I was tagged by lactobacille! Thank you :)))
I’m pretty sure I did this already months ago but let’s try again!!

One Song: Take it as it comes but the Ramones cover.

Two Movies: Raiders of the Lost Ark because it’s the first movie i’ve seen in a movie theater and Jaws because of reasons.

Three Shows: Hannibal of course (what a surprise!), Battlestar Galactica (a masterpiece!) and Supernatural because even if it has a lot of flaws, I’m having great fun thanks to the characters.

Four People: Pierre Hermé, Thierry Mulhaupt, Pierre Marcolini et Patrick Roger

Five Foods: Roquefort, Reblochon, Munster, Raclette, Morbier

Six People To Tag: coffee-without-a-pause, cymeteria, bakayuki, arysuh, calimera62, taco-potato