Fakemon inspired by @bogleech‘s big compilation of poison-type concepts.

“glowing green figure with a visible black skeleton, a radioactive x-ray pokemon”- i mixed this one up,so its got a radioactive skeleton that also resembles a “glow-in-the-dark” skeleton decoration. the pre-evolution is based on “skull and crossbones” warning labels. I also couldn’t remember if these were supposed to be poison/ghost or poison/electric, i think any combo of the three would work tho

X-Raid, the hazard pokemon

“These pokemon are believed to form due to the break-down of certain chemicals and isotopes. they are often found in abandoned places such as factories, hospitals, and powerplants”

X-Wraith, the hazard pokemon

“In the wild, these pokemon only exist in places that have been exposed to massive amounts of radiation, such as atomic bomb sites and abandoned nuclear plants. Just being around them for extended periods of time can have adverse effects on people and other pokemon”

Ability- Radioactive, causes damage to all other pokemon on the field every turn X-Wraith is on the field

cave-dwelling lizard resembling a row of stalagmites, each tipped with venom” -again, this is one that would have worked just as well as poison/dragon or dragon/rock

Cragmite, the stone spike pokemon

“Cragmite prefer to remain deep within rocky caverns, camoflauged among the stalagmites. there is an uncommon subspecies that prefers to cling to cave ceilings.

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Something I've noticed about Kouta is that whenever he speaks, his speech bubbles are completely different from everyone else's. They're disconnected and scraggly.

haha, i think it’s to show that he’s really nervous when he speaks. he very, VERY rarely speaks, and the only time we saw him talk for an extended period of time was during the tag team with Jirou

Kouda reminds me a lot of Kasai and Hana from Oumagadoki Zoo!! Hana, because both of them love animals and are very sweet, and Kasai because they’re both very very shy and both very rarely talk. Kasai only spoke when Uwabami was in danger.

so yeah, i think it’s just to show how nervous and anxious he is, haha

(plus, he was once seen wearing Shiina’s scarf, haha)

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Being so used to being on the internet most of the time was it weird (as well as calming etc) to be away from it for a few days?

weird and calming indeed!! was nice to get away from it all for a bit. twitter does absolute horrors to my self-esteem and general mental wellbeing, i fucking despise that website with every fibre of my being. 

mostly i was just very productive! over the 3 days i had to myself (sunday and today i was travelling), i wrote over 8500 words of book 3! and i read a book and watched a couple of pretty intense movies. and socialised with my grandparents and their french neighbours haha!

without being able to check twitter and tumblr and youtube constantly, because i literally 24/7 feel like i’m missing out on vital news and information if i don’t check them, i can actually sit down and focus on doing some things by myself for extended periods of time

and i really love hanging out with my grandparents :)

anyone that says they can keep their glasses completely clean for an extended period of time is a liar. just by existing and being alive you’ll get ‘em dirty. you’ll spend ten minutes extensively cleaning those things only to put ‘em back on and realize that somehow, some way, they have a fucking smudge on one of the lenses. you don’t know how. you don’t know when. you don’t know why


blood on your skin can be washed away
blood on your clothes can be burned away
but the blood running through your veins
can’t do much about that

Your Zodiac Sign On Being Alone

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ARIES-  When they are alone, an Aries will do things that can make them feel empowered. When an Aries is alone or simply feels alone, they end up getting stuff done because, in this way, there are no people opposing them to get in the way. They run on passion and desire, and when they want something, they’ll go out and get it. However, they cannot tolerate being alone for an extended period of time because they need a certain feeling of recognition and appreciate from people. Aries are so driven that it feels like they the one pushing projects and events forward while others just sit back and enjoy the ride! While Aries are naturally independent, they would still like to have an friends who they can not only help but also friends who can help them out. They need that you-help-me-I-help-you kind of friendship.

TAURUS- When they are alone, a Taurus will do things that will make them feel comfortable and safe when they are alone. They actually prefer their solitude. Taurus people have a stubborn streak which gives them their need for independence, especially since they like to do things their way. Being alone means things get done the way they want them to be done. They also need time alone to recharge after being with people or a large social event. This way, they can’ focus on treating themselves to all the right things and getting to a sense of peace within themselves. They like to feel stable and they need that alone time to let go of the worldly mess around them.

