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what is the order I should watch this series? like all the way to season 9 then the movie? how many movies are there for the X-files?

so there are two x-files movies–the first movie (fight the future) you should watch when you finish season 5 and then the second movie (i want to believe) you should watch after the ninth season 

darthsavior replied to your post: do you ever watch a clip of ouat where…

we kind of all cite parts of season 1 as the peak, but there were dozens of times this season i felt like it was my mantra. how many times did emma need to promise regina a happy ending? how many romantic speeches did they give to/abt each other? y?

Agreed, completely. When I watched season one the first time there was chemistry of course, and eye-rolling kinds of moments (”how to get the saviour to taste my forbidden fruit” being the standard example of course) because it was shippy and a little ridiculous. But honestly each season has steadily gotten worse/better with these kinds of moments because they only got more and more outlandishly shippy and romantic (culminating in that season finale where Emma literally does the thing all true love couples do and sacrifice her life purely to protect Regina).

It’s like, season one had plausible deniability. I can buy season one as somewhat accidental and actor chemistry and maybe a few jokes that dipped into ship stuff. But the writers need to explain to me what the purpose of any of the Regina/Emma moments since The Cricket Game (at the latest) have been if not romantic. And I agree, this season especially has made me say it over and over and over. Emma promising repeatedly to give Regina her happy ending, choosing Regina, contacting Regina, sacrificing her life for Regina, being relieved and happy to see her, trying to talk to her, it being so important that Regina is safe and happy and cared for. (And I feel like the reverse of this started back in season 2, where Regina really started to truly care about Emma and I started just holding up my hand while watching going are you fucking kidding me.) 

(Actually, and this is slightly off topic, but I feel like season 4 is the reverse of season 2 in general because in retrospect I definitely read that as the season Regina started to realize she had feelings for Emma, And now I feel like season 4 has been about Emma doing the same kind of big things that Regina did, and now that she made that huge sacrifice she realizes how important Regina is to her. So, just saying, logical progression would be:

  • season 2: Regina develops feelings for Emma; sacrifices her life to save Emma and Henry
  • season 3: they work together and develop a friendship
  • season 4: Emma develops feelings for Regina; sacrifices her life to save Regina
  • season 5: they work together and develop a romantic relationship)

so my parents have seen all of supernatural so far, and i just started it. but since i’m scared insanely easy and cant watch horror movies at all i watch it with them.

im on like episode 9 or 10 of the first season

and last night i was like “how many times does sam ALMOST die because of a ghost?” and they laughed thought it was funny for some reason. and then i asked “aslo is it always sam almost dying and dean saving him or what?” my dad did not like that question and got all defensive. 

so basically my parents would fit into the tumblr supernatural fandom nicely.

I didn’t really do anything productive this weekend, but I rode my bike around town for several hours every day. The sad thing is part of me is like “ just think of how many seasons of a TV I could have watched on Netflix with that time.” What kind of sad, fucked up priorities.

Am I the only one who thinks the OB cast is crazy huge?

I mean, according to the opening, the main cast is 7 actors, and in that Tatiana plays like 6 and I don’t know how many Ari has played this season. I’m starting to think that it might be too much, I mean Alison, Delphine, and Rachel (just to say them) were not even in episode 5 and a lot still happened in that episode…

work is literally insane right now and I haven’t had time to stop and I’m excited for the 4 day weekend as long as I get allllll my invites for the calendar sent out and like IDK if I can really explain how many invites that is but it’s like two revised seasons for 2015 + 6 seasons for 2016 so that’s 8 seasons in total like !!!!!!!!! & my head is spinning and I’m holding on by a thread I MEAN I ACTUALLY KNOW I’M PAST THAT like my boiling point is far past exploded and I have never cried at work except 1 time when it was more bc I realized my best friend wasn’t working at my company anymore and I actually teared up in front of a co-worker today & god damn it my robot eyes just got so overwhelmed and I made it almost 3 years w/o breaking that boundary and I’m not ashamed more annoyed bc I hate it when I feel like I was brought to that point not bc I was sad or like “I can’t” but bc I was exhausted of being one of the only rational, big picture thinkers-like yes we are facing big, huge, unexpected changes within our area and yessssss change can be hard I also think change can be great? Like it’s not as though shit was great and then they were like “This is working so great! let’s ruin that!” and it just feels like this will be so much better and I’m sorta tired of feeling like the mama bear who just continues to reassure everyone it’ll be OK like I told C how this reminds me of that time in December when we were actually fucked as a deadline date was off by a month (!) and I remember sitting in the meeting and it was like watching a bunch of people runnig around on a sinking boat screaming “OUR BOAT IS SINKING AHHHHHHHH” repeatedly and I was the person saying “OK SO WE’RE ON A SINKING SHIP, WHAT DO WE DO-HOW CAN WE MANAGE THIS, WHAT SKILLS DO YOU HAVE, HOW DO WE FIX THIS?” which I guess is what a manager does you know keep shit calm but sometimes. just sometimes, we reach our point and that was today. 

