•  sex hotline au where muse a is a phone sex operator and muse b is an awkward freshman in college who wants a taste before stepping out into the real world. what’s meant to be a five minute phone call turns into an hour long fest, featuring several mind-blowing orgasms and learning more about each other than professionally appropriate. muse b gets a part time job just to pay for their possibly harmful sex addiction (or just addiction to muse a’s voice) and the two converse regularly for months. one day, muse b hears an oh-so-familiar voice ordering coffee in the line in front of them.
  • cliché best friend’s older brother plot where muse a is infatuated with their best friend’s older brother muse b, who they see occasionally when they’re over to study or for a sleepover. when muse a is a freshman and at their first high school party, they have their first kiss who’s later discovered to be muse b. muse b rejects muse a as soon as they’re confronted, which leaves muse a heartbroken until muse b goes off to college. three years later muse a gets accepted to the same college as muse b, and they see each other once again.
  • classical musician au? like muse a is a highly acclaimed classical musician (piano/violin/etc) who’s lost sight of their love for music, where their entire life revolves around their profession and being technically flawless but bland. muse b is a busker barely making rent every month, and when muse a hears muse b playing outside a coffee shop one day they’re completely captivated by muse b’s music. it’s a love for music they haven’t felt in ages, which is why muse a makes a quick move to get to know this struggling street musician.
  • private school au where it’s the holidays and muse a and muse b are the only two students staying at school during the break. it’s quite awkward as they’ve never so much as talked before, but their secret admiring glances at each other haven’t gone unnoticed by other students. their first conversation results in a snowball fight and they spend the entire break glued at the hip.
  • celebrity plot where muse a and muse b are both successful musicians with humongous fan-bases. muse a tweets an insult about muse b’s favorite movie and muse b decides to take a jab at muse a’s music. what starts as a fun feud gets blown up by the fans, to the point where there’s blogs and accounts dedicated to the two of them getting together.
  • radio host au where muse a is the familiar voice of reason on the university’s popular radio station. muse b admires from afar, from the ace music choices to the heartfelt advice that muse a always seems to have for their listeners. muse b is harshly dumped by their girlfriend/boyfriend one night, and decides to call in to their favorite radio station to whine. the conversation lasts longer than the allotted time for a single caller. on air flirting is a legitimate thing, right?
  • hospital au where muse a is a volunteer at the local hospital because they like to help out, reading children stories and helping them color. muse b is spoiled and bratty with a set of famous parents, and after getting arrested for their reckless behavior muse b’s parents order them to help out with the hospital in order to improve their reputation. at first muse b walks around like they own the place because of their parent’s significant donations to the hospital, but muse a refuses to give in to muse b’s absurd demands. muse b learns sympathy and muse a learns that people really can change.

the force awakens: rey moments.

↳ hearing the tie fighters.

this is antireylo pls Stop

"things are going terribly" christmas AUs

• “I wanted to bake gingerbread cookies BUT YOU KEEP CHANGING MY GINGERBREAD MEN INTO PENISES” AU

• “We were gonna have Christmas sex but it turns out that you’re allergic to the peppermint lube I bought for the occasion and now we’re spending Christmas Eve in the ER oh god I’m so sorry” AU

• “I tried to order you presents online but they’re not here and it’s fucking Christmas Eve so now I’m desperately going from store-to-store in search of something to give you” AU

• “I just wanted to put Christmas lights up but I ended up falling off the ladder and crashing into you while you were delivering a package to my door but oh god you’re hot” AU

• “You insisted that we used real candles on our Christmas tree this year but now the entire thing is on fire and this is why I don’t listen to your ideas” AU

• “Your mom is coming over for Christmas and I’m trying my best to impress her but now the Christmas cookies are on fire and you’re tipsy from the eggnog I made for later” AU

• "We both bumped into each other under some mistletoe and kissed but it turns out you’re the kid from third grade who would tie my shoelaces together and I still hate you for that” AU


• "I bought my friend a neon pink dildo as a gag gift but I accidentally got the presents mixed up and gave it to you instead and now I have to awkwardly explain what happened” AU

• "You’re a Christmas caroler and I tried to ambush you with snowballs to make you go away but oh god you’re actually cute” AU

• "It’s the day before Christmas Eve and we were fighting over the same present to get someone but as we were pulling the present from each other I let go and you ended up hitting yourself in the face and now you’re really bruised oh god I’m so sorry, you can have the present I was being childish” AU

• "You work as a Santa’s helper at the mall and I’m here with my little siblings who started attacking Santa and now we both have to wrestle them off but holy fuck you’re actually hot” AU

• "I work as a bartender and you’re here at 3 am on Christmas Eve taking shots because you got dumped and I really just wanna go home and sleep but now you’re crying and I feel bad” AU

• "We both work as gift wrappers in a post store and it’s Christmas Eve but nobody is here so we decide to fool around and wrap each other up but oh god our boss is coming and how are we supposed to explain ourselves” AU

• "There’s this christmas dance and I wanted to ask you to go with me, so I planned this elaborate idea to ask you out but when the plan went through this girl that has a crush on me was there too and thought I asked her to the dance instead but oh god I didn’t mean for this to happen but now you’re mad at me and I don’t know how to make it up to you” AU


grumpy jonghyun is my favorite

kinda late halloween thing but ayee halloween thing right uwu uwu

there’s a jongtae vamp au where masterlist u should go check it out uwu