1. Let’s take a shower together with the lights off. Let’s leave our insecurities in the brightness.

2. I like the way you look at me when you’re laughing. I like the way you know it’s my favorite sound.

3. Let me wear your sweater. Let me sit in your bed and listen to you tell me about how you were as a kid.

4. I like the way you talk about all the people before me like they didn’t come close. I like the way you make me feel like the only one who has ever had a chance.

5. I know forever is a shot in the dark, and love is fleeting and people are cynical and sometimes shit happens, but listen. I want to be that one shot in the dark. I want it to be us in the end. I want to be the story people tell in thirty years because no one fucking believed that we’d make it.

—  Let’s Make It. // Love Thoughts, Pt. 1
SU Characters as Ghibli Movies

Steven- Spirited Away, young naive character loses parent/parents and grows up through strenuous tasks in a magical world

Pearl- Howl’s Moving Castle, would totally feel like an old woman and yell at a wizard for being a huge mess, cleans like a pro

Amethyst- The Secret World of Arrietty, smol, trying to protect home and family, pony tales are A+

Garnet- My neighbor Totoro, very comforting, sometimes confusing, probably hangs out in the rain to seem cool 

Peridot- The Cat Returns, we kept thinking she’d disappear…she comes back; living her normal life until she’s caught up with a bunch of weirdos in an eclectic gang

Lapis- Porco Rosso, cynical lone-wolf who flies around a lot, would probably also say things like ‘laws don’t apply to pigs(gems)’ and shoot at someone

Connie- Princess Monoko, will stab you, young woman trying to be strong, Connie would totally ride a wolf and would love it

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k but if the x dorks went to art school what would they do?? like who would be in music, who would act, who would dance or draw etc


Warren would definitely be an artist, and he’d 100% be that cynical, aesthetic artist that does those stupid cartoons about technology taking over lmao

Ororo would be a sculptor! and I could see her being really good at drawing architect!!! she also really likes studying the Greeks and their architecture, along with their famous statues

Peter would be a writer, and he’d 100% be a scifi writer. and he’s also that writer that mainly stays up until ungodly hours of the night (half drunk) and writes a majority of his stuff at two am

Kurt and Jubilee would be dancers, and they’re always partners! Kurt is more into contemporary dance personally, and jubilee is more into classical ballet. one year, jubilee and Kurt were the leads for the nutcracker!

Scott would be an abstract artist! he started off with graffiti street art; but somewhere along the way, it morphed into more of a Keith Haring style/aesthetic. (he also really likes remaking popular 80s album covers with his own twists)

Jean is an artist, and she’s a damn good one! she does a lot of hyper-realistic stuff, and her portfolio is KILLER. she’s had her own art showings and she’s always sketching. she also likes to hang out in the art room and throw wine parties

Pony Name Design Trade for @crayonkat 

Here is Wolfsbane! Her talent is making antidotes from poisonous plants. She lives in the Everfree Forest and sells her antidotes to the ponies that get poisoned in the forest (she seems to always be able to find them) but sells the antidotes at a very, very steep price. She’s kind of cynical and ruthless.

My heart is still rapidly beating and I'm freaking out

So I was reading an old Pam Grout post and I read about this woman who opened her window and asked for an old friend to call her and then she did!! I was inspired by that and I opened my window and asked for my ex to call me. On some level I knew it wouldn’t happen. We ended at really bad terms. But all of Pam’s experiments work for me so I was excited but I forgot about it because my cold medication was making me drowsy.
I just rolled over in my bed and my phone had lighted up and I saw a missed call. And a message from him!!
I’m freaking out over how powerful this stuff is!!!
I know I blog a lot about my experiences but we all have this cynic sitting inside. And the last week I have been so busy that I didn’t focus on manifesting much. This happened. All my drowsiness is gone and I’m sitting in my bed wondering if I should call him back.


I ship Hinanami with a passion. I REPEAT. WITH. A. PASSION. Like I want them to get married and Chiaki would fall asleep near the end and Hajime wakes her up with their first kiss.

However, this doesn’t make me blind to the fact that Hajime’s development feels rushed and downright sloppy.

He is my favorite character in the series. I love Nagito, Ryota, Fuyuhiko, Chisa, Chiaki and friends, but he is number one in my opinion. He is very relateable. I love how cynical he is yet incredibly charming. His struggles to be somebody worth living in a world where talent is hope is heartbreakingly beautiful and complex that I can’t help but cry during his breakdown during SDR2’s last trial.

Since then, I’ve been eager to know who the real Hajime is. The one who wasn’t an artificially revived avatar.

Instead, all we got from Hajime is that he’s talentless and insecure (which we saw in the game already). His interactions with Nanami are adorable and meaningful. Their first meeting was memorable and I loved every bit of it. The last meeting broke me, because I knew he wasn’t coming back. But sometimes, Chiaki is just portrayed as some perfect waifu chick with easily resolved flaws that I can’t enjoy them.

