[Translation of the Japanese characters in the “MEKAKUCITY RELOAD” teaser]

Please feel free to correct or add anything…!!

Also, there’s this phrase at 0:22 I could not make out… so please help me with it! ( ;∀;)

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anonymous asked:

That hoodie is cute,for my 2 year old niece,not Lydia effing Martin.And Ugh those overalls are like a parasite,how many seasons has she been wearing them for? Just the ugliest

That hoodie is a sin. And Prada-wearing, Chloé-bag- carrying Lydia fucking Martin would never. 

But those overalls are actually fairly new. She only wore them in 6a (and only in one episode, so far as I know). But once was more than enough, so I completely understand why you’d think they were around forever. 

Mini Rant...

I’m seeing a few posts that are all like ‘hahaha Jeremy threw shade at Damon blah blah blah’ and 'Jeremy was the one who had always been saying that Bonnie’s always sacrificing herself’

The problem I have with Jeremy throwing shade is….He is the reason Bonnie is dead in the first place!

Like how many seasons has Bonnie strained herself, been in pain and even died saving Jeremy, so he can’t really be complaining that Damon is fine and safe but Bonnie is not because before he was the reason Bonnie kept sacrificing herself 50% of the time.

I’m also a bit tired of seeing posts saying 'Damon is only trying to save Bonnie because he feels guilty’ and this is a bad thing how….Damon feeling guilty is a major thing, it is showing he really cares for Bonnie and is willing to try to get her back.

I mean when do you ever see Damon work so hard for someone.

Like you can hate on Damon and Bamon all you want but if you just took your shipper goggles off and watch how Bonnie and Damon have developed since season 1 you wouldn’t be calling it fanservice or saying that its never going to happen or doesn’t exist.

Because since season 2 Bonnie and Damon have been developing subtly. 

Damon was the one who Bonnie made the plan with at the dance to take Klaus out.

Damon was the one who stayed with Professor Shane to make sure he wasn’t lying about keeping Bonnie safe.

Damon was the one who stayed back on the island to find Bonnie.

Damon was the one who found a way to bring Bonnie back in season 5.

And Damon is the one who is trying again.

So before you hate on him just remember he is who is saving your fav.

And also another big thing Damon does when it comes to Bonnie is try.

Damon is trying everything to get her back…

Damon compelled his best friend to try and get Bonnie back.

He’s not trying for Elena or even himself.

But he is trying for Bonnie, because he knows she deserves to be fought for.

And that is more than I will ever be able to say for Jeremy…