‘South Stack Starbeams’ - Anglesey by Kris Williams
Via Flickr:
Out for a spot of timelapsing last night of the Milky Way beyond South Stack lighthouse on Anglesey

7 Reminders For Friends

1. If your friends don’t pick you for football I will always pick you, even if you fall flat on your butt game after game.

2. If your family abandon you I will infect you with my smile and we can create new family photo albums together.

3. If people mock the way you laugh I will take you up to space where no one can hear our cries of joy.

4. If old age takes away your memory of my face, I will meet you again and again for the first time everyday.

5. If the flood waters ruin all your clothes I will give up the shirt off my back for you.

6. If the fire takes all that you own I will give up my bed for you.

7. When time takes away all those you have loved I will lend you my heartbeat.

- s.o.c

fun things about ireland

• we once accidentally legalised meth and other drugs
• first country to legalise same sex marriage by popular vote
• mr. tayto
• caca milis is about a man who gets killed for eating cake and it’s on our leaving cert
• we once entered a turkey puppet into the eurovision
• listen jedward are still a thing and theyre great
• mayo gaelic team has a curse on them and that’s why they haven’t won since the 60’s
• sUpErMaCs
• we had a rail system but over half of it just .. disappeared
• our president is a mini happy man
• podge and rodge
• if the temperature goes above 25 degrees the country takes a break
• jesus lads this heat is savage
• if the listening tape is by a donegal person you’re fucked
• ack sure granny lit a candle for ye it’ll be grand!


Jackie’s mother and grandmother - 

Janet Norton Auchincloss formerly Lee aka Bouvier -  Mother of Jacqueline Lee (Bouvier) Onassis and Caroline Lee (Bouvier) Radziwill

maternal grandmother Margaret Merritt Lee. Daughter of Irish immigrants, as was her husband, Mrs. Lee’s mother was kept upstairs when guests were visiting their home.