GEMINI- When they are alone, a Gemini will  do things that will get them to feel playful and alert. They cannot tolerate being completely alone, especially for an extended period of time. However, they do need time for themselves, and so the occasional downtime is appreciated. Because change and freedom is important to them, people will often see them change from being social butterflies to a recluse and back again. Although, they are never a recluse for too long because they need to be around people to be revitalized. In fact, being alone makes them more lethargic and tired. They have a great need to always be talking to someone on a daily basis or else they end up getting very restless and maybe even chaotic.

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25 Year Veteran Still Serving, Needs Lift

“His name is Ronald Seaman; Ronald is in dire need of some new Tech assistance Ronald needs a Standing Wheelchair. My dear friend Ronald constantly gives of himself and has raised an amazing family that are all doing their part to make their parents happy and proud. 

Ronald is a 25 year retired Army Veteran; Ronald faithfully served his country as a soldier, paratrooper and airborne participant. Ronald left his family for extended periods of time to serve his country all over the world and now because of degenerative disk damage and disease he is wheelchair bound. Daily this man gives of himself again and again. 

Ronald is a Cosplayer, he builds the most amazing Battle suits and costumes for display. He gives seminars and public forums on getting out of the house no matter what your disability 

Using common sense in building and what materials are available to you. He is known as Aracknoid3 on Face Book. Please feel free to take a look at his page. He is constantly re-habing and dreaming of standing tall again, walking and wrapping his arms around his wife and children, preparing a meal for himself and being able to build his suits more efficiently. 

Simple for you and I not so simple for Ronald. His therapist believes the chair will help him work on rebuilding some of the muscles that protect his disks and will assist in even in standing on his own in spurts. Again Ronald gives constantly he is not paid for his appearances lives on military benefits. A true hero and role model. He is involved with the Shriners, Spine a Bifida, local school boards and anyone that needs his help reaching children and other veterans. So please help me help Ronald. Thank you.”  

Check out the gofundme, share and contribute if you can.

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Why Garnet should break up

I like Garnet. She’s a admirable character, an awesome fighter and her sole song is the best one in the series. That said, for Steven Universe to unlock it’s true potential Ruby and Sapphire are going to need to split up, and do so for an extended period of time. A season at least.

Reason 1: Trouble in Paradise

First, let’s talk about Ruby and Sapphire’s relationship, because we need to get this out of the way: As a relationship, Garnet is unhealthy as fuck.

Ruby and Sapphire aren’t just close, they have been so close so long they no longer know how to exist as individuals. When they first got split up in Jailbreak, Ruby had a panic attack, and Sapphire was signing compulsively to comfort herself.

In Keystone Motel we saw another side of their instability. Ruby and Sapphire share a head most of the time, and yet aren’t actually capable of understanding each other. Ruby is highly emotional and short-sighted, while Sapphire is incapable of looking at the present and represses every negative feeling she has. Incidentally, this is likely why Garnet has three eyes, since the crew often uses many-eyed fusions to show that the components aren’t seeing eye-to-eye.

Hit The Diamond showed us a third side of this lovecraftianly fucked-up coin, with Ruby and Sapphire unable to stay apart long enough to do their job.

The point is, Ruby and Sapphire are such horribly stunted “individuals” that I just had to use quotation marks there. They can’t function apart and the crew continuing to depict them as a perfect couple isn’t just bad writing, it’s setting a bad example for their young viewers.

Reason 2: Character Development Ahoy!

Let’s be honest: a character with no way to move forward is just a plot device, and in a more mature series would be a prime target to kill off. As an individual, Garnet has no potential for growth as a character, but Ruby and Sapphire do, and they can’t do it fused together.

To clarify, I don’t want Ruby and Sapphire to split up permanently - I don’t think anyone does - but them developing hinges on the two of them making the entirely healthy decision to spend some time apart and put their relationship on hold. This may require them to split up until the finale or even the epilogue, but it will allow Ruby and Sapphire to become complex individuals the way the rest of the cast is, but they won’t be the only ones growing

Steven has grown a lot since the start of the series. He’s slimmed down, gotten better control of his powers, and is even starting to become emotionally mature. More than that, he’s become reliable, but the biggest step is still ahead of him.

I have no doubt that both the writers and Rose always intended Steven to become the leader of the Crystal Gems, but unless something happens to Garnet there is no convenient way for Steven to be thrust into that position.

Garnet splitting up allows Steven to take his next big step as a character, but it also gives him a safety net. Sapphire and Pearl are always there to guide him, and if he isn’t sure what to do, and Ruby and Sapphire can always fuse again to take the reins if need be.

