Where Paths Diverge (1/?)

This is a Captain Swan Choose Your Own Adventure story (details here)

When Regina seeks revenge for Cora’s death and a happy ending with Henry something goes horribly wrong. A canon divergence fic from 2x20 “The Evil Queen” where Regina’s failsafe isn’t an auto-destruct. 

Dedicated to belovedcreation for the inspiration and cause she loves this trope. Thanks phiralovesloki for the extra fast beta!

Emma Swan hovers just below consciousness. The light of the morning sun flickers on her closed eyelids while the unusual warmth of her bed surrounds her. She burrows deeper into the blankets and is met with something warm and solid at her back. Her eyes fly open and then squint shut again at the blinding light. She feels a large, heavy hand slide over her hip and every muscle in her body tenses.

Emma Swan is used to strange beds but she does not do waking up in those beds and she definitely does not do snuggling. She sluggishly thinks back trying to remember the what and why of this particular one night stand, but there is nothing there. She can’t even remember going out drinking.

She feels a hot breath sighing out over her neck and the hand pulls her closer. She shivers and takes a deep breath, holding it as she turns her head, desperate not to wake him. When her eyes connect with his face she forgets her precaution and gives a yelp. Laying next to her—with bed tousled hair, dark smudged eyeliner, and a content smile on his face—is Captain Hook.

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I just feel like saying “thank you”. cause after last year I wasn’t able to believe in anything anymore. but this year there were so many good things which have happened to me. big and small things I never thought which would ever happen at all. just like today when I woke up: I just checked my tumblr inbox on my phone and saw this certain number, which I apparently hit a few days ago. a number which I can’t even imagine in real life. I know a lot of these people are ghost follower or inactive account but still. just take a moment and imagine you’re standing in front of that many people face to face. this is kind of scary sometimes and somehow still unbelieveable, cause this still feels like my small tokio hotel island which I created 5 years ago. but why I am writing this post is, cause I just wanna say thank you to everybody. thank you to the ones who are following my tumblr since 5 years and the ones who are following me for a few hours. thanks to everyone who ever sent me uplifting words or just told me that he/she likes what I am doing. and thanks to Bill who apparently spies on my tumblr from time to time. I should have asked him how often he actually does it, cause it still scares me.
what I wanted to say is that sometimes even if you loose your believe, your dreams still come true or even better things are going to happen. thank you for everything.


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