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Hotch: How many boats are there on Lake Meade?
Reid: 1,908
Kate: Come on. You just know that?
Reid: Yeah. There are 1,908 boats on lake Mead.
Kate: Where’d you get that number?
Reid: Based upon the population density of the area, I estimated.
Kate: You guessed. I mean, is this guy really a genius or does he just say things with authority and we all believe him?
Morgan: Thank you. Ten years! It took ten years for someone to finally have my back. All right Einstein - she just called you out. Bring it!
Reid: Look it up!
Rossi: I am. And the kid’s right.
Reid: I accept your apology. Blow it up.
Morgan: Never.
—  Aaron Hotchner, Spencer Reid, Kate Callahan, Derek Morgan, David Rossi. Season 10 Episode 11. Criminal minds quote of the day.

Robert Fludd - Under Your Wings, “Utriusque Cosmi”, 1621.

King David kneels before the Highest saying: “Under the Shadow of your wings I rejoice” (Psalm 63:7). The theme recalls the Rosicrucian manifesto of 1614 that ended with similar words: “Sub umbra alarum tuarum Jehovah”. The clouds have parted to let David see directly the Tetragrammaton, the unpronounceable word that the Jews refer to as Adonai (Lord) or simply as Shem (The Word). Fludd generally used these Hebrew letters to represent God in his diagrams. Kabbalists are easily accommodated to the doctrine of the Trinity: the three different letters Yod, He and Vau, which are interpreted as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.