I get it, he has this crush on Chiaki. To think, this becomes one of the main motivations he has to push through with the Kamukura project. Where are his parents? His other friends? What about Natsumi or Sato? Why couldn’t they make it so he wanted to get into the Main Course to fulfill Natsumi’s dreams for her? Or make him long for justice for both of his classmates? To get into the Main Course to finally find out what really happened to Sato? You can add the Chiaki thing last and I would’ve loved that scene even more.

Further more, they “killed him” off too quickly.

You see, the thing I anticipated the most in this anime is the gradual progression of the Kamukura project. No matter how horrid and how fucked up it may be, I wanted to see at least half an episode dedicated to showing Hajime’s regret in joining the project. I wanted to see him in a lab being operated on. A quick scene of him crying and his fists bleeding from punching a locked door. A scene of him begging his parents to let him go home but get repeatedly ignored by them. A scene of him staring into the scars in his head and struggling to hold on to the last bits and pieces of him that they hadn’t taken away.


Ok… *breathes* I’m sorry, but I am just so sad. Maybe I set my bar too high? Regardless, I wished they gave us more to his character. I personally would’ve preferred less screentime for Izuru if it meant more development for Hajime and the rest of the cast. It doesn’t help that the other SDR2 characters aren’t given enough attention as well.

FEB. 27th WOY Trending Month: Favorite Character - SYLVIA

Alrighty. So, for this month’s 27th trending topic, my favorite character is Sylvia. I really love her character design with the way her body structure despite looking fat, does have some strength in her, even when puffing her upper torso. I rarely see female characters in different designs that look unique from others that have the same type of design you normally see male characters have a variety of designs more so than the other.

Sylvia is a really good female character that has a voice of reason, prone to be a realist and a cynic in getting through life and villains she despises. She kicks butt comedically and aggressively in the most interesting way possible. And yet she has a soft motherly touch on the good things in life.

She wouldn’t be as soft and caring without the help of Wander. Because she was once a “villain” or an evil tough Zbornak in the old days. Sylvia was a bounty hunter who ran away from home and wanted to get out and be aggressive and cool. She had to capture Wander to take to her boss, but Wander’s silly and positive lifestyle annoyed her and he even ran off to go towards that danger, causing her to worry sick. But when she tried to keep him at her company, she wore down slowly to then appreciate the nature of Wander and that she never felt this much love and tenderness for a long time since her childhood with her family including Pa, who has already passed away.

So since then, Sylvia had dealt with many adventures with Wander, learning new things about him, encountering Lord Hater, Peepers, and their Watchdog Armies. She hates them initially, but in light with Lord Dominator’s wrath, and Peepers having connections with her in their reasonable traits, including Hater saving Syl from Dom’s drill, she learned what Wander meant about being nice to villains in a way that you have yet to have a conversation. 

However, even if she’s starting to warm up to Hater and Peepers along with Wander, she still believes that not all villains or bad guys could still be good, and Dominator from her night out, didn’t work well. She knew Wander tried to give Dom another chance and failed, but she knew that Hater is worth redeeming than Dom. She uses both beliefs from herself and Wander, and it’s all fine, no right or wrong.

And the reunion with her family reminded her that she still had a little bit of heart from the past and sometimes the annoyance she had to put up with her Ma and brothers. But still love each other.

Whatever Craig McCracken and his crew had planned for Season 3, Sylvia would be a little nicer to Lord Hater for his heroic action, and she wouldn’t mind hanging out with Peepers, if she hoped that he would follow Hater slowly becoming good. And a new threat that she would warn Wander that it may be worse than Dominator. She’s not giving up hope on seeing Hater and Peepers turn good. She trusts Wander’s actions, and she will continue to do so. Even if they do have to take a lot of risks.

If you like to see more of Sylvia’s role in a planned S3, sign the petition (35,000+):

And please visit the Offical SaveWOY site where you learn more ways to help support the show:

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The whole A2MR situation is really shitty on Metroid Anniversary to me because... I watch that "trailer" for Federation Force Co-Op... IS that the best shot Nintendo has to revitilize metroid, a dumb Co-OP shootmans game with MMO/MOBA mechanics, a cynical as fuck "multiplayer experience? This is.... eerily similar to the disrespect Square Enix showed the Legacy of Kain franchise via Nosgoth. And axing a fan game at the same time as your cynical as fuck co-op game is about to come out is appaling

I don’t think it’s quite as dire as you’re saying, I just feel like Nintendo breeds an environment where they want “innovation.” I think you actually heard Sakurai talk about this a little bit, when he talks about pitching Smash Bros. and how Nintendo didn’t want a fighting game because those had already “been done.”

It wasn’t until Sakurai actually showed them Smash Bros., and its unique mechanics, that Nintendo got on board and was like “Yes, we can work with this.”

