I decided to try styling my hair a little differently than my usual simple style of basically nothing. I know what you’re thinking, “Wow, that is so crazy and elaborate!” At least it’s a new variant. I will continue to attempt to improve my range of styles, but for now this is all I got.

anonymous asked:

My I ask why do you always paint Hope to be bad? I mean I understand Rage gets a bad rep but Hope isn't dellutional or is it weak! I just want to understand why you say these things. Yes Rage is good and better and strong and faulty but Hope players are not dellutional weaklings that can't except things 😯 please do tell me why you believe so negtivly about Hope it can't be that bad of an aspect.

the only reason I feel the need to showcase where Hope can be bad and where Rage can be good is because overwhelmingly in fandom I see people who really believe that Hope can’t be bad, or Rage can’t be good, they get stereotyped in a very bad way where one is truly pure and one is truly evil 

or even if they can be good or bad, it’s a rarely if ever at all, when it’s really not, for both Rage and Hope they can be good or bad 50/50, equally. but nobody really sees that

so whenever people bring it up I focus on the other side, because I feel like the places where Hope is obviously good and Rage is obviously bad has been done to death, I dont really have anything new to add and also because I want to try to balance out this black and white view for these aspects

the thing you should focus on here is that both Aspects are equally Good and Bad, but because people have trouble seeing the not so obvious connections of RageGood and HopeBad, that’s usually the one I end up explaining

talking where Hope is Good and Rage is Bad I feel like is much more obvious, and needs less explaining/focus