Merkel “changed her stance” after being invited home to a lesbian couple and their 8 foster children. SPD is pushing for the vote and we will hopefully get it this week. The outcome is expected to be a YES and CDU/CSU (Merkel’s party) is said to go along with it. YOU CANT IMAGINE HOW THRILLED I AM!!

two years ago i was standing outside of the supreme court building as they announced marriage equality for all 50 states. i got hugged and high fives by strangest two, three times my age. i’ll never forget that moment when the news broke. all the screaming and crying and laughing and people rushing to call people. the HUGE rainbow flag people were dragging around for the parade they had later. it was the best feeling in the world. nothing can top that. i’ve never felt so proud to be me. 
love is love.


This is what happens when you stop putting people in boxes.


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hi tink! at the end of 6x20 dean says that they can 'fix it' and cas says 'its not broken'. After this time i still dont know what they were talking about? what they were trying to fix? id love if you could explain thanks for your time <3

Well, it’s their relationship. I mean that not in a shippy way, but, hello, have you seen my blog, lol, but no seriously, it’s their relationship that is broken because the TRUST has been broken. Then of course it’s the fact that Dean wants to fix the fact that Cas is working with Crowley but Cas doesn’t see it as the situation being broken because he sees it as being the right option of how to stop the Apocalypse mark 2 (which he was right about).

Dean sees working with Crowley as a bad thing that needs fixing whereas Cas sees it as the way out of his REAL issue which is Raphael / the Apocalypse.

The subtext is that it is also their relationship and the trust that is broken.

Cas then tries to fix things in 6x22 by appealing to Dean and asking him to stand behind him, citing all the times that he has stood behind DEAN. It’s basically a “I was there for you, will you be there for me” conversation but Dean takes it badly because of the fact that he has put Lisa and Ben in danger, he has been validated in seeing himself as poisonous and leading them to danger and he is terrified of them getting hurt, to the point that he rejects Cas because of it.

And where does that lead? To Cas doing it alone, IT IS NOW BROKEN, and where does that then lead them eventually???

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Yeah. It wasn’t broken, but it became broken because of the lack of trust and support in their relationship due to a lack of communication and understanding and that led to Cas’ death and the Leviathans and Dean’s whole arc of depression and going to purgatory in season 7.

If only they could learn to trust each other, communicate and tell each other the truth and stop trying to protect each other from the hardships of life.

I was talking to @margarittet about this the other day actually, how to have a healthy relationship Dean and Sam have to let go of each other, Dean has to let go of Sam as his child and take on a more equal level relationship with him.

Dean and Cas on the other hand have to come closer, for Cas to stop seeing Dean as his charge, that he is his babysitter (as Dean said in 12x23, so we are getting there too) and for them to also become equally footed. In season 12 it’s quite clear that whenever Dean and Cas work together as equals they SUCCEED (finding Sam in 12x01-02, in 12x07).

However when they try to protect each other rather than working together they end up in a worse predicament, e.g. 12x09 Cas killing Billie and cosmic consequences, 12x10 Dean putting himself in danger with Ishim, 12x12 Cas coming out from behind Dean, pushing him out of the line of danger and ending up impaled by Ramiel. 

Equal relationships for all based on love, trust and support is my endgame happiness jam :)

An incomplete list of things people have suggested will ‘cure’ my cancer.

* Red capsicums (red bell peppers for non-Australians)
* Alkaline diet
* Imagining eating my tumour until Magical Remission
* Cannabis oil
* Going ‘keto’ (my sister, who lives by keto, laughed uproariously for a thousand years when she heard this).
* ‘Not most kinds of Reiki but that one kind of Reiki.’

I do not look forward to adding to this as the months progress. e.e


Tuesday, June 27:

Short revision for my class test about equality and the civil rights movement this afternoon. 📕 I really enjoyed designing this study spread, because I think that this is a very important topic and should be part in every curriculum.

Besides, on Wednesday I’ll get my wisdom teeth pulled out 🤕 I hope it won’t take a long time to heal.
Does anyone have experience with it?