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What's your thoughts about the scene where Steve breaks Jonathan's camera? why did Steve have it out against Jonathan from the very beginning?


THIS IS ! A GREAT QUESTION . first & foremost , i do not condone the actions in this scene . i don’t condone jonathan’s actions , which were also out of line . were i to pick sides , i’d pick nancy’s , who seems to be often forgotten as another victim in this moment . i think it’s really important to look at it from the perspective of steve , who we know to be popular and rather jock - ish . a stereotype , yes , but i think he leans more towards the protective boyfriend trope than the relentless bully during this scene .

the photograph that seems to send steve over the edge is the one in which nancy is near - naked . this is such ! a violation . and one that i think nancy is weirded out by , and uncomfortable about . steve doesn’t invite nancy to join in this endeavor , and though i’m sure it’s majorly because they knew she wouldn’t be okay with the bullying aspect – she would have made excuses for jonathan , i think , but then avoided him . she wouldn’t have brought attention to it , certainly , but she wouldn’t have forgotten it . 

i think the other reason steve doesn’t have nancy around during this , or doesn’t mention it to her , is because he knows she’ll be upset . he’s angry , and personally i think it’s because he’s starting to like nancy more than he thought he would . perhaps still the typical cool boy jock type , with a bit of a womanizing edge , but i think he’s starting to feel a bit more empathetic . i think he’s softened a bit , even if just minimally , and internally . but that’s a personal assumption , mind you . all of this , i believe , lines up to make him into Angry Protective Boyfriend .

        he wants it to just – straight up not happen ever again .

i think he’s coming from a place of : i am dominant in this situation . i do not want this to happen again to someone i care about . i think steve also might have been concerned that jonathan did this on purpose ; REMEMBER , OF COURSE : we knew jonathan wasn’t out there specifically to spy on them , but they did not . steve could very well , and with some validity , have thought that jonathan was stalking nancy ( perhaps all of them , but i think there’s more reason for steve to make an assumption that it’s nancy he’s interested in ) . given all this , i think steve’s line of thought was : what is the best assurance ? breaking his camera seemed to be it .

i think it was a bit of an over - reaction . i think he ought to have destroyed pics + film if he wanted so badly to make a point , but i don’t think he’s aware of what it means for that camera to be destroyed . i don’t think he understands jonathan’s poverty . he and nancy both come from homes with relatively well - off financial situations . a camera isn’t much to them , it is much more to jonathan . neither realize that ( nancy is sympathetic , but it’s first and foremost out of pity , because she knows he’s going through so much )

my understanding is that steve didn’t have it out for jonathan . we don’t know their relationship from prior to the series , so it’s not really clear if this is common , if steve bullies him regularly , anything like that . this wasn’t so much having it out for jonathan as it was being upset & concerned over a singular event . truthfully , and i’m sure this is unpopular , i absolutely can see where steve is coming from in the scene . especially knowing him to be caught up in a stereotype as the brainless macho jock with a reputation . it’s this mixture of having something to prove , being protective , being upset , feeling violated .

IMPORTANT TO NOTE , ALSO : nancy had expressed some nervousness over what people thought of her after what happened between her & steve . he knew she was feeling vulnerable & that she didn’t take losing her virginity lightly . this was a moment they shared , that he did not share with others ( or , so he says – take that as you will ) . it was private & intimate , i think he respected that . i think this was a violation of that moment for both of them , then – nancy moreso , as she was the one photographed near - naked . 

so , i don’t know , i don’t support what steve did . i do understand the thinking behind it , though . and i think it’s important not to let jonathan become a complete victim . it’s important to me that we hold everyone accountable for what they did – steve , included . jonathan , included .