting for season 3. They can order a season 3 any time after season 2 ends. If anything we should be fighting more, and really making sure we tune into these last few episodes. Show them that woy does have a big audience worthy of season 3.
This is not the end, we knew the end of season 2 was approaching fast when we started. That doesn’t mean we should give up. That’s exactly what Disney wants us to do.

A LOOK!!!!! AN ICON!!!!!!!!


“We’re fooling ourselves d'Artagnan. There’s no future for us together. I’m a respectable, married, woman.”