Reason 3: Fusions

Okay, admit it. All of you want to see more fusions. With four crystal gems (ignoring Peridot and Lion), there are only 15 possible combinations and thus 11 fusions, only 3 of which we haven’t seen already. However, if we split Ruby and Sapphire up, the number of combinations becomes 31, adding 16 more potential fusions we haven’t met.

Can you honestly say you don’t want to see that? I’m already guessing that Sapphire and Pearl would form Moonstone, while Ruby and Pearl would be Sunstone respectively.

But yeah, bottom line: Garnet splitting up is best for the show


Married!DeanCas AU where the two of them are away from each other for an extended period of time and Cas insists on Skyping every day at the ungodliest of hours (i.e., before noon).

“Whoa. Someone didn’t get enough beauty sleep.”
“Just for that, I’m not wearing pants. And I’m not going to show you this time.”
“One particularly naked ass, thank you.”
“That s’posed to be your way of getting me to tell you I miss you?”
“Is it working?”
“No. Maybe. Whatever. Shut up.”
“Love you, too.”

  • John:Hi I'm John Watson and I can't keep track of which girlfriend I'm seeing but I can keep track of how many texts Sherlock is getting from someone who isn't me over an extended period of time
  • Sherlock:The name is Sherlock Holmes and no one can touch me because I'm so cold and isolated and can't even be bothered to remember the first name of someone I've known for many years but also by the way I know John's middle name is Hamish because I actually went and tracked down his birth certificate to get it for my own personal knowledge

that thirty second clip of louis talking about project no control literally redeemed the entire night for me. he’s so proud of us, and you can tell he really is overwhelmed by this. i mean, he said “it’s a long story,” so i bet he’s talked to people about it for an extended period of time to explain our entire thought process and the impact that we’ve had and how he’s been following along and how many radio stations he’s heard it on and how long we’ve been trending on the charts and how we’ve done all of that without the help of a pr team or management team but just because we are that passionate and that dedicated. he was trying to condense it for the sake of the interview but he really emphasized how incredible he thinks we are, and i really do think he’s completely floored by our support.

I need more friends

That are perfectly comfortable coming over and sitting and smoking and watching Netflix and not talking for extended periods of time and just existing in the same space as me
I can’t be entertaining all the time but I still want people around 🙃

Just Remember

When trying to determine your personality type, it is helpful to remember that the thing that comes most effortlessly to you, that does not wear you out or suck your energy away from you, is likely your dominant function. The further the function lies down the stack, the more difficult it is for you to utilize it for extended periods of time.

Extroverted Feeling: Being warm, gregarious, and attending to other people on an emotional level is natural and easy for the Fe-dom, semi-natural but tiring after awhile for the Fe-aux, less-natural and more tiring for the Fe-tert, and exhausting for the Fe-inferior.

Introverted Feeling: Dealing with one’s own emotions, fully understanding them, and dealing with others on an emotional level is natural and easy for the Fi-dom, semi-natural but awkward for the Fi-aux, less-natural and more tiring for the Fi-tert, and exhausting for the Fi-inferior.

Extroverted Thinking: Being assertive, confrontational, and accustomed to being in charge is natural and easy for the Te-dom, semi-natural but tiring after awhile for the Te-aux, less natural and more tiring for the Te-tert, and exhausting for the Te-inferior. 

Introverted Thinking: Being confident of one’s own logical arguments, measuring all things for logical consistencies, and testing existing theories and systems is natural and easy for the Ti-dom, semi-natural but tiring after awhile for the Ti-aux, less natural and more tiring for the Ti-tert, and exhausting for the Ti-inferior.

Extroverted Intuition: Brainstorming ideas with no preparation, explaining difficult abstract concepts, and passing off as an expert on a subject in which there is no prior experience is natural and easy for the Ne-dom, semi-natural but tiring after awhile for the Ne-aux, less-natural and more tiring for the Ne-tert, and exhausting for the Ne-inferior.

Introverted Intuition: Focusing on one’s absolute vision or personalized symbolism, feeling confident in one’s perceptions about others, and intensely concentrating on one’s internal abstract imaginings is natural and easy for the Ni-dom, semi-natural but tiring after awhile for the Ni-aux, less-natural and more tiring for the Ni-tert, and exhausting for the Ni-inferior.

