Happy 10th Anniversary, New Who.

March 26, 2015 marks ten years since Russell T. Davies revived the series with Nine and Rose. Since then, it’s been a beautiful journey of friendship and love and bravery and legends and tragedies and most of all discovering the universe. We’ve laughed with Donna and Amy, cried over the Doctor and Rose, and grown to love these wonderful characters. We’ve learned that no matter who you are - a bored shopgirl, a temp from Chiswick, a lonely little girl waiting in a garden - you can achieve great things, and you can create yourself. Rose Tyler can look into the time vortex and defend parallel Earth. Martha Jones can walk the Earth for a year. Donna Noble can be the most important woman in creation. Doctor Who tells us that you have to stand for the things you believe in and you can’t let others determine your story for you. You don’t need someone to save you because you’re more than capable of saving yourself. The Doctor doesn’t make people special - he brings out the potential they had from the very start. We’ve been shown a whole world inside a little blue box. We’ve been introduced to an impossibly beautiful and complicated universe. Thank you, Doctor Who, for showing us a better way of living our lives.