I saw Rogue One again and these are some of the things i can remember thinking while watching it but tbh i cant even do this movie justice, its beyond words:

-ok i thought you guys were just being extra but holyshit Krennic x Galen is so real 😂. srsly though Krennic is so jealous of Lyra. Krennic understands that life on a farm is too “dull” for a brilliant scientist like Galen. They understand eachother so well because they are the same. feels.

-When Cassian sees Jyn with the blaster and goes “Whered you get that?”. Cassian, babe, it was literally on the floor.

-The moment Jyn takes the blaster is literally the moment he decides he’s her boyfriend, like he goes from serious rebel guy to boyfriend™ in a literal milisecond. like “yes im jyns bf. Love you Jyn. Is Jyn Ok? Jyn.”

-Jedha. Jedha is just height difference porn tbh. i still dont understand why Cassian looks like he just walked out of a Rock Climber catalogue but im turned on so im not gonna question it. Also is Cassian aware that they are not a couple having a romantic day out at an outdoor market?

-When theyre in the cell and Chirrut says to Cassian that there are different types of prisons and that “I have a feeling you carry yours around with you”. I want to know what was going through Cassian’s head when he said that.

-Baze and Chirrut are like Jyn and Cassian if they got to grow old together…and Chirrut knows this.

-The moment when Jyn sees the message from Galen. Honestly Mads Mikkelsohn’s acting is fucking great. the way he says “Star Dust” and the sadness in his voice like bye im already crying.

-The moment that fucking killed me is after Jyn’s seen the message and she’s just sitting there on the ground and she’s just in shock and Cassian comes to get her and just gently takes her arm and pulls her off the ground.

-The moment Cassian gets the orders that he has to kill Galen is literally looks like he’s in so much pain. fuck.

-When they get to Eadu and Cassian and Bodhi are going to go out there and Jyn just hits Cassian on the back and says “Im going with you”.

-the moment when Cassian is going to shoot Galen but he looks mortified because he cant fucking do it.

-When he sees Jyn is on the platform he goes into full panic mode.

-When they get back to the ship after Galen dies and Jyn is not taking Cassians shit for a second. Favorite fucking part is when she goes “you can’t talk your way out of this” and he goes “i dont have to”. The. Sexual. Tension. And they are both soakinh wet and angry and everyones just ready for them to do it. and Cassian is soooo pissed that everyone is starring at him.

-Cassian’s way of apologizing for almost killing Jyn’s father is by giving her a small army. I can’t with this bitch. He is too fucking much. 😂

-The lingering looks on their way to Scariff…r u kidding me??? They have fucking heart eyes the whole way there.

-Everyone is so nervous on the way there. its kinda like they know theyre gonna die.

-the fact that Baze’s last words to Jyn are “Good luck little sister”

-Cassian in the Imperial uniform. Im weak. (Seriously i just wanna cosplay as Cassian and Jyn when theyre in disguise)

-Um Bodhi is such a boss and he is so important they couldnt have done it with out him i am so proud of him

-When Cassian says to Bodhi, “youre our way out of here” and youre like great he dies. theres no way out of here. you all die 🙃

-When Jyn and Cassian are in the data room and taking their clothes off and for a second they look like theyre about to call it a day and just bang eachother.

-ok so when Cassian and Jyn are on the elevator i still think they think theyre gonna survive. The way theyre looking at eachother. Theyre basically just telling eachother they love eachother in a non verbal way. but they look hopeful like they think theyre gonna live.

-When they get to the beach they look like they collapse with disappointment, knowing this is the end.

-When the movie ended I was loterally shaking. I felt like id seen it for the first time. My dad said it was “inspiring” and i cant a agree more. Ive probably never been more fucking moved by a movie. thats sounds so dramatic but…wow.

-I loved Force Awakens but Rogue One just takes the cake for me.

-and can i say how fucking amazing Felicity Jones and Diego Luna are?? They made this movie with their acting. fucking brilliant.

i’m watching xena for the first time through and in the cold open of this episode she and gabrielle are skinny dipping and then she rises out of the water like a goddess and punches a guy naked

then she gets dressed in two miliseconds and legit knocks like ten guys out with a couple of dead fish

why did i never watch this show before

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Problems with liking Gakuho.

1. He has centipedes.

2. He’s married.

3. He’s probably a fossil compared to you.

4. He likes breaking rubiks cube  when he can actually solve it in a milisecond-  HE WILL SCREW YOU DO YOU NOT GET IT?!

5. The only time he is free is –Wait, nevermind I said that.

6. Aries? Do I need an explanation????

7. If I can’t call him daddy, you don’t either.

8. He has an attractive son. 

-Sincerely, Gakushuu.

Gakushuu: Whoa, I actually wrote this…

Gakushuu: *actually faxes them*