sam’s super sweet mix (by tony stark) || a sam wilson playlist (kinda)

so, when sam joined the team, tony made him a mix.

“haha, very funny,” sam said dryly when he saw the tracklist. sam started playing it, a lot, to get tony to stop smirking. “no, you made me this mix, i’m gonna damn well listen to it.”

except the songs were catchy and sam started singing the songs while on missions (steve and nat found this hilarious).

“damn it wilson, you weren’t supposed to actually like it!” tony shouted.

“FLY RIGHT INTO THE FUTUURRRE…” sam sang louder.

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This whole Pokémon GO phenomenon is very interesting to me. I missed out on the whole video game Pokémon craze to begin with, and my kid was never into it, so the whole fictional world is completely foreign to me. So I should hate it, right? I mean, it’s a dumb game and I don’t understand it and it wastes time and people should be doing productive shit with their lives! Grrrr. I’m angry!

That’s not what I think. My first thought when the app exploded was this was another game that was passing me by. I never played Farmville, Angry Birds (okay maybe once or twice), Candy Crush, or any other online game for that matter. I just don’t really do games. I pretty much tapped out after giving away my Atari in junior high. Oh sure, I had that brief affair with Scott’s Game Boy handheld game console back in the early 90′s. But I’m still pissed at all the Goombas I couldn’t thwart. And you know what? I had to look up Goomba, because I had no idea what those little mushroom assholes were called.

But it strikes me as fascinating how hateful people get when they don’t understand, like, or otherwise give a shit about something that other people love. 

I went with Scott while he took some family photos this weekend of a young, professional couple with two adorable little boys. The dad was looking at his phone, and said, “Man, there are Pokémon all over this place. I wonder why there aren’t more people here.” So I made him show me the game and explain it to me. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still not going to play it. And I might still make fun of the phenomenon a little bit. But I’m not hateful about it. I don’t think I’m a better person because I don’t play it. For chrissake, I’m a 47-year-old woman with a Tumblr blog (it’s my birthday today, in fact).

I just took the time to be curious and ask questions and listen. It seems like a large section of society is forgetting to do this. Or perhaps choosing not to. It’s a shame really. Because Punchy Rock and Big Dick Bee have really put a smile on my face this week.

I’m worried about even the possibility of Jasper’s redemption at this point. Correct me if I’m wrong but every redemption so far has been headed up by Steven, because his main character trait is his kindness and that he believes in everybody and can convince the skeptical gems that they should too. But he’s decided that Jasper is not worth the effort, which is troubling but understandable. Because she keeps punching him and stuff.

Tbh I am a little bit of a Jasper apologist, but some of her expressions in Alone At Sea make me think that she was being earnest, or at least trying to be. And she’s fucking that up and being pushy and aggressive, but also she doesn’t know anything about relationships except what she’s learned from her unhealthy fusion with Lapis. That doesn’t excuse her behavior though. Especially her treatment of Steven, who I really wish she would stop punching.

Unless Jasper comes crawling out of the ocean (again) begging for forgiveness from the gems, I don’t know if she’s gonna become an ally any time soon. I hope I’m wrong though.

so all negative asks are immediately deleted but 

a bunch of asks lately are saying they dont like me and that they feel bad about it and i just want to say that??

thats okay?????? youre perfectly fine????

im just here to draw friends dont follow me if i make you upset or unhappy

thats just not what im about at all!!

i want you to smile mang get outta here and follow someone who lights up your life?? live your dreams go love yourself??????