“I have something for you too.”
“It’s a book.”

Pauline Hanson has said that if gay people feel strongly about marriage equality they should just move to a different country where it’s legal.

“Just leave. Pack up, abandon your friends and family, and live somewhere else. It’s easy, right? That’s why refugees are always trying to come here: because it’s convenient, as is my understanding of the situation” she said as she was seen slowly burying her head in the sand.

“You can afford it. It’s obvious that Australians have plenty of excess money we can throw away willy nilly, hence why we’re spending $160 million on a plebiscite we don’t need. That’s why I think it’s easier for gay people to emigrate away from Australia instead of just treating them like equal citizens.”
Labour launches female mentoring scheme in memory of Jo Cox
Labour has launched a mentoring scheme for women in memory of the MP Jo Cox who was killed after being attacked. The scheme, designed to help hundreds of women into leadership roles, is named after the MP who was a champion of international feminism.

“Announcing the programme at the Labour Party Conference, the party’s general secretary Iain McNicol said it was its largest ever development programme.

Mr McNicol told the conference: “Today, following discussions and conversations with Jeremy, I’m pleased to announce the Jo Cox Women in Leadership Programme - a brand new mentoring scheme delivered in partnership with the fantastic Labour Women’s Network.

"Over the next five years we will train over 600 future women leaders, our biggest ever mentoring and development programme.

"Jo was a true champion of women in leadership roles and international feminism and this programme will create a generation of women who can continue Jo’s fight in local government, in parliament and crucially in their communities, a fitting tribute to Jo’s life and work.”

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Here’s the speech that made Jo Cox known around the world:


As long as everyone is willing and happy don’t be ashamed.

If you like bdsm that’s okay!
If you like furries that’s okay!
If you like fictional girls that’s okay!

Your kinks are your kinks and that’s okay! Everyone is different and we shouldn’t be ashamed! And don’t feel ashamed! It’s dumb to be ashamed of your fetishes. Fetishes as long as they aren’t hurting anyone are a-ok!

Nothing is more badass than seeing Colin Kaepernick’s knee-taking protest spread, right? How iconic. I’m white, and I could not agree more that our country is not living up to its own ideals. Taking a silent, introspective knee during the national anthem hurts literally no one, and if you have a problem with it YOU’RE THE FUCKING PROBLEM. Pass it on folks. From just one guy taking a knee, to the whole country recognizing its moral failings, we can become the change we want to see in the world.
—  Levi Olson

And wtf is wrong with being an sjw?? Why is that a slur even?? What’s wrong with wanting equality for all genders, races, religions, and sexualities?? What’s wrong with attacking the patriarchy that contains toxic masculinity that ALSO harms men/boys a great deal?? What’s wrong with standing up against bigotry?? What’s wrong with being against police brutality?? What’s wrong with wanting to fight white supremacy?? What’s wrong with wanting to fight rape culture?? What’s wrong with standing up for victims of abuse?? How is it that a person can stand for all these issues, and be considered a bad person (an sjw)??????

So when I see someone who says they are anti-sjw, wtf do you even stand for??? To me, that’s a huge warning flag that you are not a good person, you have bad intentions, and you couldn’t give two shits about any marginalized people. You’re against human rights.

If you stand for any of the things listed at the top, then you are not anti-sjw/anti-feminist. Sorry. Wtf do you even think an sjw is?????

I’m going to continue to be angry until every demographic gets the equality and respect they deserve!!
Pope Francis Voices Support For 80,000-Strong Anti-Gay Protest Against Same-Sex Marriage in Mexico | video
Pope Francis has voiced his support for an anti-gay protest in Mexico over the weekend which was attended by up to 80,000 people.

Despite saying in 2013 that LGBT people should not be “marginalized” and earlier this year suggesting the church should apologize to gay people for how they have been treated by the institution, in April he said there are “no grounds” for comparing same-sex marriages with “traditional marriages.”

Same-sex marriage has been legalized in Mexico City and 9 of the nation’s 31 states.  There are challenges in the 22 other states underway. 

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People honestly need to stop saying shit like “I hate straight people” or “I can’t believe being straight is illegal now”. It’s messed up and it’s doing the same thing that others have done except replacing “asexual” or “gay” with “straight”. Saying stuff like this bullshit isn’t equality and it’s honestly being a fucking hypocrite.