You wanna know how fucked up this is?

Eclipsa, regardless of whether she’s evil or not, had to run away from her people to be with the one she loved. Then, when the Magic High Commission went after her to seal her on crystal forever, she already had a child which, I assume must have been at least 3 years old at the moment.

They captured Eclipsa, God knows what they did to her monster love. And the child? Meteora? They rewrote her entire identity, gave her another name, a new purpose, denied her existence and every generation they trained a warrior to kill her if she gets too close to the truth. (Or Mina is immortal, IDK)

She was just a kid! And without explanation they took her mother and her father away from her, they destroyed her entire world, they brainwashed her into believe she was someone else. Who are the real forces of evil here?

Fuck Mina Loveberry. She’s too dangerous to be out there by herself.

Forget the drama, forget the shipping, forget the theories, forget Eclipsa and Meteora. I’m not gonna be calm until Mina is behind bars or crystalized.

Late last night, the Senate Finance Committee approved the GOP tax plan, which guts the Affordable Care Act & includes dangerous “personhood” provision that lays groundwork to ban abortion outright.

Did you know there is an abortion ban in the GOP’s tax bill? “Personhood” is so extreme, voters have rejected it in Mississippi, North Dakota and Colorado.

We must demand the Senate put a stop to this dangerous bill →


There are any number of people in a relationship with someone else who cannot presently wed due to Australia’s current laws that say someone of one legal binary gender (not necessarily bearing any resemblance to one’s actual gender or lack thereof) can only marry someone of the other legal binary gender (also not necessarily bearing any resemblance to one’s actual gender or lack thereof) and they are not gay or in a gay relationship.

I know everyone who isn’t gay and lesbian is too readily thrown under the bus in LGBTQIA+ community dialogue, but this is ridiculous. Not all of us in this community identify as gay. Not all of us accept gay as an umbrella term for “not cis, not heterosexual, not heteromantic and not perisex”–in fact, some of us find “gay” as an umbrella term to be incredibly erasing. Some of us are not gay and will never have a gay relationship on account of not being gay, and still stand to benefit from marriage equality. Some of us need marriage equality and deserve to not suffer erasure of our non-gay queer identities in conversations about it.

We have a phrase that is perfectly inclusive of anyone who is currently enduring the restrictions of Australia’s ridiculous marriage laws: marriage equality. Use it.
Same-sex marriage survey: religious belief matched no vote most closely
Migrant communities in western Sydney electorates have been pinpointed as the strongest element of the no vote. But religious belief correlates much more strongly than overseas birth
By Andy Ball

She said the yes [for same sex marriage] messaging was targeted at a white, middle class audience and did not resonate with socially conservative immigrant communities: “Love is love … is confusing and not translatable.”

More Hand Holding = Romance

So I wanna thank @wheres-warhol for pointing out in my meta on Bi Mike and Androgyny With a Side of Hand Holding  that there is another hand holding close up moment in the series. And yep, it’s another romantic couple. Max and Lucas. So the hand holding camera shot = romance still stands. I find it interesting that so far all these hand holding shots have seemed to proceed a romantic relationship–Nancy and Jonathan, Lucas and Max, both took place before they got together. So I don’t think it’s crazy to wonder if the Mike/Will one was foreshadowing too. It certainly fits the trend. I am also wondering if there was a hand holding close up that proceeded Mike and El, or not. Because there’s was at the dance, after they already were pretty much a *thing* so it kinda breaks the mold a bit. Hmmm