Extroverted Sensing: Initiating experiences, engaging in physical activities and seeking opportunities to act in one’s environment for immediate benefit is natural and easy for the Se-dom, semi-natural but tiring after awhile for the Se-aux, less-natural and more tiring for the Se-tert, and exhausting for the Se-inferior.

Introverted Sensing: Accessing one’s gathered knowledge and experiences, quickly comparing new information to old, and developing special personalized mythologies built around their interests is natural and easy for the Si-dom,semi-natural and tiring after awhile for the Si-aux, less natural and more tiring for the Si-tert, and exhausting for the Si-inferior.

Remember, what taxes you the most when you are using it (what is difficult, tiring, frustrating, or makes you feel inadequate) is your inferior.

5 Signs You Might Be Ready to Apply to be an Astronaut

Did you hear? Astronaut applications are open! Here are a few signs that might mean you’re ready to apply:

1. You Don’t Mind Having Roommates

When you’re an astronaut, you have to work and live with your crew mates for extended periods of time. It’s important to the mission and your safety that everyone can collaborate and work together.

2. You LOVE Space

If the Milky Way, planets and space travel doesn’t excite you then this might not be the perfect job for you. But if you love galaxies, space station research and deep space exploration, then maybe you should take a look at our application.

3. Adventure Doesn’t Scare You

Being an astronaut means that you get to take part in adventures that most people will never experience. Imagine: sitting on the launch pad in the Orion spacecraft, atop a rocket that’s getting ready to launch. You’ll travel farther into space than any other humans have been and help push the boundaries of technology in the proving ground of deep space lunar orbits, leading the way for future missions to Mars.

4. You Want to be on the Cutting Edge of Science

Not only do astronauts get to travel to space, but they also get to conduct really cool research in microgravity. Did you know that right now they’re growing Zinnia flowers on the International Space Station? This research could help with our future deep space exploration and could teach us a few things about growing plants on Earth. Learn more about all the awesome research on the space station HERE.

5. You’re Not Afraid of Heights

One of the coolest things about being an astronaut, is that you get to go to SPACE! At the very least, you’ll travel to the International Space Station, which is 250 miles above Earth. Or, you could be one of the first astronauts to travel to a distant asteroid or even Mars!

Interested in applying to become an astronaut? You’re in luck, applications open Dec. 14! Learn about some common myths about becoming an astronaut HERE.

Apply to be one of our astronauts HERE.

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How to Conquer College with Mental Illness

A friend of mine asked me about this, but I figured it would make a good tumblr post so I am also posting it here.

One thing you have to accept when you are afflicted with mental illness of any kind is that it’s not “curable”. I mention this because some people are so perfectionist that they will not be satisfied until they are “cured”. It is something you will have to deal with your entire life. Once you can accept that, it gets easier from there. Because it is possible, once you begin to wholly understand your illness and how it affects you, to manage your illness so well that you feel problem-free, or at least mostly so, for extended periods of time. You will have episodes from time to time.  Your goal is to stave them off for as long as possible. Try not to feel bad about yourself that you have an illness. While you have this illness, other people in the world have other problems. No one in the world is problem-free. Use that as motivation to help you realize that you can live a great life despite them. That the times where you feel better are victories you can celebrate.

One of the most important ways to manage your illness is to be as consistent as possible. This applies to a lot of things.

Medication is an important aspect of your recovery.

If you’re taking medication, put a lot of effort into making sure you take it properly… and that you actually do take it in the first place. While it might not seem like a huge deal to miss one pill, or if a medication isn’t working out well for you at first and you feel like not taking it is better, do what you can to correct the behavior. Follow what your doctor says, and if you don’t agree with something make sure you talk to your doctor first before trying to change something yourself (or switch doctors if you really need to). These medications can be very touchy, so you put yourself at risk when you try to handle it yourself without having medical knowledge. When you’re in the first year or two of being medicated it will likely be hard for you to notice the subtle changes that happen to your mental state when you skip your medication until it starts to get out of control. I promise you, once you’re experienced enough to start recognizing it you will be kicking yourself about it.

