Hynpos myth event Day 15 bonus day: Favourite deity of your choosing
Clíodhna, the Irish goddess of love and beauty. As well as this she is Queen of the banshees and rules over the sidheog fairies. Because she left Tir Tairngire to be with her mortal lover she was deliberately lulled to sleep and was allowed to be taken by a wave and washed out to sea. The tide there is now named Clíodhna’s wave and it is unsure whether she drowned or returned to Tir Taingire.

“So get out while you can, you don’t understand she doesn’t know how to lose!” You danced around the stage as Niall finished singing his latest single. He was doing a sound check and you decided to come with instead of just sitting in your hotel room until the actual show.

“Yeah she loves when everybody’s watching,” you sang along with him as you continued to do little twists and turns around him on stage. “She knows the way her body moves.” Your voice was off key and Niall couldn’t help but laugh as he watched you dance around.

“Ya got a beautiful voice love, think ya should take my place tonight.” You just shot Niall a playful glare as he fixed the strap of his guitar over his shoulder.

“Can’t dance if you don’t sing,” you teased and this made Niall just roll his eyes as he started strumming on the guitar. You knew the song just by the first few chords that he was playing. “This isn’t on the set list.” When your turned and looked at him he just gave you a smirk as he shrugged his shoulders and continued playing the song.

“She wants to party, she wants to get down.” You danced around the stage causing his band to laugh as his voice filled the empty arena. “All she wants to do is, all she wants to do is dance.” Niall couldn’t help but laugh as he sang and watched you do twirls around the stage.

“Ya got some moves darlin.” You smiled as you did one final twirl and stopped right in front of him. He shot you a smile and a wink. He leaned around his mic stand and placed a sweet kiss to your lips. “Love watchin ya dance.” His voice was low and you just smiled and kissed him once more before pulling away.

You enjoyed times like this, where you could just dance around and be silly while Niall sang. He loved to watch you let loose and just have fun and he would never admit it but it helped him relax before a performance. All he would have to do is remember how you looked while dancing around the stage to his songs, all smiles and your hair flopping about as you bopped around signing off key and he instantly would feel relaxed. He loved that you had the power to make him feel at ease yet you had no clue you held, that was just one of the things he loved about you.

Skeletal model of an giant Irish deer. Went extinct during the ice age but these are huge.
Wouldn’t surprise me if they still Roam around EU with or without the skin…


honestly the first time I ever saw the skeleton of a giant Irish deer I legit could not breathe for a second. they’re the kind of massive you can’t really process until you’re standing there looking up at it. it’s so easy to imagine seeing that loom out of the early morning mist