So, given enough distance from certain types of Metroid games, and we start getting things like Federation Force. Experimental, “innovative” games. You want to use this franchise we have? Do something new with it.

Honestly, I think that’s probably true of a lot of game companies. It’s why Takashi iizuka had so a hard time doing another NiGHTS game. It’s probably why Beyond Good & Evil 2 hasn’t ever actually surfaced as a real, playable thing. You strike while the iron is hot, and once it goes cold, things become very difficult. Or so they say.

I feel like one thing the Kickstarter Revolution™ is proving is that fans for these things just don’t go away. You want Tim Schafer, figurehead behind so many classic Adventure Games, to do another new Adventure Game? Done. Weren’t happy with Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, and want a real Banjo-Kazooie 3? Okay. Konami’s never going to make a new Castlevania the way you want it, so let’s do this.

Sometimes games get so deep down the rabbit hole of having to do something new and interesting and bigger and louder for every single game that they sort of lose track of why people even cared in the first place. Sometimes you need to wipe the slate clean and get back to basics, and Kickstarter is finally providing a somewhat-stable financial avenue for that kind of thing to be explored.

Otherwise, you might end up with something like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5.

The question now is whether or not Nintendo can understand this. Given what happened to Star Fox, maybe not. But tomorrow is always a new day.

yall: why are ppl so cynical abt no.6 headcanons and try to make it so Edgy™ smh…its a disgrace

canon no.6: an entire people is massacred, ppl starve/freeze to death constantly, killer bees kill millions, main protags kill multiple people and climb a mountain of bodies, nezumi is literally always comparing everything to life/death, ect

me: right anyway

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bc she can say that was the way she felt at the time she wrote it Blake was a great guy who helped her a lot thru her tough time etc. She was saying Gwen has no problem expressing her love for others but always doesn't with him in interviews and that's because she can't explain that like a song. She said like people who know B think he's just infatuated and will figure it out before they were to get married, not that they don't love her for helping Blake but its not gonna last. 2/3

This person obviously does not understand Gwen, and is way too cynical. And definitely hasn’t experienced Gwen singing these songs live. She is absolutely head over heels in LOVE with him and in total awe of her life. The way she sings Rare, she truly believes you’d have to be insane (stupid) to let him go because she thinks he’s perfect. And watching her sing Truth, she literally think he was delivered to her from God. 

Okay she likes to keep her most intimate emotions private when speaking to strangers on the radio. Why must we continue to crucify her over this detail? Gwen is not a conniving person. She writes songs about things that feel true to her. And in January she posted that she wouldn’t be releasing them if she didn’t believe she could share them. Meaning if she didn’t think it was gonna last. 

“People who know B”…does that include his sister who adores Gwen, is mutuals with Gwen’s extended family, and posts articles about Blake defending his relationship? Or his mom who is harrassing Blake about having babies on national television and loves Gwen? Cousins and family friends that fangirl over her? Whoever these people are who know him so well, I’m sure Blake is very grateful for their vote of confidence in both him and his significant other.

And anyway, it’s been 13 months. I think the window for infatuation might have closed.

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She's so cynical, even more so in her dark times. How do I make her believe, or even consider that she is worth so much and that I love her? She doesn't believe words, but words are all we have when we're over 8800 miles away. +

Maybe somewhere inside of her dark mind, you will always be the little light she’ll receive.

Never stop.

Hiroaki Matsumoto (Danganronpa OC):
Name: Hiroaki “Hiro” Matsumoto.
Title: Super High-School Level - Friend.

Hiroaki is a very mysterious student, that seems a simple normal student, it isn’t known why he has that title or what he did to deserve it, he doesn’t even know, but that really doesn’t bother him at all.
He’s pretty lazy and pessimistic, despite he is the SHSL Friend he’s not the best on it, becomes somewhat cynical, selfish and even some times sadist, despite that, he’s pretty smart, but he says that think gives laziness to him. He sometimes can have twisted thoughts, but he normally ignore them.
Nombre: Hiroaki “Hiro” Matsumoto.
Título: Súper Amigo de Preparatoria.

Hiroaki es un estudiante bastante misterioso, por el hecho de que parece un simple estudiante normal, no se sabe porqué razones tiene el título de amigo o qué hizo para merecerlo, ni siquiera él mismo lo sabe, pero realmente eso no le preocupa para nada.Es bastante perezoso y pesimista, a pesar de tener el título de amigo no destaca por ser el mejor en ello, llega a ser algo cínico, egoista y hasta alguna veces sadista, a pesar de eso, es bastante inteligente, pero él dice que le da flojera pensar. En ocasiones puede tener pensamientos bastantes retorcidos, pero él los suele ignorar, si no le da flojera.

Idk why people think that i care about their opinions 🤔 especially when its a headcanon about mental illness and they call me cynical and arrogant and rude etc like just admit you hate mentally ill people ya ableist fucks its canon that shion has depression and anger issues