If you’re at the stage where taking your medication consistently is not working out well for you, there are several things you can do to mend this problem. First of all, keep track of things such as when/if you take your medication, your emotional state, your diet, etc. I use a modified version I made in photoshop of this chart that I found online. Print out several of them at once, even though it’s monthly, because if you forget to print out a new one it may be months before you remember to get back to tracking it. I know this, because I did precisely that and it ended up being 4 months before I printed out another one. Tracking this stuff is very important because not only will you know how failing to take your medication affects you, but also, after long-term tracking, you can uncover yearly patterns that emerge. For example, after doing long-term tracking you might realize that you have episodes every March and September. Or that you have episodes right in the middle of your menstrual cycle. Once you know this information you can prepare yourself ahead of time so that when the episode does come it won’t hit you quite as hard. Ideally you’ll be able to prevent it from happening in the first place. I would also recommend keeping a journal to write about it, too. Even if you can’t be consistent day-to-day, at least try to make time to write down how you’re feeling during episodes (or right after they end).

One last thing when it comes to medication is to have a system of taking your medication, especially if it is hard to keep up with. I intend to make a detailed post about how I manage it, but until then… I recommend buying a pill holder keychain. Have extra pills in there in case you need them. If you forget to take your morning dose but bring it with you in your keychain, it’s better to take it an hour or two late than not at all. Don’t wait until you need it; stock it in advance. If you don’t have a weekly pill container, get one. These are essential. You only have to fill it once a week instead of pulling out all your pill bottles a couple times a day. Make sure you put it in a place that will help you remember to take it. Set reminders on your phone to refill it, especially if you think you’ll forget, and even to take your doses (I recommend MediSafe, available for iOS and Android). If you have a parent, roommate, or SO around, ask them to remind you. Whatever you can do to facilitate yourself, do it.

It’s all interconnected; you also need to keep the rest of your health in check.

If you have mental illness it can be really easy to focus on just your mental state and neglect the rest of your health. During an episode you might binge or unintentionally forget to eat. But having a healthy and balanced diet is more important to mental health than you may realize. While you don’t have to be a perfectly clean eater, do your best to nourish yourself well. If you have time, read up on how poor diet can affect your mental state to give yourself more incentive. But do what you can to stay healthy and hydrated. Your brain, where your illness is concentrated, requires a lot of energy and nutrients to function properly. So treat it well. Exercising will help, too. Even if all you can manage is as little as once a week, do it. The endorphins are invaluable to improving your mental health. It doesn’t have to be intense exercise. Just get out there.

Though it should be a given, using drugs other than the medications prescribed to you (this includes alcohol) is a slippery slope that will not help you in your recovery. Some medications forbid you from drinking in the first place, but even if yours don’t, do your best to keep it to a minimum. If you’re being medicated then there is logically no reason to self-medicate (even if you don’t feel like your medication is working; that will probably only make the problem worse!). A strong support group, even if that only includes just one person, will always be better. If you can’t find someone or don’t feel comfortable talking to anyone you know, the internet is full of resources and people to help you out.

Self-organization is half the battle.

Keeping yourself organized is really important. Mental illness in itself is very chaotic, so if you can manage to keep yourself together as much as possible in other parts of your life you will be much better off. If one part of your life temporarily falls apart, this will help you make sure not all of it does. So here are a few key things to keep in mind in terms of that:

  • Write everything down. Even if you think you have a great memory it’s so much less stressful to write it down and not have to just hope you remember it. I have a hardcover Moleskine I carry around that has a bunch of random notes in it. At the end of the day I take a minute or two to look it over. If I wrote down important dates that’s when I’ll dump it in my planner. Mental illness in and of itself is hectic, so give yourself peace of mind and write it down. Nothing is more stressful than trying to remember something important you forgot about. Especially if you can’t even remember that you forgot about something. Just avoid it all together by writing it down.
  • Start your assignments right when you get them. Even if this means just roughly planning out how you’ll accomplish them (e.g., if you have a paper plan out days you’ll brainstorm and look things up, days you’ll find sources, days you’ll write it, etc.) rather than actually doing the assignment. Just take care of it immediately. This is easier said than done, I know. But start this on the first day of class, or even before then if you can. It might not seem important right at the get go but if you procrastinate when you barely have any work to do imagine how bad it’ll get when you have a lot of work to do. If you’re in that swamped situation right now write a letter to yourself about how you’re feeling and keep it handy at the beginning of next semester to motivate you to get it done.
  • Schedule your life as much as you sanely can. You can schedule your life at a variety of levels: monthly, weekly, daily, hourly. You can choose to do some or all of those. See what works for you. Either the night before or the morning of I like to write out my day’s schedule. Literally how I am going to spend the entire day. It might say something like, “8:00am – Wake up. 9:00am-10:00am – Calculus. 10:00am-11:30am – Physics homework,” etc. I like to spread my assignments over the week, too. When it comes to studying for exams, which are usually about a month apart, I like to schedule over the course of those few weeks when and what I will study. I have a lot of ideas on this on my blog.
  • Maintain a consistent sleep schedule. This doesn’t mean you have to go to bed early and wake up early (unless you have early class, then it kinda does). But much like food and exercise has an important impact on all aspects of your health, so does sleep. It’s not just about getting the right amount or quality of sleep. Sleeping at a regular time, and every day of the week (maybe give yourself an hour leeway on weekends) will help you get to sleep if you have trouble sleeping. And once you get into a routine sometimes, because your body has an easier time going into quality sleep, you may require less sleep. But overall, if you have inconsistent sleep it’s really easy to sleep in too much and waste your day away sleeping rather than allowing yourself to get work done (and once you get work done you have free time!).
  • Schedule relaxation/self-care time. Literally schedule it. I know that for me, personally, it’s hard for me to remember to do this, but it’s very important to do. Trying to do all work and no play will burn you out, and if you can’t manage to get any work done because all you’re doing is playing around, that’s equally as bad for your mental health. Find a balance and prioritize. At the beginning of the semester feel free to overestimate a little bit how much time you need to spend studying so you can cut down on it later once you get a feel for how much work your classes actually require. It’s better to initially over-prepare to where you find extra free time later than under-prepare and become swamped. Alternatively, you could try to do 80% work and 20% play on weekdays then 20% work and 80% on weekends. One a smaller scale you can use the pomodoro method. But no matter what, make sure you have at least a little bit of relaxation every single day.