Plus i REALLY fucking struggle when it feels like people sit in on meetings I’m in and these aren’t huge company ones, these are like 10 people max ones but 10 executives and they could ask questions/bring up concerns, but they don’t and agree in that meeting like ‘yep nodding here i am nodding to this’ and then the next day or two later they’re like ‘we can’t do this’ and I’m like ?????? like….why didn’t you say anything then? cause now you’ve definitely lost your chance? And also you make 6 figures & have the word ‘director’ in your title- why aren’t you just bringing this up? like I  get that I’m the assistant design manager which is semi LOL bc we haven’t had a design manager for 6 months so I’m the default DM, but also like …communication is key? 


ANYWAY RESTORATIVE YOGA WAS AMAZING and I’m refusing to let work interrupt that and I am excited for what lies ahead work wise, it’s just that transitions are a lot and man multiple seasons are a lot but yes this to will work itself out and I’m so excited for some time to just relax and my shoulder is healing nicely and I love how supportive my friends & family & C have been as of late and I have so many tumblr things to catch up on and i hope to.

TLDR: work life is hectic, it’ll get better. my life is mostly awesome.

Can we be real about the fact that nobody will ever be the supreme queen over Bianca
Like that’s just how it is no matter how many seasons
Bianca needs to replace Ru

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Do you know the show Sidekick and how much of the show did you see ( i mean like how many seasons did you see or something like that )? I'm asking because i have a Sidekick related request waiting for you.

Sidekick as in???

oh man i havent seen this in years! i think i got through the first two seasons before it stopped showing up on cartoon network but omg i loved sidekick! i made fanart for it like 495848 years ago on my dA account (i htink its still there actually)

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Can you make some of the game not trivia. No one has watched or memorized all the seasons. That's what I like about the last games

it mostly wont be hard trivia and itll mostly be from recent seasons (sjdc, cagayan, worlds apart) or my fave seasons (cook islands, micronesia). but there will also be challenges like lwa and swa which are very general. or like “unscramble avpriat” (answer: parvati). or like winners. you wont have to worry about details like…. “who was the last prejury member of season 4 and how many votes against them did they have”..

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elementary is sherlock holmes set in new york with sherlock as a recovering heroine addict and lucy lui as watson

i feEL like i have seen stuff about this before how many seasons i’m going in

Those of you who have watched the series since the beginning deserve a medal… How did you survive through two 2-years-long hiatuses? Like, how many times have you watched season 1? You’re heroes, that’s what you are.

Guess who just watched the season final of Community?

Guess who is emotionally wrecked from it?

I don’t know if that was the end (probably not considering just how many people watched this last season. Most likely there will be a movie and something after that)

No matter if there is more, this episode hit me hard. Like really freaking hard. It was another episode where someone had to deal with people leaving. Something that even though it has been 6th months, still wrecks me from time to time. Like right now.

Even though I was the one who left, I still feel like having everyone be so far apart is hard. With Audry so far south and Flynn, Jasmine, Eli, Kat, Sierra and Nita across an ocean, it’s hard. And lonely. I miss game nights with everyone. I miss watching TV and movies together. I miss getting dinner and dessert together. And karaoke with everyone. It’s not quite the same with the other ALTs.

I am going to ignore my feelings for now  and watch Lost Girl instead. 

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u could try veronica mars if you havent seen it before? its a lot like izombie

oh i’ve heard about it! how many seasons are there?

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Opinion on Rebecca Glasscock? 😏

I know how pretty much not many people liked her in season 1 but I never really payed any attention to her apart from when she wore that stripy t shirt oh lord no