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I really think all the speeches of “we missed you, thank you for supporting us, we’re grateful” etc were completely for kvips. “of course, they’re making a concert in seoul” that’s not what i’m saying!!!! I mean, they’re finally back as five, in korea, after a long time and doesn’t matter how much we have supported them and loved them, I don’t think it comes even closer to what kvips have done and continue to do for them. idk.

about the lavender menace shirt:
my senior year of college we started a discussion group for lbpq women & at the last minute we decided to throw together a team to compete in our school’s softball tournament for our end-of-year festivities. we chose to call our team the lavender menace, obviously. it was such a wonderful & outrageous display of visibility. there really was no way to lose, because even if we sucked, we would still be defying stereotypes since lesbians are supposed to be good at softball. one of my favorite moments from that day (the best day!) was when we were playing the team from the religion department & they were trying to come up with discipline-related cheers & they yelled: “god is on our side!” & we were like… uhhh that’s nice but you can’t really say that to a giant group of gay people… & they were all like oh shit! sorry!… & then we started chanting about demons. I wish I could remember some of the cheers that walkearth came up with because they were incredible.

(photo & shirts by pancakechef bcuz she’s amzing)

grixisqueenash asked:

Any chance that we get symbols for the Alara Shards in the future, the way we have them for Ravnica Guilds and Khans clans?

Not sure. At the time we didn’t come up with symbols/watermarks for the shards because we felt it was weird for shard-planes to create symbols for themselves. (When the shards were separate, Naya didn’t know about Jund, so it was unnecessary on Naya to make a symbol that distinguished them from the other unknown shards. After the Conflux, that might have become more necessary.) It’s something we might explore if we ever decide to focus on Alara again.

Our father,” Jace said.
Sebastian glanced down at him. His hair was a white halo; he looked like the sort of bad angel who might have followed Lucifer out of heaven. “Pardon me,” he said, with some amusement. “Are you praying?
“No. I said our father. I meant Valentine. Not your father. Ours.
—  City of Glass

iiphides asked:

So we know Abel is an exorcist and has (probably) dealt with demons and ghosts and all sorts of bogles and stuff. Has he met any witches? How does he feel about them? (Asking because maybe I will draw fanart with an OC of mine who is a witch)

the thing about witches and things of that sort is that they are generally, on the surface level, viewed as something that’s very touristy. People who bill themselves as witches generally run fortune telling businesses or work in touristy voodoo shops, but that’s just surface level, it’s an act to make money and entertain.

Witches who are actually witches though, they don’t tend to advertise that fact very much outside of what they do as a gimmick/something fake to amuse tourists. Those who practise spells and magic keep it very much on the down low and dont make a big deal about the fact that they do what they do and are who they are. It’s very much like how Abel is an exorcist/medium through word of mouth and so doesn’t bill himself as a ghost whisperer, it’s just a fact that’s known and sort of spread hush-hush through the grape vine because nobody likes to make a calamity over people who are different.

So yes, Abel has met a witch before (and is on quite friendly terms w/said witch) but it’s sort of a tap-the-side-of-your-nose type thing wherein they know about it, a bunch of others know about it, but it’s generally not a thing one wants to publicize. 

it’s one of those things like when you’ve got a bunch of ladies having afternoon tea and they’re all subtly discussing a certain topic with the utmost tact while never ever directly mentioning the thing they are talking about

Get To Work House MD

Dr. Gregory House ( Hugh Laurie ) and  Dr. Lisa Cuddy ( Lisa Edelstein )

Hairstyle by jennisims

Jacket by missfortunesims

Lashes by S-Club

Eye shadow by darkosims3

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