Know your limits.

This probably seems a little less encouraging, but hear me out. This is important. If you are finding that you just cannot handle school with your illness, that what you’re doing is not enough or you just cannot keep up, do something about it. This might mean giving up an extra curricular, reducing your work hours, dropping a class, taking an incomplete, starting off a semester at fewer credits, taking a break from school for a semester or two, or having a gap year between undergrad and grad school. If you do any of these things you are not weak or a quitter. You are being cognizant of your needs and prioritizing your health, which is very smart of you to do. If anyone questions you, first of all, it’s none of their business. If you want to tell them, but don’t want to give them too many details, tell them you were being responsible and dealing with your illness. There still exists a stigma, I know. So they don’t need to know what kind of illness.

Doing any of these things might take a little longer for you to get through school, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s more important for you to become healthy than it is to speed through your schooling. In the context of your whole life, a year or two is nothing. And if all you do is push yourself too hard without taking care of the problem, you may never recover. So do what’s best for you as a whole person, not just you as a student. As important as academics might be to you, you are more than your academics. Remember that.


Hand + Wrist Exercises For Gamers by Dr. Levi Harrison

For those of you interested in, and or are already playing Competitive TF2 or any other eSport or video games, you’ll likely be playing for extended periods of time - an hour+, maybe even 12 hours in a day now that summer is in effect.

While you love playing video games, you’re also putting major amounts of stress on your hands, and so it is advised to take a break, allow your hands to chill out, and stretch your wrists, hands, and fingers so they can relax.

Dr. Levi Harrison is a Los Angeles based Orthopedic Surgeon and fitness expert who works closely with the Special Olympics. He’s a professional, he knows what he’s talking about, and following his advice will help you greatly in the long run. 

If you wear out your hands, you won’t have the stamina or strength to play as hard or as well in the future. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Dr. Levi’s top 7 tips for gamers (and time in the video):

  1. Take a 5 minute break every 60 minutes (0:35)
  2. Put your hands under warm water; move your fingers up and down (1:09)
  3. Make a full fist, open your hand wide, table top, claw fist, half-fist, full fist (1:26)
  4. Stretch your fingers out individually, stretch your thumb forward, backward, across [to the base of the pinky], piano [touch each fingertip], reverse piano [reverse the order of the piano], full first, open fist, hands wide open, close, open, make a fist and straighten your arm, tilt your fist down, then tilt your fist up, around the world, and back, elbow in, elbow out. (2:00-2:54)
  5. Take time to shake out your hands and fingers for about a minute every 2 to 3 hours. (2:55)
  6. Nirschl exercises: Hand out like it’s flat against a wall, pull back the fingers, then pull back the palms; put your palm angled down and gently pull the palm towards you. (3:12)
  7. Massage your hand, fingers, and wrists - squeeze on your hands and joints and such; make a fist, shake out your hand around the world, back, full fist, open fist, table, half-fist, full fist. (4:25)